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25 Best API Testing Tools for Building Functional, Secure Applications in 2023

25 Best API Testing Tools for Building Functional, Secure Applications in 2023
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Any software cannot perform its functions properly in isolation. The full scope of the software is only unleashed with an application programming interface. An API is used to communicate with other software systems, which leads to the smooth functioning of the software.

That’s why you need the best API testing tools to ensure that the API is top-quality. A good API testing tool should be able to run multiple scenarios without any human input needed. This saves the tester’s time and makes them more efficient in catching bugs.

You can use many tools in the market to test the API. Developers and testers can get confused about which tool to use, so you can use this list to check the 25 best API testing tools.

Best API Testing Tools

1. Postman

Anyone familiar with API testing has also heard of Postman. It started as a simple chrome extension but became a sophisticated option for designing, testing, monitoring, and documenting REST APIs.

Postman allows developers to automate routine tests while allowing them to test specific use cases. It is a highly flexible tool that increases the scope of an API.

You can also create lengthy API descriptions, which can later be shared with fellow postman users. Postman is considered extremely easy to use. However, it is useful for expert testers too.

2. SoapUI

SoapUI is made for developers or testers looking for a more advanced tool. You will be able to test the API's function, security, and performance with the help of SoapUI.

While it is true that SoapUI was developed for more seasoned testers, the tool also has a graphical user interface that helps newbies get started. SoapUI comes in two versions, SoapUI open source, which is free and Ready API which is a paid version.

The free version is capable of doing everything that is described above. However, the paid version has more means to develop, deploy, and monitor the tests. The version that you choose should depend upon your needs.

3. Katalon Studio

Katalon Studio
Katalon Studio combines manual and automated testing for web APIs, desktop applications, and mobile apps. This tool is so popular because it can be deployed for different applications.

As a result, developers do not have to choose a different tool for a different platform. On top of that, it is also free. Both these things together make Katalon Studio one of the best API testing tools.

4. Assertible

Assertible is new to the market, but it has created a good customer base because it is extremely user-friendly. With the help of Assertible, you can build, store, and automate your REST API or HTTP service tests.

If you want to ensure that your API is highly reliable, then you can use Assertible. Testing can only be relied upon if all the tests are kept up to date.

The standout feature of this tool is that it can be set to conduct automatic tests once a new API version is active. This way, your API remains reliable throughout the development process. Assertible is a significant asset for developers and testers both.

5. Tricentis Tosca

Tricentis Tosca
Tricentis Tosca is an enterprise-level tool for testing, and it is built to function within the agile software development framework. Testing is allowed in all development stages if you use Tricentis Tosca.

This helps you ensure that the API is functioning according to your needs. Which type of API will be helpful for your enterprise can depend; that is why Tricentis promises to provide a custom solution.

This tool is unique because it uses AI and Machine Learning to develop test cases based on the UI mockups. With the help of Tricentis Tosca, your manual participation in API testing is reduced to a minimum.

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6. Sauce Labs

Sauce Labs
Sauce Labs is a cloud-based platform where developers and testers can work on the API. Both teams can work on one platform and collaborate on their workload.

The best thing about this tool is the UI-friendly dashboard which displays the results of the tests. Because of the dashboard, the teams can understand which phase they are currently in.

7. Mocklets

You can use Mocklets to create a simulation of your API and test it while your actual API is in development. This can let you know what errors to expect from the API and develop similar test cases.

Mocklets is comparatively cheaper, and that’s why it is one of the best API testing tools in the market. If you are running on a budget, this is one of the best options.

8. Swagger

Swagger is responsible for building open-source tools that help you in the API development stage. When building a web API from scratch, Swagger helps you follow protocol. If your development is a success, others can follow in your footsteps because it is open source.

9. Apache JMeter

Apache HTTP Server is an incredibly popular open-source web server used in today’s time. Your servers may be running on it without your knowledge. The same corporation makes a software named Apache JMeter.

JMeter was first developed for API load testing, but with time its features were upgraded. Now you can use this tool to test API’s performance as well.

The tool works with various protocols, but anyone using it must have good knowledge of Java. If you are not skilled in Java, you can hire a Java developer to integrate it into your testing environment.

10. REST Assured

REST Assured
REST Assured is a java library that streamlines HTTP requests to REST APIs. You can always create custom requests in the Java language with REST Assured’s syntax. If you do this, you will save time spent on programming lengthy sets of code.

This tool is efficient, and it saves you time, but you need extensive Java knowledge to master it. You should consider this if you do not want to consider a commercial option. Its functionality matches the commercial options in all aspects.

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11. RoboHydra Server

RoboHydra Server
RoboHydra is a free API testing tool for software that make HTTP requests. Instead of testing your clients on real servers, you can now test them on RoboHydra. You will know what works and what doesn’t after the testing, and you will also save money.

A unique feature of RoboHydra is that its servers are equipped with many heads. A head refers to a piece of software that handles requests. The RoboHydra server is extremely powerful and can be configured to manage test suites.

Other than that, you can also handle test suites, manage test race conditions, exploratory testing operations, and more. You will need Node.js on your system to run RoboHydra.

12. Apigee

Apigee is a resourceful API management tool distributed by Google. This product is secure, scalable, and easily manageable. With the help of Apigee, you can design, publish, and monetize APIs. Apigee also has a developer portal with which you can create customizable portals.

In these customizable portals, you can test API, get API keys, and launch software rapidly. Apigee believes in collaboration, so people from different teams in your company will be able to access the information that they need.

Apigee wants to keep customers happy and comfortable with its pricing. You can use this tool freely for the first two months, and you will be owed a hundred thousand API calls. However, after that, a sales associate will call you to find a pricing plan that suits you.

