Effective Ways to Double Your WordPress Traffic

Effective Ways to Double Your WordPress Traffic
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Individuals who are involved in online-based learning can refer to WordPress traffic as a golden deer. The simple reason behind this is, that a website owner can earn considerably only when the traffic on the site is increasing.

To be precise this practice can help you achieve the desired lifestyle of four-hour a week. But, it is a sad fact that individuals feel that increasing their WordPress traffic is a complex task.

There are no fixed rules or strategy to attain the expected traffic. There are numerous methods which can help you plan an effective strategy according to the type of your WordPress website and its target audience.

How to increase blog traffic is a question that even experienced developers fail to answer because they miss out on one or another influencing factor. In this article, we have covered the most effective and adopted methods that can help in boosting your WordPress traffic.

Post Optimization

Every website owner is fascinated by the idea of getting their website ranked on Google.

But only a few owners and developer understand, what impact the previous posts can have on the Search Engine Results Pages which are popularly termed as SERPs. Focus on the following points so that you can optimize your blog posts.

  • Choose an appropriate title. Research on the keywords related to your post and make sure the title reflects what people are searching for.
  • Inevitably include a Meta description in each of the posts so that the audience can get an idea about the content that they are going to explore in a post.

If modifying or customizing the title becomes a tiresome task for you then it is recommended that you use relevant plugins that can facilitate the procedure for you.

The above mentioned two methods are simple tricks to make a flawless and engaging title for your post. Once you do it, the data will be automatically inserted in the SERPs by Google.


Visitors must be attracted with an immediate concept that your website has the relevant information that they are searching for, and using Breadcrumbs navigation can make it happen for you. It improves usability and enables users to sail across your website effortlessly.

Breadcrumbs allow enthusiastic users to explore additional data regarding your website even before they access it. This is an interesting and fabulous advantage of using it as it adds a new dimension of appearance to your website on the SERPs.

It requires WordPress SEO through relevant plugins to enable support for Breadcrumbs on your site. The addition is a straight forward task and it will also result in experiencing a new level of traffic augmentation.

Split Testing

Split Testing

In the discussion of how to increase blog traffic, headlines play a crucial role which is often neglected by many bloggers and developers.

If you have been a long time or a professional blogger we expect that you well-understand the significance of Headlines.

Based on the potentiality of a headline, even a simple post can go viral and an extraordinary post can be an entire flop. The split test for headlines can help you in upturning your website.

Using the Title Split Testing WordPress plugin you can accomplish this task easily.

This plugin automatically generates two headlines for all your posts and offers one of them to visitors randomly. It also calculates the click rate on both the headlines.

Once you accurately analyze the results of both the headlines you can close down the test and finalize one impactful headline. It offers an immediate advantage and is better than ever.


Interlinking is a small task but it can do wonders for your website. In the discussion of how to increase blog traffic, interlinking is a key point and is generally missed out. Posting a blog and then connecting it with all the relevant articles/blogs previously published by your website can be more significant to boosting the searches’.

Most visitors that visit your site are not aware of the compatibility of topics of your published posts. Through interlinking, they can always turn-up to your articles thinking they will have additional knowledge about everything related to it.

It is recommended that you interlink all your published articles in the fresh posts. We also suggest turning up to other sites and asking them to interlink your articles which can enhance the visibility of your posts.

Offer related posts

If a user has read the entire post it is expected that he/she is impressed with it and has actually found value in your post. Offering related posts at the end of the article can help in marketing other published posts of your website.

By switching on the ‘include related posts’ feature a jetpack user can easily accomplish this task. This method helps in increasing user engagement and attracting new users as well.

When you think of how to increase blog traffic, it is recommended that you learn the extensiveness of WordPress plugins, because most of the plugins of ‘related posts’ enable you to identify how your links post will be created.

Social Media Presence

Social Media Presence

Social Media can help you significantly boost the traffic to your website. For escalating and building traffic, twitter must be used constructively. Through the review old post plugin, you can easily systematize the traffic flow of your site from Twitter.

Facebook and Instagram must be used carefully so that the reputation of the brand and the website is not affected while trying to boost the traffic. The best use of social media handles can help in contributing to the dream of achieving a certain number of visitors.

The methods covered in the discussion of how to increase blog traffic are simple but merely excellent. Because they are simple, it is easy to follow and implement. These are effective methods but it must be made sure that all these methods must be used simultaneously.

Having a unique strategy for boosting the traffic is another thing but those strategies must be inevitably clubbed with these basic methods to obtain a constructive output.