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Best Free Landing Page Plugin for WordPress 2022

Best Free Landing Page Plugin for WordPress 2022
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The sole aim of a landing page on a website is for brand building and information. Every campaign demands a unique setup to land upon. Irrespective of the public opinion it has proven results of capturing a lead and improving the conversion ratio.

If the visitor does something that you want them to do after visiting your landing area then it has fulfilled its purpose.

The objective can vary for different brands and organizations. For some, it can be subscription forms and proceeding to company profile while for others it can be purchasing a product.

Service providers usually help in establishing the desired needs. If not then just like for everything else, plugins are here for your rescue.

They will enable you to have complete control over all the elements and matter that you created. From this article, you can choose a free landing page plugin easily and fulfill your project needs.

Elementor Page Builder

Elementor is one of the renowned players in this industry. You might have come across this name if you have researched about WordPress themes. With outstanding flexibility and extendibility, it is a spectacular drag and drop builder.

A user does not need to invest too much time and effort to make landing pages or custom web designs with this program. The best part is that the users do not need to know a single line of coding for using this software.

The layouts that it has to offer will be optimized for fast loading speed. Not only that they will also be cross-browser compatible and mobile-ready. It also comes with a real-time editing feature. The number of active installations and the popularity speaks volumes about this program.

WordPress Landing Pages

WordPress landing page
This is a popular and free landing page plugin for your WordPress website. The users can create multiple pages for landing conveniently with this program.

The creation can also be connected to external apps like Aweber, MailChimp, and others. It has been trusted and used by professionals around the globe. Experts have recommended it as one of the best and must be used if it suits your requirements.

Pre-built and basic templates will be offered to you that can be customized as required. Monitoring and optimization of conversations can be done on a regular basis with this software.

Users can carry out split tests and check which one is the best to ensure maximum profitability. Visitors can conveniently fill a form as they will be partially filled.

Leads and call-to-action of WordPress are supported by it. Using any popular and effective contact form alongside the plugin is also possible.


You can create an attractive landing area with Unbounce regardless of the marketing campaign that you intend to launch. Users can build fully active custom layouts with this insanely easy to use tool with full of quality features.

The creation can be quickly and easily published on the existing WordPress site. You can also ensure through customization that your requirements and regulations are followed precisely. For conducting a split test you can simply create variations with this program for testing.

It has 20K+ active installations as of now around the globe. Some of the excellent features of the program include free pre-built templates, event tracking, desktop layouts, Google Analytics tagging, and others.

This plugin can be one of the best solutions to bring your marketing funnel under total control and get the desired results.


ultimate wordpress plugin
This is a free landing page plugin where you can easily create and publish creations on the site. The publication can be processed immediately or even scheduled as required.

If the users require then they can also create a sales page with the help of this program and also modify and set the best creation as the homepage.

It includes a collection of customizable templates that you can select according to the campaign requirement. The out-of-the-box features that it includes are a marked uptick in conversion rates.

Just like other prominent plugins this also provides a window for split testing so that you can publish the best results. Integrated features of the program include Gravity form, SEO meta box, MailChimp, and others.

If you intend to add custom forms then it can also be done using HTML. Compared to other prominent programs it might have a lower hand in terms of features but customization is easy and it loads fast.


Free Landing Pages Builder by Wishpond
This is one of the most flexible and easy to use free landing page plugin for WordPress. It will only take minutes to create an impactful landing area when you this plugin.

The core features include a countdown timer, CSS & Javascript, Drag-and-Drop builder, dynamic text replacement, form fields, lead notifications, mobile-responsive, and exclusive templates. It is also possible to see real-time stats of the page’s view and conversion rates.

It has a profound integration of email marketing applications. Other integration includes API, Zapier, and Salesforce. The other free tool included with the plugin is lead management, call-to-action, and forms.

It is available in three languages i.e. Portuguese, Spanish, and English. It also offers live chat and email support. It might be a not so popular plugin but the functionality and features are top-notch as well as reliable.

WP Lead Plus X

WP lead plus x
This free landing page plugin enables you to create efficient and impactful pages of landing for your website without any coding. Every business needs it to maximize profitability.

It can be done using this program that drives your potential customers to the required page. For creating multiple pages like the lead, squeeze, splash, popup, and widget you will need at least four different programs. With this plugin, you can create all of them without any other app.

The core features of the free version include drag and drop builder. It also includes building WordPress pages for Mobile First. The program is built on top of the famous bootstrap framework.

It easily integrates with Google Fonts and makes the page look beautiful. Users can also build ‘coming soon’ and ‘under construction’ pages. With this plugin, you can easily use video hosting services.

Wisely study the features of the above plugins and use the one that best fits the requirement of your clients and campaign.