Best Popular Data Entry Software 2023 Data Entry Projects

Best Popular Data Entry Software 2023 Data Entry Projects
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The human requirements have been constantly changing with time and the technology is evolving accordingly. For any business which involves considerable data processing the most vital weapon in the arsenal is effective data entry software.

Due to the rapid pace of technological evolution, there are multiple options available in the industry making it tough to select one.

With OCR technologies programs are now simplified, cost-effective, and save a lot of time. According to the type of business involved there are suitable programs.

Hence, in this read, we have filtered the best data entry software for your convenience in selection.

Zed Axis

Zed Axis
The bridging gap between the quick books and the operating system is this Zed Axis program. Using the custom-bill feature of this program you can find & replace classes, items, and names.

Transactions related to journals, purchase order, inventory, estimates, invoice, and billing can be recorded.

Using the batch update feature it is possible to modify multiple transactions. Orders can be downloaded from eBay and web store and the same can also be transferred to QuickBooks.

Various versions of Windows operating system like 2000, Vista, XP, 8, 9, and 10 are compatible with this program.


Document processing is facilitated through this capture software. Accurate extraction of information facilitates accountants.

It is compatible with any layout because it uses the latest modern technologies for data extraction. It offers multiple ways to import documents which includes emails and online storage drives.

Auto-identification of errors is ensured by AI assistance. It comes with an edit feature and intuitive review facility.

Your task of dealing with piles of documents is simplified with this data entry software. The sharing of info with clients, partners, and colleagues is also possible.


Kalpvaig Technologies has introduced this software. License-based key software of Kalpvaig can be easily ordered. This allows you to have complete control over selling and creating multiple copies of the same.

In the existing used software this program will help you in making necessary modifications and create a similar program.

Authorized access is possible and can be manually controlled as required by the administrator. The specialization of this software is in Mortgage Industries, Medical, Telecom, and Cargo.

The program has a compatible and simple user interface. It is possible to edit, search, and record files at any time.


Clients are served with data collection through this software. The collected data can be configured according to clients need.

Comprehensive report for analysis can be generated and collection modes can also be changed. A higher level of accuracy is achieved by conditional form logic.

Therefore monitoring and field inspection can allow easy handling of a high volume of information.

Customization helps you to get rid of fields which are not required and use only the necessary ones. The progress of the assigned tasks is highlighted to the clients and users.


Digital marketing solutions are served by Gtechwebindia. Your terms can be dictated through this program. You get a quote of the program according to your requirements.

Any micro and small business which is low on budget can avail maximum benefits from this software. Data security policy and strict privacy are ensured by the application.

The entry is possible online as well as offline. The program is checked thoroughly by the quality assurance team before dispatching to the client.

Various levels of quality control evaluations are tested on the program. You can get rid of monthly subscription plans and pay for this lifetime validity software.


This is auto-processing software. Using the secure collaborative feature, authorized individuals and bookkeepers can easily collaborate on documents.

To integrate with multiple accounting apps at any time it offers a routing feature. You can also avail the email integrating facility and send the documents from email to your clients.

It offers support for 20+ languages. The prominent analytical pattern is remembered by the smart analysis program of the feature.

Scanned documents are stored in the archive and can be kept as long as required. Through security tools and information encryption, all the information is secured.

Phoenix Software

phoenix software
Phoenix software was established in 1979 and is one of the most credible US-based software companies that have launched this product Entrypoint i4.

This program administers data entry apps, creates it, and also deploys it. You can select from web or desktop apps. For treatment and drug trials, it is a trusted data entry software.

The inbuilt security features allow one to create a security policy. For data storage, it uses a SQL database.

The communication through the server is protected with 128-bit encryption. It is tested for accuracy and also preserves a lot of time in remote entry of statistics.


All the databases used by a business are integrated by this software. Small systems can be easily connected with heavy-duty DBMS.

It is a multipurpose data entry platform and can perform operations like testing generated information, data importer/exporter, reverse engineering & database design, and diff and schema.

The ODBC drivers are included in the package. It comes with a lite edition which is a free version and does not expire.

Complex tasks are simplified by WinSQL wizards. This software features a user-friendly and responsive interface. With the help of multi-threaded architecture, it works better.


Velocity Data Entry Software is all you need if you are still stuck with hundreds of handwritten documents in your company.

It can run behind a firewall. With the help of AWS instance, it can manage the on-premise installation. During the setup process, you are backed by the support team.

For making the process convenient for clients you can add links to forms. This program allows you to manually upload forms in batches. To improve the results of the verification process you can set specific fields.


Consider AccountsFlow if you are looking for a promising invoicing data entry program. Due to the EDI technology, it serves with optimal accuracy.

It assuredly increases the accuracy level of import and OCR of related info. The data entered into the back office system is automated by the program as it collects the invoices from suppliers.

Stock inventory can be checked at any time. It maintains a smooth system where everyone has access to the same records and avoids doubling or duplication.

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