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Social listening: Why it Matters and 6 Tools to make it Easier!

Social listening: Why it Matters and 6 Tools to make it Easier!
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It doesn’t matter what type of business you are in. If you need organic leads, conversion, and high revenue to your business then social listening is highly recommended.

In current times, you know the power of social media; it’s an important factor to get potential audience reach.

Let us consider an example to better know about the importance of social listening. Suppose you’re running your restaurant and you have only 100 customers in line.

Each one is praising your dishes, food collection, taste and atmosphere. Hence, you get confidence of being best in the market, and you want to reach 500 customers a week or month.

With the use of social listening or posting your content on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and more. You can reach customers across the globe and hope you will get customers beyond the target.

If you don’t know how to do this, then this post shares the depth details about to get started with social listening with tools.
You know that before going ahead, it is important to know what exactly social listening is.

Social Listening- Introduction

Social listening is the method to track your online performance on the web related to your brand and services. The method of tracking social media posts is tracking some phrases, words, and queries across the social media by analyzing data.

The certain word to target on social media could be brand name, but with the social media monitoring the words go beyond your imagination.

To do best performance on the web, you can work much better than your competition. You should look for the competition campaign names, hash tags, keywords, phrases, content, Ads, and more.

The social listening is not just limited with social media only. It is far more than your thinking. Social listening tools are mush flexible to reap the benefits of social media.

The social listening is often known with various names such as buzz analysis, social media measurements, social media marketing and monitoring, and many more.

The major thing you should understand with social listening is you could look backward and forward. This is a collection of data that help you prepare your strategy and day to day actions for best improvement.

What Are The Benefits Of Social Listening?

The best benefit of social listening is it gives insights of your customers. With the insights, you can actually know what customer thinks about your channel, where should you improve, and more.

The more you get the answers from the customers, the more you will improve with your website. Further, with this infinite data you can get the numbers of ways to improve your social media performance. Here’s some are explained.

1. Get Engaged With Potential Customers

Through social media platforms, website owners can directly engage with their customers. For example you have followers and some people reacted about your product and appreciated the customer service, product quality, and more.

And you have replied to your customer with thanks message and also as3k them to share some suggestions to become best for them.

Hence, the more you engage with customers, the more you will get to know at what points you have to improve. There are many great examples you will get on social media platforms who have just improve with their customer viewpoints.

Coco cola is one great example you can consider to become best for your customers. With customer-interaction your job should be giving best customer support and follow the both positive and negative feedback.

2. Deal With Cries

When the engagement is good and comes with positive social sentiment, this allows you to enhance the engagement with customers.

With social listening you can track the real-time sentiments of customers and also analyze what post can work well with your brand what’s not.

Suppose you are receiving positive feedbacks from the customers then don’t ignore it. Read all the posts carefully and do follow the suggestions to become successful with your website.

In the reviews, the customer has shared everything about your product and services as what they like and what they not.
Moreover, with social listening you could also know about negative feedbacks of the clients. If customers are talking about poor customer services and products quality, you should improve it.

By considering your customers issue your brand will also receive attention that you have heard your customers.

The one great example you can check on social media is Nike. Nike always took time to respond their customers. In 2019, we found their brand was the centre of controversy.

3. Know About Your Competitor

With the help of social listening you cannot only understands what people say about you, but also it helps you to understand what your competitors are doing.

This helps to better understand the insights of competitor, so you could better understand what can fit with your business too.
Further, it will help you understand the competitors in real-time such as are they launching new services, are they come with new offers, and more.

The more you know your competitors, the more you can generate the best offers for your customers and get maximum revenues.

4. Find Trigger Points

By social monitoring you can better uncover the insights about what is working with your customers and what’s not.
Just think if you really get to know what is working for your competitor, you can actually consider as a gold mine marketing strategy for your business.

The pro tip which we need to share is your job is to find the best marketing trick that work bang on. Further, it will also work on your products sales and revenues.

