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6 free Social Profile Search Tools 2023 To Fetch Social Record

6 free Social Profile Search Tools 2023 To Fetch Social Record
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It is a terrific practice to know about the preference of your contacts on the social profile, web, etc. You can know more deeply about your leads when you can peek into their personal and social information.

A free social profile search tool is one of the smartest options to search profiles, public records, and fetch important details. These are unique services that enable you to access detail for any number, email, or twitter handle.

Various programs offering the same service are widely used across different parts of the world. They are used by agencies, individuals, and companies for different purposes. But, the ultimate results that everyone is looking for is precision in results. To ensure that you do no end up messing up with fake and useless programs, we have compiled this list for you.

This read will help you in knowing about the top software and its features. Some of them are premium, but you have the option of using it for free in the trial version.

Top Social Profile Search Tools 2020

1. Spokeo – Advanced enrichment software

This is the first program in the list of the free social profile search tool. Spokeo lead enrichment software is a kind of search engine that helps in finding various details. Users can look out for details like the professional, personal, and social details of individuals. One can have access to their names, emails, and other basic details. It is extremely easy and simple as far as navigation is concerned. The display of results is also in a distinct, uncluttered, and plain format. The following are the features of the same.


  • It comes with a simple to use an advanced system where the data is organized quickly and the result is delivered instantly.
  • From over twelve billion records on the web, fresh, reliable, and accurate user information is provided.
  • The results can be easily shared with the team, partners, and collaborators.
  • Spokeo offers one of the most responsive customer services in the industry. It is possible to talk to an expert 24x7 on an ongoing issue that the client is facing.

2. Social Searcher

Social Searcher
Using a twitter handle, number, or email address users can fetch active social media details with the help of this program. It is one of the best programs of lead enrichment and the extracted details are returned in XML, JSON, or HTML formats. It is chargeable but the customer pays only for the successful matches. For queries, not a single penny is charged from the customers by the program. If you are starting up and want a free social profile search tool then this is it. It offers 100 searches per day free of cost.

Users can get access to deep analytical data and real-time updates from social networks. It is also possible to set up email alerts and save the search history.


  • This program delivers information like name, location, job, social profile, demographics, profile info, etc. One only has to enter the correct contact, email, or twitter handle.
  • The information is extracted online from over 120 social media networks
  • Real-time monitoring of accounts is possible with this program
  • For information processing, it is possible to use API, request Webhook, or send email data in bulk.
  • To ensure the overall growth of the user’s organization it offers analytics tools.
  • Peculiar functionalities of the program include advanced reports, web mentions, exporting data, and unlimited history.

3. Anoox

This is one of the best and widely used lead enhancement systems. Anoox has the potential of facilitating the business aspects by handling company data, social media, customer insights, care info, and other important details.

It fetches accurate data from the web with thorough stipulated mechanisms and also updates it regularly. The system is preconfigured to update the entire data automatically on a monthly basis. This helps the user in having the most recent information for a productive output of strategies. It has recently announced the final release of its version 12 after almost a decade of research.


  • Users can create a complete and customized personal profile of the audience by enriching domain data or email.
  • The traditional system of the time-consuming manual update process is crushed. The data fields are updated with the latest information on a regular basis due to automation in the update procedure.
  • The Anoox lead enrichment service offers API to access dozen of records for the prosperity of business.

If you are looking for a bugfree, stable, fast, and massively scalable platform, then this can be the perfect match.


This software can find the social profile and various other details of any individual by using just an email address. It helps users connecting dots between data of online, offline, social profiles. The entire collection is streamlined and projected in a refined format for the user.

The interesting fact is that the user is not bounded to make any contracts or commitments. This is how the program offers a transparent system of lead generation for users across the globe. All the users who sign-up are entitled to receive full access for free until fourteen days. This will help in understanding all the features and effectiveness of the program for your requirements. The program falls under cloud-hosted deployment. It offers support web-based, Mac, and Windows devices.


  • When you carry out a web-based search you are limited to search for only one individual at one time. This program helps you by offering to upload a contact list in bulk. In just a single time it has the capability of extracting information of over 1, 00,000 email address.
  • It comes with one of the best user interfaces and hence there is no necessity of coding of any kind. Any user with zero technical or programming knowledge can easily operate it. Generating results with certain clicks has never been this easy before.
  • It only takes a limited resource for its reference but offers comprehensive details about the entries of the contact lists. This helps users in enhancing their lead generation strategy effectively.
  • Other core features include quick integration facility, contact enrichment, full profile search, identity verification, and data resolution.

All in all if for your need of a free social profile search tool this is one of the most recommended programs.

5. BeenVerified

It is popular software and has earned the reputation of being a people’s search engine in the industry. BeenVerified is one of the best enrichment tools for generating the lead. To generate data it ensures that information is combined from multiple officials, public, and social platforms. Users only require providing basic details like email, address, or phone.

The details that one can uncover from this program will not be available on any search query result. It can generate information like current/prior location, bankruptcy records, court records, pictures, age, criminal records, etc. It has been serving the clients located in different parts of the world for more than a decade now. To check the efficiency of the software users can always opt to select a five-day trial program first.


  • Individuals are faking public details after being charged for serious crimes. This program offers a monitoring feature with advanced resources. It also offers an integrated automation facility with the same. This helps in automatically updating the records on a regular basis for a specified contact list.
  • The basic criteria for fetching the details of an individual also have a wider option. It can be done through any of the parameters like location+name, a digital address, phone number, etc.
  • Series of details for the concerned person including professional information, education, police reports, etc. can be obtained in a fraction of seconds.

This software can be your answer to the free social profile search tool to execute lead generation tasks.

6. MailGet

This is one of the most used programs by individuals, enterprises, organizations, and corporations around the globe. For your requirements of a free social profile search tool, this is undoubtedly the best catch. It comes preloaded with hundreds of features and services that are apt and most useful in the process. The data generation process is accurate with the most recent information on the entry of the contact list. It uses multiple resources on the digital space to find the most required information.

The working procedure is extremely simple with three easy steps. Users have to upload the email list, click on the enriching button, and download the generated report.


  • This is the only software in the industry that offers 100% accuracy in the data. This is because multiple resources from the organized and unorganized sectors are used.
  • When it comes to providing professional and personal information it gives a tough competition to other programs. Users can get information like age, company, work experience, followers, channel details, links, and much more.
  • It is a power-packed software for assessing leads in areas like segmentation, verification, capturing, nurturing, scoring, and assigning. The other core features include opportunity management, activity tracking, prospecting tools, and rating & reviews.
  • Conclusion
    We are confident that your selection process will become easier from the above free social profile search tool list. All these programs are qualified and tested by experts. They have a proven track record of exemplary performance. Explore all the features and choose the best.

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