The Top Ultimate List of 14 URL Shorteners to Shorten Long Page URLs

The Top Ultimate List of 14 URL Shorteners to Shorten Long Page URLs
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When one starts, including UTM tags into their URLs, the URLs can get even longer and more complex. We want these tags to help us track the URLs, but the longer the URLs are less likely people are going to remember them.

Or have you ever tried to post a link or your URL to a social media site or someplace else and you might be irritated how long the links were? This is where one needs to utilize the URL shortener online.

There are many different types of URL shortening tools on the web today that does it for you automatically, but selecting which one is right for you might not be easy.

Here the URL will shrink the characters in the URL to make it simple to share the link online, whether it is via email, social media or downloadable PDF.

What is a URL shortener?

URL can be long, complicated and difficult to remember. A URL shortener is a technique in which the length of the link can be made shorter and it will still direct to the required page.

Here you can take a link and make a custom URL shortener link by using your own brand. Some of the URL shortener online services also give the ability to track the link clicks and keep an archive of every URL you shorten, while some only give a shorten URL.

A custom URL shortener is when you have connected your own custom domain to a URL shortener which acts as a base for all the links you create.

What are the advantages of utilizing a URL shortener?

One must be thinking that shortening a URL might be an extra step, but it is an important one. The URL are helpful as they can make your link clean and shot that are more visually appealing.

It also enables you to show off your brand and these shorten links will be very useful where you have a limited number of characters to utilize. For example, twitter.

Most of the URL shorteners are free and easy to utilize but comes with limitations. But using URL shorteners may also help users to feel more comfortable clicking your links. As your links will describe your brand name, it will be more familiar for your users.

This will help you get more clicks. So, if you are looking for a service to use to start managing the length of your URLs better, given below is the list best URL shortener for you to select from.

The ultimate list of 15 best URLs shortener services.



Bitly URL shortener is one of the most famous and also offers a free and enterprise version of their URL shortening services. Neat and clean links have an impact on the customer experience and shortening a URL can help one to make that experience great.

This bitly URL shortener service can also help to optimize the company and keep track of link analytics.

Bitly will ensure that the links that are being used are making a positive impact or not on the users and customers, also make sure that the links are working properly, so that the users gets what they are looking for.

Here you create a free account easily and it enables you to manage links quickly and change your URL. One can also make use of the keywords that are not used by others.


Google URL Shortner

This URL shortener can be utilized for getting the shortened link quickly. If you have a Google account, then you can directly go to the app, copy and paste the link that you would want to get shortened.

This google URL shortener enables you tracking and analytics services, but make sure that the information is publicly accessible. Once you have submitted the link that you need to be shortened, then at the bottom of the screen the information will pop up.

The google URL shortener gives you the opportunity to learn who is clicking on your links, this helps you to understand what your users want from you.

3. OW.LY


This is one of the popular URL shortening services that not only allow you to shorten links, but also share files and track visits.

For using this you require a Hootsuite account, this will make the tool more secure, than if everyone was able to access it. You can also upgrade to get more features.

4. IS.GD


This is a very simple and short URL, in which one can create short inks with random and customize your short URL only if it is not used by others.

It also has the capability to generate a QR code that can be used for your business cards or advertisements, so that your links are easier to be found by the user. Here you can also preview your page with the preview feature.



It is a popular social media management tool. You can schedule your shortened links to post later.

This is helpful I you have fixed time that you want your post on social media. In this a free URL shortener account will enable you to post links on social sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others.



This is a simple and very easy to use URL shortener. Here you can sign up and get access to the information about how your links are performing and who is utilizing them or you can directly shorten URL on its homepage.

Here a customizable domain is utilized, so that you can support your brand while you share your links.



This is another URL shortener, which is very nice for posting links on social media profiles and other applications. One can also create custom links according to their brands.

It has a unique feature that is not offered by every shortening tool, as here one can edit the already created links also. You can share theses links on all social websites.

8. SU.PR


This tool is owned by Stumbleupon website and is utilized to create shorten links. It is perfect for posting short links on social sites like Facebook and Twitter. Utilizing as your URL shortener tool also enables user to like or comment on your post.

This data is stored in your account and you will also have the information about how your post is doing.



This tiny URL shortener requires no sign-up and enables the user or customer to customize the keyword. This service is free to utilize but it does not offer analytics. This can be included in your browser’s toolbar for easy access.

This tiny URL shortener also gives you the opportunity to customize the few last characters of the link so that you can remain consistent with your branding link.

10. POLR


This URL shortener is famous for its special features that is self-hosting, that gives better branding and also better client’s trust. Here you can first try it as it has a demo page, this allows one to try it once before you make a commitment.

Here also one can get the analytics report of their links and the self-hosting enables you to give the brand name to your links.

11. BL.INK


It is an online service URL shortener that allows one to post their links on social media, emails and anyplace they want. It offers extensive tracking and managing features that other tools does not have.

With this you will get 100 percent privacy and control, you can publish your URL and can change the destination at a later date and also the option of changing your content based on the device and location.

You can also view the number of people that have viewed your profile. Shortening URLs with this tool gives flexibility and security. Sign-up is required here.



This tool can be accessed by everyone, one just needs to copy and paste the link in the given box and then click on Moo.

One gets a shorter URL quickly, and it’s the best URL shortener for the ones who just wants to shorten few links.

13. ADF.LY


This is a unique service tool, that enables one to shorten their links as well as allows them to make money just by utilizing it. One will earn money when every person clicks on your shortened link on your blog or social media website.

It is a free URL shortener. In this you will also get information about how your links are performing, helping you make better decisions in future.



This tool is combined clicky web analytics, that is not offered by any other URL shorteners. With this you can share your short links to a website that you are tracking with Clicky. To utilize this tool, you have to register for Clicky web analytics.

We hope that the above given information about the top ultimate list of 15 URL shorteners. Small URLs make it very simple and easy to fit long and complex URLs into the social media post where there are character limits. Select the one that best suits your needs.

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