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How to Buy a Domain Name: A Comprehensive Guide

How to Buy a Domain Name: A Comprehensive Guide
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If you are planning to start a new online business or open up a blog, you will have to register yourself with a domain name, i.e a unique website name that helps you stand out. Getting the perfect domain name that matches your need could be technical initially but don’t worry. The process is not as tough as you would like to think.

The guide below will tell you exactly what you need to know about your domain name extensions, how you can choose the perfect one that matches your needs, and the right steps you need to add if you want to buy a domain name and then register it as well.

What Is A Domain Name?

Before you tell you how to buy a domain name, let us first tell you what exactly is it. As you all know, every website you see on the internet comes with an IP address.

Such addresses usually point towards the location of the website, something like a GPS. However, the number can be a bit long and hard to remember. Hence, you require a unique domain name that can lend a hand and support you here.

Here a unique structure called Domain Name System will then translate those addresses into names that are easy to remember. This is what we call domain names.

The domain is where people usually enter their website address on the bar and point it towards the website. In other words, if the address is what the GPS coordinates, it could be the address. A few examples also include google and Mailchimp.

Whenever a person types the name of your domain on the browser, it will direct them towards a DNS server. The server will then translate the name to show what the IP address will point towards.

After this, it will grab the website data and then deliver it to the browser. This happens within a couple of seconds, helping you find your website.

What are the different types of domains?

As per the latest research, there are over 300 million domains you can find at the moment. This, however, will depend greatly. In order to make the right choice, you will 1st need to understand the domain’s anatomy which has two different parts called the top-level and second-level domain.


To buy a domain name, you have to understand what an SLD means. SLD is a second-level domain that is a unique name that represents the brand or the blog as it helps people remember the name easily. We would advise you to keep things a bit easy and short here.

Top-Level Domains

Top-level domains are also known as domain extensions. They are a letter series that helps you appear on the SLD’s side. Some of the most popular ones include:

1. .com is also known as ‘commercial’. This is the 1st TLD that is required for commercial and business use. It is also quite popular.
2. .net is also known as a network that is created for organizations, but it has become quite a common option for business owners of all kinds.
3. .org is also known as ‘education’. This is used for colleges, universities as well as educational institutions.
4. gov. stands for government and it is strongly used for any government usage.
5. mil. is a military that is used only by the various branches of the country’s military.

There are various TLDs in various countries along with niche domains like coffee, ninja, cheap, etc. Overall, there are approximately 1500 various TLDs that you can pick from when you want to buy a domain name.

But always remember that the cost of each is going to differ. Some of them carry more weight than others, so always weigh each before you finally buy a domain name.

What are the benefits of having a domain name?

Improved Rankings

Having a good domain name that perfectly relates to your organization and business will help improve your rankings drastically. This will also drag all the potential customers across the website in the search process, allowing people to easily engage with you.

Web domains that have archi at the end are usually related to your organization or business, hence giving your search engine that extra boost.

Leaves Less Space For Errors

Having a good domain name makes it easy for you to remember your brand. Apart from that, it lets your domain name stay more memorable and easy, keeping the brand’s continuity across the various services and names.

Some of the names have fewer chances of being misspelled by others, hence preventing the chances of major errors. Over 100,000 websites have approximately 9 characters with new domain names.

Build A Proper Identity As Your Business

Many domain names also tell people loads about their business. You could also link the business with a domain name that helps you build a proper identity in the industry.

For instance, if you are running an architectural firm and have the same domain and website name, you will be able to get more traffic on your website and draw fewer chances of confusion for all your customers.

Build A Certain Organization Type

Not only will a good archi help you identify your organization on the internet but it will also help you establish a niche in your business. When you select an extension, you will let the users know that your organization will be different than someone else.

When you use ARCHI, you will be able to differentiate yourself from companies that are similar sounding in various industries or the competitors.

How much do domain names usually cost?

Whenever you purchase a domain name with the help of registrars, you can register it for a year with the help of several-year registrations.

