Top 20 Influencer Marketing Analytics Tools for SMM 2023

Top 20 Influencer Marketing Analytics Tools for SMM 2023
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What is influencer marketing?

Influencer marketing has become the most preferred way for the brands to connect with their target audiences through influencers. What is influencer marketing?

Basically, it is a method that businesses or brands utilize to spread a particular brand across various social media platforms.

This is done with the support of different accounts that have effectively managed to gain huge number of followers. All these accounts will show the message of a brand to their followers, brands utilize these accounts for advertising their product or services.

Different social media accounts can cost different amounts, it fully depends on how much money a brand can spend.

For doing campaigns, there are different options, one can pay as less as $100 to $1,500 price range. It totally depends on the business websites and what they want to achieve. Thus, for making money, one needs to spend money on such campaigns. Business should decide how much should be spent.

But multiple brands targeting same viewers, it is quite difficult to reach out to audiences before others. It requires a lot of work to plan, launch, and optimize your campaign to get the best result.

An influencer marketing platform and tools are an online place that helps the influencers to link up with different brands. Basically, one needs to make an account, then you can access the dashboard where one can communicate across the platform.

With this platform a brand can go and find an influencer for their business or influencer can find the brand and can send business proposals to them. This platform can be used in a variety of different ways.

There are some platforms where a brand goes to the influencer while spending credits. Also, there are some platforms where the influencers send their proposal to brands. There are platforms that are setup for both the brand and influencers.

An influence is anyone who has built a reputation and has the power to affect the decision of others because of his/her position or relation with his/her audience and help the brand to sell their products.

An influencer must have 5,000 followers for Instagram influencer marketing or if you are on YouTube then you must have 10,000 subscribers. And on other platforms, one must have a level of success.

Influencers are as a content creator that take information from a particular brand and display the product or services and try and make their services better, or maybe be just trying to sell their products.

And if the influencer is really good at this job and have an influence on their audience, they will get paid by the brands for just wear their clothes. Thus, influencers help the brand to showcase their products to their targeted audiences and also promote someone’s else content.

Top Influencer Marketing Tools for Social Marketing:


This tool helps to connect with the top content influencers on social media to help boot the marketing resourcefulness. This mostly focuses on joining the YouTube creators with the brands who want to promote their services or products on social media.

This is a platform where creators have the chance to go to the brand. Here Instagram account can also be included, once you have created an account, you can utilize the creator march tool for searching brand one can collaborate with.

For utilizing this grapevine marketplace, a YouTuber must have at least 10,000 subscribers and your Instagram account must have 5,000 followers for accessing this tool. Brands can use specific keywords to find out the most suitable influencer. Then they can discuss campaign details, fees and securely manage payments.


This is one of the earliest platforms for influencers, as it was started back in 2008 and is still running. This platform helps brand and influencers to connect with each other for creating content. It has a global database of over 700k influencers; thus, a brand can discover relevant influencers according to their requirements.

This platform enables brands to easily connect, interact and develop relationship with influencers who they think is a good fit to promote their business services or product. This analytical searches through different social media post like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WordPress and other that work with this platform.


It is a self-server platform that helps the brands to connect and partner with the influencers. This platform has a limited number of social media platforms that is only Instagram and YouTube.

Here anyone can sign up, it also has a database of over 150,000 influencers. It helps analysing influencers on the basis of audience, the type of traffic they have, content and demographics.

There are certain criteria that have to be fulfilled before you are considered as an influencer. In this one must have at least 500 likes on Instagram and 2,500 views on YouTube. After this you just have given a manual interview, then you will be entered into the Aspire IQ database. It has a wide range of tools for influencers to find the right campaign for them.


This influencer marketing technology steadily ranks influencers according to their priority and influencers strength by viewing their social media profiles and contact information.

With buzzstream you can save your each and every tweet that you have sent along with the other types of discussions that you might have with the brands that you have selected to do business with or with the other influencers. One can even create reminders so that you do not miss any important event.


It is a great platform for discovering genuine affiliation of your brand and connecting with the real people. It does a very nice job for finding influencers that will work well with different brands.

Here you can utilize different tools for making your work very simple. For finding influences for your brand there is a marketing solution aspect.

The workflow includes content management, creation of content, optimizing and managing results. You can see how the influencers content is performing across social media platforms.


It is another platform that has a self-server. Here brands can search for influencers using combination of relevant keywords, utilizing the upfluence database. This helps brands in creating a relationship with the influencers.

The brands can also check on how their influencer is working with their product. Upfluence also allows one to make a list of their potential influencers those who meet your criteria, which you can export into a CSV file.


