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The most important part of any Digital marketing is creating a brand awareness and a strong online presence. The best way to ensure the best ROI is going for Google Adwords services. It is the best way to keep a track and monitor the activities such as traffic diverted, people’s love for the brand, their loyalty and retention etc. In fact, PPC equips you to get paid for holding top positions on search engines along with advertising on relevant partner websites.

How PPC works?

Pay Per click ensures heavy traffic within a short time frame and also assist SEO by keyword analysis, marketplace verticals and business models, and hence powering your Internet marketing strategies with exact figures and not assumptions. Creative Design guides and ensures that your money is not wasted on baseless ads rather we help you analyze how and where the money should be invested.    

PPC helps you analyze the efficacy of your online marketing strategy especially online ads. It follows a simple algorithm which calculates that whenever a click is made, how much did that (click) cost according to your total budget cost.           


Creative Design  PPC Services include:

  • Keyword Recommendation: Creative Design experts go for an extensive analysis of your website and will help you identifying good keywords which can give you maximum traffic.
  • Re-Marketing: Another smart technique which will advertises the relevant ads to the visitors who have visited earlier.
  • Mobile Advertising:  Strategic planning for covering all the Smartphone users.
  • Social Media Advertizing: Another powerful technique to grab the Facebook, Twitter and other social media users.
  • Search and Display Advertisements: Different packages tailored for different users such as SEM, PPC, paid search etc

Why Creative Design?

Why choose us


  • Increased paid traffic
  • ROI increases
  • Bid management and reduces CPC
  • AD copywriting
  • Landing page creation for PPC
  • Competitive Search

Above all, Creative Design  offers the most affordable solutions specially crafted for satisfying individual needs.

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