You will also need to renew the registration whenever the 1st period finishes which could be alerted with the help of a registrar. Many domain names also sometimes include the hosting plan and usually offer a hosting company as well.

If you want to buy a domain, you should be able to pay as low as 13 dollars every year. You can also avail of some promotions whenever possible. Many internet domains that are bought through Mailchimp come with privacy and protection as well as a secure socket layer that provides your website with encryption as well as free verification.

Apart from this, you will also require a proper web hosting plan for your website, but you won’t need any hosting if you want to purchase domains.

Assuming a blog and business, it is not possible to reserve the name of the brand for the future by registering and purchasing your domain name. You will need lots of time to consider how you can build a good website.

How to pick the best domain name?

Having a domain name can have a major impact on your presence online. Picking the right one is the 1st step you can take while building your brand. Having the right domain name, however, can be slightly challenging.

While there are many domain names easily available on the internet, many of them are quite easy to remember than be taken. But the good part is that you can get exactly what you need if you are willing to use your imagination and of course, use a simple process.

Find A Registrar

Going to a domain registrar is the first step that you must take when it comes to buying a domain name. Domain registrars are usually responsible for managing and registering the domain name.

They are accredited to you by ICCAN which is an NPO that manages the regulations and rules of the websites’ domain name.

Choosing a good domain registrar is important because it could impact your business or project for many years. If you ever pick the wrong one, you will pay the hidden fees and get scammed.

There are several cases where the registrar will pressure the users to purchase the domain name which is similar to the ones that are held under the table.

In such cases, it could be a bit challenging to pick many domain registrars as they provide similar services. Hence, you should consider the following points for the registrar:


Before you buy any website domain, ensure that you read the terms of service before you check on any of the hidden costs. You could also avoid the registrars that give you low fees for the first time you register but after that, they improve the renewal rates and expect you to pay more.

Expiration Policy

You could also renew your domain name before the expiry date if you want to prevent others from registering it online. After this, pick yourself a registrar using auto-renewal as well as reminder features.

Add Extra Services

Look for some domain registrars that offer you more valuable add ons like domain parking and privacy.

Transfer Of Policy

It is also possible to move the names of the domain from one registrar towards the other, but a few might also make the process far more difficult or even charge some extra fees. However, ensure that you review the domain’s policy before you finally make any purchases.

You can also purchase some custom domains from hosting companies that give you registration services as well. It is ideal you consider purchasing them as having a web hosting plan will add more value to your website.

If you want to buy a domain name using our services, you could consider low renewal and upfront costs from domains that are popular. If you want to activate your privacy protection, it will help you hide details from being discovered.

A Name Search Is Also A Good Idea

Once you have found yourself a registrar, to register your domain, you will next conduct a name search. So when it comes to choosing domain names, you will have to pick an extension as well.

It will have a suffix attached at the end of the address. Domain extensions are also known as TLDs, i.e top-level domains. Some of the common types of domain extensions include:

Country Code: This one includes a specific country that allows both the search engines and the users to know that your website has been designed for visitors belonging to a specific region. It will have us. domain attached at the end.

Sponsored: This is a restricted type used for organizations as well as groups.

Generic: This is a common TLD type that doesn’t depend on any country code which could be used for general purposes as well. Some of the common examples of such TDs also include .net, .org, and .com.

Once you have picked the right extension you find suitable for the domain, check for a TLD which represents the website’s purpose. Picking the wrong kind of suffix could confuse your visitors and make the brand easily prone to misinterpretation.

So if you want to start an eCommerce business, .biz or .com could be the best place to begin. In other areas, if you want to create any blog or start an online journal, this could be a good solution. Also, if you wish to create any blogs or start any online journal like an extension, this could be a wise solution.

Once you know what kind of extension and domain to use, make sure to check the domain checker so that you can find the best domain name for yourself.

First, enter the name in the search bar and you will find the tool present to you a list of domains. It will also display more title and extension suggestions, showing a whole range of domains.