The search function of this TapInfluence helps one business or brandto find the right influences who likewise want to work and create content for your brands. You can find influencers as per to your interest and demographics. A brand can get an insight about the influencer like their audience and their real time cost per engagement.

With the help of this platform, it is very simple and easy to build and execute campaigns of any size. It helps you with the content creation, communication, and promotion process.


This platform is an all in one solution that will help brands to search influencers, management and analytics. It is also an expert in working with many large businesses. It also helps build relationships with brands and agencies.

There are many search options available here, you can sort influencers by relationship stage. It also enables one to customize the data that you keep about your influencers, as it records all the communication that you or your team member have with them.


This is another influencer marketing agency that connects influencers and brands. This NeoReach uses a special algorithm influencer marketing strategy that digs through all types of social media data in order finds and index influencers that may be of use.

This platform has over 3,000,000 influences on its database. It uses Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram influencer marketing and Snapchat. Its fees range from $50,000 to $500,000.


It has a massive database of over 10 million influencers. The search engine is the heart of this platform. It has a simple but highly responsive interface, giving fast search results. Here brands are able to find influencers based of their different social media pages like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and others.

Here you can search by audience interest and demographic factors, like age group, gender and more. One can also make a list of influencers that can be important to a particular brand or business.


This influencer marketing platform can help you build, manage and analyse marketing campaigns. This creates a list of influencers for the brands so that they can select exactly what they are looking for.

Here each influencer is scored and ranked depending on how popular they are on social media. There are 9 sections and each one is important. It includes things as content review, creator payment, bid acceptance and more.



It was started as a YouTube influencer agency that focus on only YouTube but now it has extended to other social media platforms like too. Anyone can easily make an account with famebit.

In this platform both the brands and the influencers can try to gain work from the other, thus it is different from others. Here you can find influencers of YouTube, Twitter, Tumble and Facebook. Brand’s post comments and influences give their job proposals.


It is very simple and easy for the brands to search influencers as it consists of over 50 filters. One can search by criteria relating to potential influencers, target audience or engagement.

Thus, you can rapidly create a list of influencers on the criteria you are using. You can also search influencers that are new or can look for the well-known influencers as well.


This is a platform that focuses on social media management. It is a great tool that helps influencers and brands connect effectively. With the assistance of Sprout Social, the communication between the two different groups are streamlined.

This is important to build a relationship that last for a long period of time. This lets you create calendars, scheduled post and also listen to relevant social media conversations. This saves a lot of time.


It has two version; one is paid and the other is free. This influencer marketing technology is mainly utilized with twitter analytics. It helps one to search twitter followers with the highest follower number, it also gives you a detailed breakdown of your followers and activity. Here you can find users by target keywords used in their profiles. With the visual graph compare your stats with your competitors.


This influencer marketing platform has a different approach it takes existing customers and encourages to advertise your product online. It considers your customer list and examine who has the most influence online. That is, it approaches and tries to work with the people who are already following you on social media.

This platform offers loyalty marketing programs, end to end relationship and integrated influencer measurement. Thus, with this tool your influencer base continues to grow.


This tool has a totally different approach from other influencer marketing strategy that you have studied above. It does not help you to find influencers, and does not give you any list. It focusses is on delivering a dashboard where you can repurpose the content that is created by your influencers as Facebook and Instagram ads.

As you redo this content you can then post it in your Facebook and Instagram. It asks your influencers to get access to their data, once allowed then you can have access to all their content.


It has created and influencer marketplace with a huge quality of statics backing it up. They want to be known as Google of influencers. It is different from others as it ranks influencers by relevance instead of keywords.

Now Instagram has restricted the amount of data it provides through the API. But deep social collects data from other sources to predict future trends.


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This is very data focused platform. You can search for influencers, but the demographics search is very precise and enhanced. Here with this platform you can compare different influencers side by side.

Thus, helps you to decide which one would be the best for you by enabling you to see both of the influencers you are interested in. By this you can easily distinguish between them and select the one who has a unique style and is best for your brand.


It is the expanded version of an influencer marketplace that has added upon until it takes an entirely new look. Its discovery engine relies upon an algorithm that finds accounts more than 3500 followers, and it has influencers more than 5 million. The data is updated in real time, that is constantly being categorised and indexed.

It has an extremely fast search engine and gives you results quickly. It can also tell you which influencers are helping your campaign more than others.

You can also add influencers to your new or existing campaigns, as lefty makes it very simple to setup your campaign.

Wrapping it Up!
The above given influencer marketing platforms are a great tool and also essential for every company’s success. This is a reliable and also a popular form of marketing.

The above given list may help things make easier for you. We hope that you have understood what is influencer marketing and select the platform that is best suited for your business or brands.