10 Alternative Google Form to take over 2024

10 Alternative Google Form to take over 2024
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Google form is an administrative tool, including the Google Drive office suite; which can collect information from users via a personalized survey or quiz. The collected information is then connected to an automated spreadsheet.

The spreadsheet has been undergone several changes and modifications over the years. Several new features have joined the old program; such as shorter URLs, custom themes, file uploading options, and so on.

The best part of Google forms is that it is free of cost. Google forms are enough to commute the purpose for basic requirements.

But you can face several limitations with the free service; such as limited design customization, lack of SSL security, and conditional logic.

If you are looking for extensive services then you have to look beyond the Google forms and start looking for Google form alternative.

Luckily, in this blog, we are going to discuss the top 10 best Google form alternatives. So if you are also searching for alternative options, then follow this blog. The list is given below.

1. FormGet Form Builder

It is one of the most bankable and best online form builders. For collecting one time or recurring payments from the customers, it gives you access to the integrated payment gateways PayPal and Stripe.

Some of the key features of this form are mentioned below.

• Self Hosted Form

This Google form alternative does not require own domain. You can share it by the URLs.

• Custom Branding

It gives you the option to add logos, images, custom messages, link, etc. of your brand. This feature makes your brand appearance attractive. It grabs attention from the users.

• Notifications

The admin gets the notifications of all the works and he can use the auto-responding option to reply to the previous.

• Conditional Logic

It helps to create user-specific, easy to fill the form.

2. Pabbly Forms

It provides you with a lot of pre-built template varieties.

• Team Collaboration

This form can help you to give access to a certain form among the team members.

• Email Marketing App Integration

It can drive the subscribed users to your email marketing solution via subscription forms.

• Payment Collection

It gives you access to collect one-time and recurring payments via PayPal and Stripe.

• Form Validation

It gives you an option to validate inputs from the users.

3. Cognito Forms

It gives a wide number of features along with secured captcha and data encryption.

• Card On File

It stores customer’s payment card information for further uses.

• Save And Resume

This feature gives an option to the users to fill the incomplete form later by saving the partially filled form.

• Multi-Page Forms

This feature breaks the long page into multiple short pages, sections, progress bars, and conditional branching, etc.

• Quantity Limit

This feature gives you access to enter a value only a specific number of times on your forms.

4. Zoho Forms

The features of this form are

• Email Alerts

It sends you an email notification on each form submission.

• Formula Field

It gives you an option to calculate on the sheet.

• Form Publishing

You can share the form on your webpage, via emails, links, or QR codes.

• Analytics

It gives you a statistical report.

5. 123FormBuilder

• Integration

This feature helps you to gather user information through the automated connecting online forms.

• Security

It provides you high end to end encryption to protect user information.

• Logical Branching

According to your pre-set conditions, the forms will be shorted by this feature.

• Transaction Processing

Through this app your transactions are secure.

6. Formstack

This Google form alternative has the perfect drag and drop form and theme builder option.

• Social Autofill

This feature gives the users a choice to fill the information through their social media accounts automatically.

• Add-Ons

This form provides you with automated workflows, conversion kit, offline form, portals etc.

• Security

It secures your sensitive data with invisible reCaptcha, data encryption, GDPR compliance etc.

• Analytics

It gives you a statistical analysis and data gathering part.

7. JotForms

It is an effective form for small businesses.

• Integration

It has a lot of integrations with various CRM, marketing, data synchronization, and so on.

• Payment Option

It gives you secure money transactions through PayPal and Stripe along with subscription and donation forms.

• Configuration

The alteration feature can help you to language translation, captcha etc.

• Publish Platform

This form format can share your link in various social media and any other forms.

8. Wufoo

The most fascinating part of this form is the 400+ template options.

• Theme Customization

You can choose your desirable theme from the 400+ template verities.

• Secure Online Payments

It has secure 3rd party payment apps such as PayPal, Stripe, etc.

• Dynamic Analytics Dashboard

The live tracking feature in terms of traffic, conversions, etc and analyze them in real-time.
Depending on the live analysis it can create custom reports.

• Instant Notification

Upon submission, it sends you quick replies and feedbacks.

9. FormAssembly

This form gives you the chances to create your customized format.

• Connectors Set-Up

You can connect your payment services through this form.

• Easy Publish

When you are done with the creation, you can upload it anywhere you want.

• High-End Security

It has the most stringent data privacy and security provisions like HIPAA, EU-US Privacy Shield, and PCI DSS Level 1 certification.

• dynamic dashboard

You can multitask with this feature. You can manage collaborations, check revisions, adding RSS feed subscription option in the form etc.

10. Formidable Forms

WordPress is an important part of any online functions. This Google form alternative gives you the WordPress drag and drop form builder to create forms and editor to edit.

• Cascading Look Up Data

You can compare the field values and set them with it.

• Invisible Spam Protection

With this feature, you can add Honeypot, invisible reCaptcha, Akismet and WordPress comment block list.

• White Label Form Builder

This helps you to remove any kind of third party branding.

• Dynamic Fields

This feature reduces the length of the content in your form.

No doubt Google forms have been playing an important role in everything. But now, that you know the secret weapons for 2020, modify your website accordingly and run your business smoothly.