Comprehensive Technical SEO Checklist for 2021
Technical SEO has become an indispensable part when it comes to a website's success. If you want your website's rank to soar high on the search engines then you must implement technical SEO for your website. Technical SEO is just another form of an SEO to ensure that a website abides by the guidelines set…

How to Post to Instagram from Desktop on PC or Mac?
Scrolling the Instagram feed is enough. However, most of us are quite familiar with the hard times when the time comes to post to Instagram from desktop. Using the desktop or MacBook to post something on Instagram can be time-consuming as the desktop version does not allow you to add content. Whether you are a…

SEO Guide to Detect and Get rid of Duplicate Images to Boost Rankings
Do you want to know complete details about how to detect duplicate images? Or How can we get rid of it? If you don't know the basics, then this short post will help you out! What are Duplicate Images? A duplicate image is content that occurs on the web in more than one place. One place is known as…

How to Improve Your WordPress Website Lighthouse Performance?
How do you improve Lighthouse performance? Well, that can be your concern if you want to stay at the top of Google’s CWVs’ ranking with your WordPress site. Every time Google makes some changes to the method of how they are planning to rank websites, you need to be very attentive. Google Lighthouse is one… (0 comment)

How a Well-Developed Product Strategy Positively Impacts Marketing Efforts
Suppose the marketing structure of your company is not bringing in the number of customers you seek or the revenue your shareholders expect. In that case, it might be time to develop a strong product strategy. A quality product strategy implementation can make all the difference in enhancing your business’s marketing efforts and building your… (0 comment)

The first impression matters everywhere and social media accounts are no exception to it. Having an impactful and good username can strengthen your branding and attract new visitors to your account. But while doing so adequate care should be taken to ensure that the credentials are secure and the risk of hacking is minimum. But…

7 Best Free CDN for WordPress 2021
Are you looking for the Best Free CDN for WordPress? If yes, so this post will assist you in choosing the best CDN for your site.  Nowadays, using CDN has become necessary, as it boosts the loading time of the website and keeps your users engaging. In this article, you will know about free CDN… (0 comment)

Digital Wallet App Development: Tips and Tricks
With the continuous change in the e-commerce industry, it has become imperative for everyone to evolve. The present scenario stresses investing in digital wallet app development. But the question is how to create a wallet app? Well, through this article, you can learn about the steps to design a wallet application. Most importantly, as per… (0 comment)

Effective SEO Techniques To Improve Your Site’s Rankings in 2021
SEO is known as the important digital marketing tool but even after having detailed knowledge of Search Engine Optimization; it is extremely tough to understand its complex and functional creature. The concept of SEO is fully dependent on the different elements which it is made up of the complete functioning and understanding as it is…