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In this fast pacing era no one has time to look back and fix the website issues. Sometimes it feels that taking backups and updating the themes and plugins consumes a lot of time which you have otherwise utilized in your other promotional activity. But you must be proactive enough to take care of your foundation i.e. website. If you don’t keep your website updated or regularly maintained then, you must be prepared for serious consequences which include security breaches, hacking and to the worse: a website crash.

Maintaining a website seems a very dirty task but we at Creative Design are there to help and assist you at very affordable prices. Creative Design’s highly experienced and expert professionals have a mania to deliver quality work in the given time frame. Creative Design promises to make your WordPress website experience delightful and satisfactory.

WordPress Website Maintenance & Management Services

Incredible Personal Assistance

We know developing and maintaining a website is two different sides of a coin. The exact work begins when the website is up and running. And the work is making an uninterrupted presence online. We are present 24/7 to guide, assist and maintain your website. We’ll have a proper follow up session with seamless communication via phone, Skype or email. We will provide you a dedicated person whom you can fully rely on and that person will co-ordinate with the We have maintenance team and guide you accordingly.

Back-Ups & Updates

You can work stress free now. Leave all your worries to us and focus on your business strategies. We make sure to maintain regular backups of files and database and that too not on any local server. We prefer to store your data to off-site cloud storage so that you data is safe and secure. We also schedule regular updates of WordPress, themes & plugins etc so as t make sure a continuous and secure online presence. Side by Side our experts will be working to ensure optimization of your database so that there is no risk involving data and database corruption.

Security Scans and Monitoring

We perform regular security scans to rule any single possibility of any security breach. If don’t leave any stone unturned to provide you with 100% safe and secure website. Not only scanning the malwares, we also keep monitoring your website. Rather than getting informed by any user, we’ll inform you the first whenever your site goes inaccessible or the user faces any kind of difficulty in logging or using any functionality.

Our Maintenance Plans include:

  • WordPress Updates: We regularly keep n updating your WordPress version so that your website is not prone to any security breaches, attacks and other vulnerabilities.  We ensure the complete compatibility so that you sail smoothly.
  • Theme & Plugin Updates: We are here to update to all your themes and plugins on the regular basis or whenever the updates arrive. We know that obsolete themes and plugins may leave your website vulnerable.
  • Files Backup: Creative Design’s experts know how to be proactive. We are here to keep regular backups of your files, media, pictures, themes and plugins. So, you don’t need to be afraid of losing all your data and files due to server crashes. We conduct scheduled backups on daily, weekly or monthly basis and make sure to keep the data safe by storing them to off-site cloud based storage.
  • Database Backup: You can count us on maintain and performing backup for your database. In case of any database crash or server crash, you can be relaxed from the fact that your data is safe and securely stored at an offsite cloud. We maintain regular version of it so that you can rollback to any previous version if required.
  • Malware Scan: Our maintenance plan includes complete and regular scanning of your website against malwares and other security concerns. You can be stress free by leaving your website in our hands.
  • Up-Time Monitoring: We regularly monitor your website for its stable presence online. Ur experts are present 24/7 to ensure your website is up and running properly. And in any case the situation goes worse, or if your users’ are facing any kind of problems while logging or accessing the website we’ll notify you ASAP.
  • Google Analytics Setup: If you don’t have a Google analytics in your website, then we install one for you. It will help you analysis the traffic, visitors, their demographic locations etc in form of reports. It will be very helpful in planning your marketing strategy.
  • Security Fix-up: Once you sign up with us, we’ll do a complete analysis of your website from any security issues. Our experts will identify and fix even the tiniest of security concerns.
  • Google Webmaster Setup: Our plan also includes installing Google Search Console (Google Webmaster) to monitor the indexing as well as optimizing the visibility of the WordPress website.

Don’t Neglect it!!!

You may face severe consequences if you ignore the maintenance part. In fact, if not maintained properly your website may become more chaotic and harder to navigate and use. Some of the problems faced if your website in not well oiled:

  • You may face high security breaches as your obsolete version may leave your website vulnerable.
  • Drop in traffic as improper maintenance can cause reduced page loading time
  • Unhappy users due to bad experience
  • Heavy Drop in Search Engine rankings

Contact Now!!

Creative Design offers the most cost-effective solutions t your website needs. Creative Design have a dedicated and fully committed team of analysts and developers which will help you in taking your website to new levels of success. We plan out different package for different users as every website has different needs and requirements. So, what are you waiting for, give a call now for a free quote or email us.

Just leave all the dirty work of website maintenance to us and focus on your business growth and strategies.

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