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4 Killer One Ideas To Increase Your App Downloads

4 Killer One Ideas To Increase Your App Downloads
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So, you have built your app. Now, you just wanted to increase your app Downloads at less. You have done everything. The theme is perfect, the app is mobile-friendly, and the niche is fantastic.

It doesn’t matter how many days and money you have spent on making such a wonderful app. The only thing matters to you is large numbers of downloads. How you can boost downloads?

Have you planed a massive strategy? Not at all!
This is why you are here and looking for some best ideas that can help you to earn the best from your hard work.
If you’re thinking you are alone then you may glad to know many web developers are facing the same issue. In this article, we will discuss all the best tricks that take you on the right path and you could enjoy the best outcomes.

Before letting you know about the ideas, first one should need to understand are your efforts pay you worth? This means is app optimization helps you to accomplish your goals.

Reasons You Should Optimize Your App with app optimization

app optimization
If you need quick changes that simply help you to enjoy a large number of profits then optimizing app with app optimization is a good idea. This is fantastic to rank higher in the search engine quickly, which shows the app is well-managed and gives you a wide range of profits. Also, it easily maintains its position with top-rated apps in search platforms.

With the prioritizing app, the more people involved in your app downloads. Hence correlating with app optimization makes a good sense to claim large profits.

The other reason you might aware that most users find several applications from the app store. And it is the right place to target the right audience correctly. This is because many people agreed that using app optimization is the best technique to get results.

Besides profits, you can enjoy the following great benefits like:

  • It can improve your visibility to stand out in the app stores.
  • Get discovered by potential users.
  • Boost your organic reach
  • Increase your downloads
  • Reduce the acquisition cost
  • Boost your ROI and conversion rate

How Does App Store Optimization Work?

app store
To make your app super user-friendly that determines the value and gives you greater impact then you should look down on its working. The more it helps you to rank higher the more it will work great to boost ROI and Conversion.

The following are the few factors that can develop a strong app.

  • Reviews - the more your app has a great and positive review the more it will be downloadable and more it will help to grow faster.
  • User-friendliness - the more you have a quality website that easily operates on the phone, it improve your app download.
  • Keyword friendly site - if your app is about keyword-friendly then it mostly increasing the chances of more downloads.
  • Backlinks - If you will include more backlinks to your site then it will include more visibility to your app and downloads.
  • Social proof - the more you have popularity in the app on social media, you can meet with the download globally.

If you consider all these reasons, then surely you may know about what you should look into now, Right?

4 Amazing Ideas To Increase Your App Downloads

1. Make Your App Icon Tempting

Just think here as a buyer. If you are looking for an app then which thing you will see the most? App Icon! While searching when you scroll down the web the overwhelming experience you’ll enjoy when you seeing 4.5 ratings. Thus your app icon must be tempting that can look eye-catching as well as depicts the app which you should all about.

Make sure your icon should be simple and straight forward. That just take an action from the customer and you will enjoy ROI and better conversion rate along increase your app downloads.

2. The Name Of The App Must Be Catching

Your app name should be unique but not complicated. Mostly users estimate the app features by its name so it must have the best name. Ensure also the name you are going to use is not sounds the copy of others. The problem you are facing here is how to select the name. And the answer is here you can choose the targeted keyword on the behalf of audience needs.

For example, if you are making a food app then it must be trending and easy to take by users. The famous apps like Zomato and Swiggy are real examples. You can try something unique which must be attractive too.

The second important thing which you shouldn’t miss is creating a description. It must be great and wrapped with targeted keywords. Make it super best that usually grab the attention of the users and they download your app fast.

3. Start Offers For Customers

The third most important trick, which you should apply your app must reward customers. With this, the user feels excited and loves to engage more on your site. Moreover, if you reward them as a referral program by haring their app with friends, then it can enhance the chances to increase your app downloads.

This also helps your app to easily download. The exciting offers you can run on the app such as buy 1 get one free, referral rewards of 100rs; become a brand ambassador of the app by sharing it in large numbers, etc.

4. Do Not Neglect Social Media

Whether it is a small or large business, social media work in different ways. It will promote your app or market globally even to a larger extend. This platform is hit because tons of people use it daily and there are chances to have the best attention from the right audience at the right place.

Sharing is not only the key, but your sharable content also is great and engaging that grabs user’s attention and you will enjoy the best benefits.

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