13. Dredd

Dredd is a command line tool that developers use to test the APIs that they will soon be using. The special thing about Dredd is that it goes beyond the usual API testing and also confirms the validity of your API documents.

If you are a jack of all trades when it comes to programming languages you don’t have to worry as this tool supports multiple programming languages. You can also write hooks with Dredd and the best part is that it is free to use.

14. RapidAPI

RapidAPI is a solution which can comfortably test any API type without any problems. The testing with this tool is supported by RapidAPI studio- the largest API hub worldwide. The smart UI makes it easy to monitor and manage the API tests.

If you want to collaborate with other teams with the API testing, you can integrate the tests with RapidAPI hub. Many methods and technologies are used to ensure that RapidAPI is a secure tool. The attractive thing about this tool is that you can access the basic plan for free.

15. Paw

Paw is an incredible API testing tools that run on macOS devices. With the power of this tool you can test APIs, create requests, generate client code, export API definitions, and many other things.

Paw is loved by many teams as it makes collaboration in API testing extremely easy. Your teams will be able to make conflict free changes to the API and get live updates. They provide a free trial for a limited time period, after that you will need to buy the full version.

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16. PyRestTest

PyReTest is a simple yet unique python RESTFUL API testing and micro benchmarking tool for developers. The special thing about this tool is that it is extremely easy to use.

This means that you can delegate the task of using this tool to people who do not have any programming language too. It returns exit codes if your query fails. It lacks dependencies which make it easy for developers to deploy code.

Hopefully, developers in your team will also have a similar experience. It comes free of charge and that’s why many beginners use it to learn proper techniques of API testing.

17. Appium

The primary function of Appium is to test native apps. However, it’s environment is also suitable to test APIs. Appium can be used with native, hybrid, and other web apps running on iOS or Android. It has language-specific client libraries which means that it works with many programming languages.

When you plan to use a new tool to test API’s, there is always question of support. Appium is an open-source tool and budging developers share different solutions. If you ever face any problem, all you have to do is discuss it with the community. You can start with Appium for free!

18. Rest Console

Rest Console
Rest Console is an amazing API testing tool for budding developers. This tool lets users create and test HTTP requests with rest APIs. It has some key features which make it powerful.

They are rate limiting, it’s response format negotiation supports JSON and XML, and other forms of authentication. If your project has already crossed the budget, you do not have to worry as this tool is completely free.

19. Hoppscotch

Hoppscotch is an API request builder with powerful features. The good part is that it is open-sourced. It’s minimal design makes it easy to use and saves time. Without Hoppscotch time spent on development would definitely be way more.

Running and validating REST API request responses is just one part of its functions. Other than that it also has a documentation generator, dedicated GraphQL, and web socket support.

All the features make this tool different than the competing options. While you do not have to pay anything to use this tool if you like the functionality, you can always make kind donations through Patreon.

20. Airborne

Airborne is an API testing tool that uses REST clients to make HTTP requests. The unique thing about this tool is that it doesn’t have any user interface. It simply comes with a text file and you can perform API testing with the help of code.

Of course, since users have to write code to perform any function. It is evident, that Airborne runs on coding languages. If you do not have sufficient knowledge of Ruby and RSpec, you may not be able to use Airborne.

The downside of this tool is that it is impossible to use for teams that do not have coding knowledge. The upside is that it is fast, efficient, open-sourced, and free. While this tool is powerful, but is definitely not for everyone.

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21. Taurus

Taurus is an API testing tool which is best suited for users who prefer text editors and command line. Users of Taurus don’t need thorough programming knowledge, as all they need is an understanding of basic Taurus YAML structure.

With the help of the powerful dashboard of Taurus you can collaborate with multiple team members. Using Taurus provides a healthy return, as it costs nothing and performs the function effectively.

22. Redwood HQ

Redwood HQ is an extremely simple and easy to use API testing tool. It is open-sourced and can function with other tools like Appium, Silk, etc. The potential of this tool is unique since it can effectively collaborate with other tools.

You can use Redwood HQ to test AI SOAP/REST, CLI, etc. That is because the tool supports languages like Python, C#, and Java. If it is your ultimate goal that Redwood HQ is easily used by teams, then the integration process will be made simpler with tools like TeamCity and Jenkins.

23. Karate DSL

Karate DSL
Karate DSL is one of the unique tools that that allow users to run API test automation, UI automation, and performance. You do not need any kind of Java knowledge to run and write tests. This means that tasks can be delegated to anyone whether they have programming knowledge or not.

The debugger in Karate DSL can help you find mistakes by replaying steps. This saves a lot of the development team’s time. It has some other powerful features such as an embedded JavaScript engine, switching configurations support, data driven test support, etc.

24. AccelQ

AccelQ is an API testing software that works with SOAP and RESTFUL.
The user interface of this tool makes it easy and fast to test any API. Since it is web based you do not have to download IDE. The key features of AccelQ are seamless UI, chain API tests, API automation, and integrated CI workflows.

They let you use the tool for free during the trial phase. The good thing about this is that you can assess your needs after using the tool.

If you feel that the paid version can match your needs, you can then extend the plan. Once your free plan is finished, you will have to schedule a call with their team to get a quote.

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25. Eggplant

The last tool on this list is Eggplant. It is a tool which was built for corporations across different industries. You can develop test scripts and evaluate API automation. Now you no longer have to use different tools to test different technological layers.

With the help of Eggplant, each team can ensure that their API is ready to be deployed. The price of the tool is based on your enterprise’s needs, but you will get a free package.

The right testing tool is important!

A functional API extends the reach of your user base by making it hassle free to integrate third party applications with your service. That is why you must first test the API with the right testing tool.