How to Fix the WordPress 429 Too Many Requests Error
The 429 too many request error while working on the platform of WordPress is quite common to face while working in this platform, and is mostly known as too many request error. This error is different from other errors in the WordPress platform, and you won't be able to understand the reason behind its cause.… (0 comment)

How to Fix the Syntax Error in WordPress
While using codes at the backend of WordPress, one might encounter a white screen showing an error message as ‘Parse Error: syntax error, unexpected….'. When such a screen appears, it means that certain mistakes might have occurred at the time of writing the codes. While experienced developers can easily identify the mistake in their codes,… (0 comment)

How to Fix Common Image Issues in WordPress?
WordPress usually comes with a lot of plugins, which are quite capable of optimizing your website's images for SEO purpose. These plugins can also help you to make your site appear attractive as well as load faster to provide your clients with excellent user experience. However, due to some usual image issues, you might face… (0 comment)

How to Align Images in WordPress Block Editor
After the release of the new block editor in WordPress(Gutenberg ), the content editing process has completely changed. Gutenberg is a completely visual way of producing content. It makes the content creation process a lot easier. This post discusses the way to add and different options to align images in WordPress block editor to create… (0 comment)

Digital Marketing Strategies that Leverages You as a Brand
The marketing communications environment is evolving dynamically and to understand the consumer brand knowledge structure it is essential to modify the Digital Marketing Strategies at each step. It is a tough task and an individual faces varied challenges in the process. There might be problems with the change of algorithms or platform and some are… (0 comment)