25 Motivational Twitter Hashtags Every Business Experts Should Use

25 Motivational Twitter Hashtags Every Business Experts Should Use
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Twitter is one of the most popular and influential microblogging websites and best social media marketing tools on the internet and the rate on which business posts on it are effectively marketed is remarkable.

It is unavoidable for businesses to have a profile on this microblogging site and reap the benefit of reaching out to millions and millions of potential customers in just 280 characters. Previously, the limit of characters that can be used on Twitter was 140.

Now with the ever-increasing urge to express and the ever-growing user base of Twitter, the character limit has been doubled.

So to reach this enormous amount of user base of Twitter for building a brand identity or influencing potential customers and luring them into the advantages of opting for your products and services, you need to know how to leverage your tweets by using Twitter hashtags effectively.

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There are numerous ways in which you can use Twitter hashtags to benefit your business which might vary depending on the type of content you publish and the category of product or service you deal with.

Determination of the right hashtags can be highly functional in spreading your message across Twitter.

It can be said that hashtags are for Twitter what keywords are for blogs. Among millions of people and businesses tweeting every day at any hour of the day, the chances of your content reaching a large user base are low.

In fact, the chances of reaching the targeted Twitter user also diminishes without proper strategy. Among millions of posts every day, hashtags work as a keyword in getting your posts visible and visible to the right people.

Entrepreneurs who want to market their businesses by creating more engagement on Twitter must research about how hashtags (in this case, inspirational hashtags or entrepreneur hashtags) work.

twitter hashtags

For example, the fact that tweets that have hashtags have 50% more engagement than tweets without hashtags, or that tweets with hashtags get retweeted 2 times more than other tweets, can come in handy for these entrepreneurs to better engage their tweets on Twitter.

Before we delve into the list of Twitter's 25 most inspirational hashtags, let's first know the basic facts about how tweets reach wider on Twitter.

As an entrepreneur, you want to gain maximum benefit from your tweets. However, it is not possible without knowing some simple facts or following some tweeting strategies.

Know and target your audience

In order to make your tweets relevant, you need to get your tweets to the right audience. To do this, you'll have to primarily take the help of strategizing your content as per your audience.

Typing tweets as per what your target audience wants can help you reach them better. Analysis of your brand's weaknesses and strengths, getting customer reviews on yours as well as competitive products, tweeting facts along with opinions, etc can help you achieve this goal.

Use Twitter's Advanced Search option as well as monitoring tools to see how are your tweets performing.

Engage rather than quoting

Humanize your tweets. Rather than just preaching with quotes and hard facts, try to interact with your audience. It is one of the most popular and successful platforms to connect with your users or fans.

Try to reap maximum benefits through this platform by engaging with your customers more often rather than just quoting them in a.

As an entrepreneur, you can't always be trying to have a sale. There are several rules that you can apply to yourself for results.

80/20 rule - You can promote on your content but keep your content 80% interactive or informative and only 20% of it can be promotional content.

5:3:2 rule - After every 5 tweets of relevant pieces by others, you would share 3 non-promotional pieces and two promotional pieces from yourself.

4:1:1 rule - Four pieces not by yourself, followed by 1 retweet of the 1 promotional tweet of yours.

These rules can help you engaged in more humanized way.

Know the best time to tweet

To have the best response from your audience, you'll have to reach them at the right time. On Twitter, the whole world is online all the time. It is hard to have a time of the day less busier than others to reach more people.

No matter how crowded the tweet world looks all the time, there are time slots less busier than others. For example, 5pm is the best time for retweets and 12pm & 6pm are the best time slots for CTR.

These are the primetime slots in the Twitter world. However, it doesn't benefit every brand to tweet at these hours. Depending on your brand and the free time and availability of your target audience, your golden hour can fall under a completely different time slots.

In order to reach maximum people among your target audience, this point is extremely important. Audiense, Followerwonk and Mention are tools that can better help you determine when is your target audience active.

