How to Write Product Descriptions to Grow Sales?

How to Write Product Descriptions to Grow Sales?
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Competitions are rising in the market, and new businesses are emerging with each new day. Businesses and organizations need to take steps to survive in the competition. Several strategies are being implemented for the sole purpose, that is, to grow the sales and eventually generate more money.

One of the vital factors for growing sales is to write a powerful product description. It influences several factors, but product descriptions need to be written perfectly for attaining the objectives. The ways to craft a product description for growing sales are as follows:

The importance of Product Description:

The uses and features are summarized by a product description. The primary objective of a product description is to offer sufficient information to potential clients and convince them to make a purchase.

Also, product descriptions are very important for online shoppers. So, if you are neglecting it, you are surely ignoring too many purchasers.

Excellent product descriptions can compel customers if included with two elements: powerful writing skills and the knowledge that can motivate them to make a purchase.

When you can hook the attention of your customers with an amazing product description, it will become more likely for the customer to find out more about the product.

When you are armed with knowledge about your customers, you can make a product description appealing and engaging and eventually motivate them. Rocks-solid writing skill is a must for keeping the description easy to read, organized, and brief.

If you can combine everything mentioned, you will create a short, simple, engaging, and benefit-packed product descriptions at ease.

Ways to create a product description:

With the mentioned below tips you can write a customer-focused, brief, and on-point product description:
Make use of the 5W formula:

One of the most common formulas to write product descriptions is 5W. This formula addresses 5 vital elements: what, who, when, where, and why. This formula is used by several eCommerce writers for creating a template of the product description.

For making use of the 5W formula, you need to follow the given below steps:

  • Who will be the product’s intended user? When you know who your customers are, you can easily explain features in the form of advantages they are searching for.
  • What are the specifications of the product? The specifications are the product details like physical dimensions, materials, features, etc.
  • Where will the product be used by the customers? See if the product is intended to put it to use at home? a car? Or outdoors?
  • When will your customer use make use of the product? Is your product seasonal? Provide the usage advice for helping the customers to get maximum benefits of investing money in your products.
  • Why is your product better than others? Often people consider this option. But it is vital information that the online sellers will use for pointing out distinct features that makes you stand out from the crowd.

The length of every answer needs to be dependent on the product you offer. Whatever you do, make it brief. Try to use not more than 2 sentences for every point. This will make your answer easily readable. Besides, it gives you a right chance to convert your customers.

Showcase the benefits of the product:

Most people are not interested in the features of the product. They only care for what the product has to offer them.
For example, Apple is offering an A10 Fusion chip in the iPod Touch.

Now, the point is that a user may have no idea about the A10 Fusion chip. But they care for it because it offers a wonderfully amazing experience.

Understand that the A10 Fusion chip is the feature. This feature offers benefits like flawless action, enhanced detail, and realistic video.

So, when you try to write product descriptions, you need to select primary features. Then, question yourself how will the feature lead to the betterment of your customer's life? The answer to this question will help you to make an appealing and enticing description.

There is no need to waste your words and keep things super short. Just focus on the helpful information.

Showcase your story:

Storytelling is the key to creating an attractive product overview because not only does it attracts attention, but it also helps in imagining about having the product. A story can showcase that much-needed emotional punch that is highly important for helping to guide people for the purchasing stage.

You may focus on its specific benefits for allowing the customers to feel about the goodness of the product in their life.

For writing product descriptions with a story, follow the steps mentioned below:

  • A scene is to be set where the product can offer some fun context.
  • Ditch the features, and instead, explain how your product can make your customers feel good.
  • Make use of natural and simple language, and avoid overusing technical details.

However, sometimes your product may need to have some technical details. In such cases, you need to touch up some features, which are okay. For example, if you are selling coffee machines, you will have to mention a few technical features.

But give an immediate explanation so that the readers are not left confused, or you may end up losing your sales. And keep the simplicity of the language intact.

To begin with, you will have to think about the typical scenario where your customer will make use of the product you are offering.

Keep the description short:

Customers do not have all day to read a long description and will not stick around it for a long time. So, a product description is considered to be a good one when it is concise. The best way to keep the description short is by making use of a single sentence for every benefit.

This will help you to convert your product description into something concise, easily scannable, and readable.

Subheadings and headings are other paths for giving product descriptions. Several companies do it. Give decent organization to the text, and do something different so that the readers can know from where to start reading. Do not fluff the production description anyway.

Make use of bullet points:

bullet points

When you list the benefits of your products in bullets, you not only save a lot of space but also make the description easy to scan. This is the must step to take for making it easy for the customers who stay in a hurry while researching about the product.

Make use of the bullets for listing features. This is a great way to explain the products with complicated construction and materials.

For making the bullet points easy to scan, make use of a single sentence for every point. Also, make sure that you do not use more than ten points, or else you may end up making a list of unnecessary lengths.

Include a review of a customer:

Several eCommerce sellers are there who make use of customer reviews above a solid product description. These genuine reviews not only add credibility but also enhance customer trust.

You can do the same and use a customer review on the product description's top. This will help your customers to see it in the very first place.

You need to remember that customer reviews do not place the descriptions of the products. And the description is necessary because they play a huge role when it comes to customer education and eCommerce SEO. A review gives social proof and strengthens your product descriptions.

Optimize the product description for the search engines:

Whatever you do for your store, you must optimize your content for search engines. SEO or Search engine optimization is one of the easiest ways of attracting new customers. And it is the very first thing to convince an individual to purchase your product.

Make use of keywords. You can do keyword research as well. See what Google likes. Using keywords in the product description will make your product easily discoverable for people who are genuinely looking for a product like yours.

Make use of good images:

Writing a good product description is important, but high-quality images are important as well. Most of the customers prioritize the product image. So, the image itself offers a vital product description.

Through top-quality images, you can showcase all the indispensable features of all your product. This allows the customers to imagine having the product.

Make use of enticing power words, and list the benefits within the scannable and short product description. Images often encourage touch and allow a good feeling to the customers. It might be difficult to put up a video for crafting product descriptions, but with top-notch images, you can surely display all the advantages.

Product description leads to sales because your customers require them. For making a product description good so that it can help you in making a sell, follow all the tips mentioned above in this article.

Make your product descriptions customer-oriented, appealing, and clear. Whatever you do, do not overdo things, and keep the description as much precise as you can.