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7 Best Image Optimization Plugins for Speeding Up WordPress

7 Best Image Optimization Plugins for Speeding Up WordPress
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As we know image optimization is very important factor of search engine optimization. In order to rank your website or web images to search engine then image optimization would be stepping stone to achieve this goal.

Here we are going to talk about the best plugins that you can use to optimize your images with few simple steps. These plugins are easy to install and configure.

These plugins are very beneficial in compressing your images and resizing them to make them more responsive and efficient.

In this writing we are going to have a look on the features and benefits of these plugins. Some plugins are all in one optimizers and some of them have particular unique features.

All these plugins are so helpful and would be stepping stone in optimizing images.

Best Image Optimization Plugins 2021


No doubt Smush is very popular, efficient, fast and free plugin for image optimization. Smush is considered as the best WordPress plugin because it is a complete package for image optimization.

It provides each and every single technique we must need to apply to optimize images. It compress images without any loss(lossless compression) and it has ability to optimize 50 images at one time with out any error.

This plugin has more than 1 million downloads and active users. Billions of images are optimized by this plugin. It is world widely known and used plugin.

Smush will optimize PNGs, JPEGs, and GIFs very efficiently on super fast servers. This plugin is very effective and trusted by millions of people all over the world. This plugin has two versions free and pro.

By using free version there is no daily, weekly or monthly fees. You can enjoy the features without paying any single peny. But if you want to go more advance and enjoy more amazing features, then Smush pro can be very helpful. You can automatically convert, resize and compress images on the go.

EWWW Image Optimizer

EWWW Image Opimizer
Plugin works well with as newly uploaded images as previously uploaded. What makes it different to the other plugins from this list is its ability to automatically convert your files to the smallest size image formats.

But if you are in a need to deal with a really wide variety of formats we advice you to use a specific service. Go to onlineconvertfree.com. It is a very powerful tool that can be used for multiple purposes.

It provides a lot of amazing features that can be needed for a powerful and efficient SEO. You can easily resize and compress images without having any loss in the quality of image. It allows you to convert your image in many formats as well as it is a very efficient tool.

Along with image optimization this tool also allows you to convert documents, audios, videos even you can convert books in to different formats. If you are running an e-commerce website then this tool will help you to achieve your goals for image SEO. Onlineconvertfree is totally free and very impressive.


Imsanity also a very popular and helpful WordPress plugin regarding image optimization. Imsanity has a feature to automatically resize and convert your images on the go.

This plugin use WordPress built-in image scaling functions to automatically resize the images. You don’t need to manually set the sizes of images. This plugin will do this task automatically.

This plugin is able to set maximum height, width and quality of image. By using Imsanity BMP files are also converted to JPG so the images can be scaled.

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Imagify Image Optimizer

Imagify Image Optimizer is also another WordPress plugin that is very popular for image optimization. If you have installed this plugin to your wordpress site than there is no need to perform any single activity.

This plugin will automatically optimize the images when you upload the images on your site. This plugin has ability to convert images to webP.

There are three levels of image compression in this plugin. By using Imagify Image Optimizer you can optimize images upto the size of 25 MB every month. Imagify Image optimizer very simple and easy to download and activate.

Compress JPEG & PNG Images

tiny png
As we know JPEG and PNG images are very common and recommended images for website. If you want to optimize JPEG and PNG images than this plugin will be very helpful. You can integrate this plugin with popular image compression services.

By using Compress JPEG & PNG Images images can be automatically converted when uploaded to wesbite gallery. It also allows you to convert images that are already in media library.

Compress JPEG & PNG Images is the best plugin for compressing animated PNG’s. This plugin is free but if you want to convert images more than 100 then you have to go for paid account. Rates are very cheap and affordable.

ShortPixel Image Optimizer

ShortPixel Image optimizer is not only effective in optimizing images. It also allows you to optimize PDF’s for free. ShotPixel Image Optimizer allows you to compress images with lossy or lossles compression for PNGs, JPEGs, WebPs, GIFs and PDF files.

It also have another free compression tool called glossy image compression. It is designed especially for photographers to preserve the quality of images. It allows to optimize 100 images for free. For more than 100 images you need to go for paid account.

Optimus WordPress Image Optimizer

Last but not least Optimus WordPress Image Optimizer is also a very effective plugin used for WordPress sites. This plugin can also automatically resize and compress the images when uploaded to you website if you have activated this plugin.

Free level of this plugin allows maximum size of 100kb. Conversion to webP is not allowed by this plugin in free version. But it allows to optimize unlimited number of images.

Optimus also allows to optimize a lot of images at one same time. your images are not stored on Optimus servers when they are optimized.

Image Optimization Summary:
As we talked above there are a lot of image optimization plugins. Some of them are free of charge, some require buying premium. Specific tools are excellent for their own specific features but you know there is no WordPress ran site which can bare installing all the plugins.

So choose the one you find the best suitable for your purposes and don’t forget to use third-party services for the other. Some of them are worth it.