Choose The Right Domain

Once you have found the ideal domain name for your project, make sure you proceed with your checkout. In this step, you will need to choose the registration period. Such registrars will offer you durations. But before the whole process of registration ends, a good registrar will allow you to renew it.

Having a domain registration will allow you to pay for the subscription for one year at least. But there are others who might need sometime longer when they buy a domain name.

To buy a domain name with us, start with the process with a good checker page and then press the add to cart button which is right next to the domain. After this, you can click on continue to cart.

After this, click on the drop-down list and then pick the registration period. But you can choose a privacy protection add-on as well. You can finish the order by clicking on the checkout now.

After this, click on the log-in button and create your account if you want to complete the whole payment process. Once that is taken care of, you can continue with the whole checkout process. Next, check your billing details and finish it off by reviewing the other. And that’s it! That’s how you buy a domain.

Complete The Registration

Once you have finished the payment, you will next be redirected towards the control panel. There you will have a setup box that allows you to fill out the domain name and its registration details. You will have to fill in all the details such as an address, name, and the right contact details.

After this, your data will be stored on their official database. Once all the details are submitted, the process of registration will be processed.

You can also modify the ownership details using the management section using the control panel. After making all the changes, you can also confirm all the details using email.

Verify Ownership

After that is done, you should verify the domain ownership with the help of the email address you use when you have registered to the domain. The email will usually arrive within a couple of minutes after you have finished using the domain name.

You will receive a confirmation email a couple of minutes after finishing the setup. Or you could click on the verification link to verify your details. If your email does not arrive, you can resend the request from the panel.

If you don’t get your email, you can resend your request from the control panel. We also recommend you to do it immediately by waiting for some days.

It will lead to a temporary suspension as well. But that’s all there is. After this, you can go ahead and buy a domain name once you are done with the initial process of registration.

Tips To Help You Choose The Best Domain Name<

Know your niche

Always be conscious of the best keywords, search terms that fall within your niche. This will help you find a name that perfectly fits the brand you are hoping to create.

Go for a domain that is short as well as memorable

Next, find something that is memorable, short, and is much easier to type and smell. You will also be able to increase your visitor’s chances of remembering the name of the website. You could also create names that fall within 14 characters.

Check if there’s an infringement of any sort

To steer clear of legal issues, you have to find a domain name that is similar to all the proper and well-established brand names.

Dont use hyphens and numbers

Never use numbers and hyphens when you have to create a website. It is challenging for most people to communicate spaces and names verbally. You could stick to domain names using words.

Find alternatives that are closer
In case you have a domain name fixed in mind, consider getting something that has mistyped variations. This will make sure the best traffic is able to reach you. The best example of this is amazon which allows visitors to visit the website directly.

Conduct a research
Once there is a good idea on what domain name you want to go for, look up your favorite social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter. You can reserve pages for projects in order to stop others from taking its name.

Discuss the ideas, always

If choosing the right name for the website feels like a challenging task, think of finding ideas for your colleagues, family, and friends. They may also help you out a bit in scenarios like these.

Never use double letters
Always avoid using double letters in your domain as they boost the possibility of people misspelling your name. This also causes lost traffic.

Check the history of the domain
Make sure the domain has been well associated with a fake website. It will help you utilize tools using a Wayback machine. It will also help you find information regarding the domain’s background and check who your owners are.

Try a premium domain
If you want to buy a domain name the right way, you can try a premium domain. Premium domains offer you high-quality names that can turn into popular addresses and bolster your branding opportunities. You should also consider purchasing a domain that is high on search engines.

Always think of making long term investments
Do remember that domains are here for the long haul. Hence you should base the name on catchphrases that are easily overhyped. You could also consider doing businesses with brands that are five or even ten years before picking any final domain name for your online business or brand.

Regardless of whether you are working on any blog or any online shop or portfolio, MailChimp gives you custom domains that could make a lot of difference to your online presence. And it doesn’t stop here.

Using Mailchimp will help you build your website and connect with a marketing platform that will help you connect with your offerings and stand out from others. If you want to get a better understanding of how you can buy a domain name, do write to us and we would love to help you out a little.