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Twitter Pros & Cons For a Business

Twitter Pros & Cons For a Business
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Social networking website has become inevitable for humans and one of the most effective is the micro-blogging platform is Twitter. As Twitter is a massive platform for entertainment and online business, growing Twitter profile is very important. So, people can buy real Twitter followers from trusted sources to enhance their profile.

The monthly active users are predicted to be approximately 300 million+ for both business and personal purposes with Twitter revenues forecast to grow faster (19.81% per year) than the US Internet Content & Information industry average (12%).

To listen and interact with customers it is a perfect platform for small and micro business organizations.

For example, many startups are issuing special discount codes and coupons using Twitter to expand their reach.

It can also be used to guide others with your expertise in a specific field. The generic public scenario of your organization can be obtained from it.

The process of interacting is two ways i.e. you can follow clients and they can follow you. It is amongst those services where it is completely alright for strangers to follow you.

If you have an interactive feed the people who take an interest in it are your followers.

As soon as they follow you, your posts will feature in their timeline as Tweets. It is widely popular as micro-blogging because of its 280 characters limit.

For individuals and brands, it is essential to know the pros and cons before you start using it. Hence, with immense study and research, we have come up with accurate Twitter Pros & Cons.


Following is the first segment including Pros in this compilation of Twitter Pros & Cons.

  • It is convenient, simple, and quick. The overall user-interface is simple compared to all other community-oriented web services. The registration takes up only a few minutes and then you are good to go.
  • The character limit has been increased. Many years after the launch in 2017 Twitter revised the character limit to 280 from previously set 140. Despite getting mixed reviews the process of tweeting has become easier now.
  • One can easily create and manage multiple accounts. You can create an organization account and a personal account as a Founder, CEO, Manager, etc. This helps in sorting out the content to post and helps in content prioritization.
  • You can conveniently develop a lasting connection with your audience. Your posts reach out directly to your target audience and this promotes your business. You can be at the center of a community that is interested in exploring your services and products. In addition to that, you can also interact with other industry professionals.
  • You can opt for a classic reverse chronological timeline to create an impact. Several years ago it switched to an algorithm-based timeline that eliminated its reverse-chronological feed. This made the users see only the tweets relevant to them and not according to the chronology. This created chaos and users started complaining regarding the same. Hence, this creates an impact on the psychological standing of your brand according to the content that you post.
  • You have the SAFE SEARCH feature at your advantage. When users use this tool it ensures that all potentially sensitive contents are filtered. When your posts appear after the safe search it enhances the brand value.
  • Banned users are prevented from creating new accounts. If you or any other reports any particular user then after necessary investigation if required Twitter can ban a user. Hence, you can stay protected from abuse and harassment.
  • Emojis can add value to your content. You can easily send an assortment of icons directly in your tweet box. This helps in engaging with a like-minded audience.


Following is the second and final segment including Cons in this compilation of Twitter Pros & Cons.

  • It requires frequent monitoring as you need to pay attention to what the users are saying. Customers usually tweet first regarding their problems instead of sending you an email or submitting an online form. You must be equipped with potential replies and should attend them appropriately.
  • You cannot edit a post. Once you have posted something you cannot edit and repost it. You will have to delete the tweet and repost a fresh one. Hence, you must be cautious and conscious before posting anything.
  • The user growth in predictions is declining in the present years. Looking at the popularity of the platform all those who wanted to be a part of it already own an account. And the new users joining rate is predicted at less than 5% globally.
  • Given the present scenario, the tweets that grab the most attention are related to daily affairs and news. Hence, in order to gain visibility, you will have to work on hashtags and formulate an effective campaign. A wrong campaign or strategy can damage the reputation of your organization.

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