How to Promote Your Graphic Design Services?

How to Promote Your Graphic Design Services?
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Are you a graphic designer looking to get more work opportunities? Or maybe you have been thinking about leaving your current workplace and becoming a freelancer?

Regardless of the circumstances, there are multiple ways to promote your services and seek new ways to make money as a graphic designer. Of course, you will need a solid portfolio to back up your experience.

A portfolio is one of the first things that a potential client asks about when hiring a graphic designer. If you have that area covered, move on and look at the list of available options as to how graphic designers can promote themselves and find work opportunities.

Get in touch directly yourself

You can start by showing some initiative and getting in touch with potential employers yourself. For example, there is plenty of print on demand stores that are looking for new graphic designers who can come up with new merchandise ideas.

Be it custom on demand stickers, hoodies, shoes, t-shirts, backpacks, or face masks, as someone who possesses graphic design skills, you should have enough creativity to offer services to a POD store.

Social media influencers might also need a new banner, infographic, or another piece of content that they would like to utilize. If you notice that someone has an outdated banner, do not hesitate and let them know that you would be happy to design something new.

And it is not just influencers. Ecommerce stores that dropship also use social media for their marketing. Around 27% of global online retailers have adopted dropshipping by February, 2018.

The percentage has grown since then as more and more retailers discover the benefits of dropshipping. But they should not expect to run a successful business without a proper marketing strategy, right? And that is where you as a graphic designer come in.

It is no secret that most of your messages will be ignored or result in a negative response. Nevertheless, you might still land a few clients and build your network from there.

Register on graphic designer platforms

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There are platforms like 99Designs that were developed with the intent to create a hub for graphic designers who can submit their ideas to a potential client’s request and get hired. You should try your luck on the platform as well and see whether it will lead to finding any gigs.

Create a profile on freelancer sites

Similar to 99Designs, you should also register on platforms like Fiverr and Upwork. These exist for various professions, not just freelancers, but one thing that unites them is that the platforms are meant for freelancers.

The first few weeks or even months might be rough because of all the competition. You will need to submit a bid to get a job, and the pay might not be that great when you are new to the platform.

Aim to get a few five-star reviews. Clients are more likely to hire someone with positive feedback on their profile. So even if, for example, designing a logo pays you a couple of bucks but you get a five-star review in exchange for the work as well, you should do it.

After all, the more great feedback you have on your profile, the better jobs you can expect to get on these platforms in the future.

Be active on social media

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Being active on social media is another excellent piece of advice. And it is not just platforms like LinkedIn where you post your work and engage with other users to create a network.

No, showcasing design on Instagram and Facebook is also a great method to get other people to notice you. And if they share your work, even more social media users will see it. The snowball effect works in your favor and could lead to potential clients getting in touch with you because they saw something they like.

Also, do not forget about sites like Reddit. While it is not a social media website per se, it is still a place to advertise your work. Though be sure to watermark it in case someone decides to steal and take credit for themselves.

Meet people IRL

Meeting people in person is a bit difficult because of the pandemic, but you should still have an opportunity here and there. If there is a small gathering or a conference for graphic designers where you live, be sure to attend it and see if there is an opportunity to expand your network and meet new clients.

Develop your website

As a freelancer, you should be fine relying on social media and other marketing channels, but having a website is still worth it.

It adds more weight to your experience. Besides, showcasing a portfolio on a website is quite easy when you can create a separate page and put your best work on it.

Make sure that there is contact information on the website. Otherwise, people will not know how to get in touch with you.