Add Calls-to-action

Studies have shown that the best way to get retweets is to simply ask for them. Calls-to-action is the way to go if you really want your audience to retweet. It can open a door to a whole new world of customers to you.

All you need to do is simply ask. Statistics show that words like help, retweet, please, how to and follow are among the best words to get your tweets retweeted.

These words were the most common words among the most retweeted messages on Twitter. The simple act of asking people to help you grow will actually help you grow.

Tweet the right length

It is also very important to use the right length of message on Twitter to get more audience. It is said that less is more. Twitter, being a microblogging site, might give the impression of the same ideal length.

However, statistics say otherwise. On Facebook, the sweet spot of highest engagement is 40 characters.

For LinkedIn, you should aim for 25 words. But as bizarre as it may sound, for Twitter, the ideal length of a tweet for highest engagement level and retweets is 70 to 100 characters.

Perhaps the limit of characters present on Twitter helps users unleash the potential of getting every character count in their expression.

Use images

Research shows that images triple the rate of engagement on Twitter. Tweets get more likes and retweets when tweeted with a picture. It also makes your tweet stand out against others and helps you get more audience automatically.

Use of images with quotes alone increases the reach by 19%. You can use some quote making apps like Wordswag or Picmonkey  and use the tool of uploading quote pictures for better engagement.

Use the right Hashtags

Last but the most important point is the use of right hashtag. Hashtags act as keywords to your tweets. People search for hashtags or simple click on it to read more about a particular topic.

This tool automatically segregates your target audience and helps you reach them easily. Every entrepreneur on Twitter must research a list of best hashtags they can use for their target audience (which in this category focuses on  inspirational hashtags or entrepreneur hashtags).

There are a couple of tips that can be followed before deciding the right hashtag for your tweets.

As attractive as it may sound, don't use more hashtags than 3 on one post. It might scatter to different audiences.

Don't use long hashtags. Simple and precise is the way to go.

Use easy to remember hashtags so that more and more people remember and use it.

These are the best tips you should follow for better engagement on Twitter before exploring this blog into the area where you get to know the most inspirational hashtags for Entrepreneurs on Twitter.

It is very important for entrepreneurs to give out a message of positivity, motivation and inspiration to their followers.

Twitter is a personal medium where tweets represent what and how do you think. For entrepreneurs to have a better engagement and follower's list, inspiration must be a big part of their tweets.

Thus  inspirational hashtags or entrepreneur hashtags must be a huge part of their use of Twitter hashtags.


The right way to get those tweets reached out to the right audience, correctly researched keywords must be used.

To help you reach your target audience on Twitter and increase your followers,

Here is a list of 25 Inspirational Twitter Hashtags> Every Entrepreneur Should Use

  1. #Entrepreneur
  2. #Business
  3. #Entrepreneurship
  4. #WontStop
  5. #Mindset
  6. #Success
  7. #Hustle
  8. #Freedom
  9. #BusinessOwner
  10. #OnlineBusiness
  11. #Coaching
  12. #Ambition
  13. #Inspire
  14. #ThinkBig
  15. #Startup
  16. #HardWork
  17. #Businessman
  18. #BeYourOwnBoss
  19. #SmallBusiness
  20. #Believe
  21. #Motivate
  22. #Mentor or #mentoring
  23. #Givingback
  24. #InternetBusiness
  25. #Success

Use of these inspirational hashtags, success hashtags and entrepreneur hashtags on your Twitter account can help you harness the power of Twitter in just a few tweets.

On the understanding of the basics of Twitter, you can unleash the power of acquiring more and more followers of your brand as an entrepreneur on Twitter.

A little effort in the research and study of these Twitter facts and stats is required to attain maximum benefit of being on this highly popular microblogging site.

This blog will help you understand those details to the point where you can start a basic strategy on Twitter. However, following the same strategy consistently over a period of time can garner millions of followers ultimately highly beneficial for your business.