5. Get New Sales Pitch Ideas

You know that sales converts into lead only when you solve their problems. The social listening helps you to develop a best marketing campaign and pitch that works for customers.

Further, the more engaging your sale pitch is the more customers loves to buy from you. Reach your potential customers, share the valuable information, establish the relationship, and generate sales.

This marketing strategy will work best for making your customers satisfied with your services.

6. Identify Influencers

Influencer Marketing

Currently, working with influencers is the best way to endorse your products and generate sales.

With social listening you can easily identify the influencer in the social media market that not just work best as a brand ambassador for your product and services, but also helps to get best revenues.

You can also find the people who already loved your brand and talks about you in the market. The influencers are also consider as brand advocates that help to make your brand awareness, brand sales out, etc.

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Some Best Tips To Get Most Out Of Social Listening

After knowing about the benefits of social listening, you want to know some best tips that help you get most out of this trick.

1. Do social listening everywhere

Social media is not limited. It is a broad marketplace where audience is everywhere from Facebook to twitter to Instagram and more.

You should also know that each platform works different for your brand. For example on LinkedIn you will get less reach then Instagram.

You also find that what people are talking about you (brand). It will give you clear idea from where to start, what to ignore, and how to generate money profits. Hence you will organic lead which is far more than paid leads.

2. Get idea from your competitor

You know that on the marketplace you are not alone who is selling the products related to nay niche. If you know you’re the best than your competitor, but still you are not getting leads.

So check insights of your competitor and know what exactly they are doing and offering to their clients.

When you get an idea, you should plan your marketing strategy accordingly and do best than your rival and see the difference in your outcomes.

3. Accept the changes

When you start with social listening you should develop a relationship with customer that work best with your brand. With a positive and warm conversation you can actually know what customer feel about your product and services.

With this, you can easily make major changes in your brand that give positive impact on your sales and everything.

4. Act with best moves

Keep in mind if you are just making chats with customers and don’t take actions what they want from you, you’re losing many customers.

Your only job with social listening is to know better about your customers, so you could deliver them exactly what they need. If you are not paying worth to their changes they will left you.

Make sure you are acting with the change in trends rather than just doing chats and making thank you messages.

With these powerful social media insights you can easily improved with your website performance, customer engagement, and ranking on the search pages. The only thing matter here is how you take your audience.

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6 Tools to Make Social Listening Easier

Below are the 6 best tools that would make your social listening easier and beneficial.

1. Awario

Awario is one of the best social listening tools you can try hassle-free. It is a new tool in the market but it is finally the best tool that makes social media and web monitoring very affordable for any business.

It doesn't matter if your business is small or large. The average plan starts with $29 per month, and also gives a lot of capabilities and features on enterprise-level tools.

You can use this tool to monitor your brand, competition, Industries, even Complex queries so you can better understand your marketing strategies for future use.

Awario is also a perfect tool that detects plagiarism in your content, find linkless, brand mentions and monitoring new backlinks to your site, and much more.

Currently, it has been used in 110 countries to monitor web performance and choose the analytics of your social performance on the web.

This will also protect your reputation and reach the customers more rapidly. Moreover, with this platform, you will enjoy the social selling tools that call leads and you will reach all of your customers very soon.


  • It includes a Boolean mode that helps to set up flexible queries and improve the accuracy of the results.
  • It also includes an influence of a report which is currently trending online talking about your brand and competitors.
  • Get to know about free leads and sales.
  • You will get the sentiment analysis, language, and locations, and other historical data information in your plan.

What's the price? 
Awario is also available on a free trial that lets you know about the application in detail. But if you want to move on to the premium membership, then it starts with dollar 29 per month, in which you will receive 3 monitoring alerts and subscribers alert for a month.

This is the most popular app which is available at an affordable price as compared to the other plans listed in this post.

2. AgoraPulse

Agorapulse is social media management tools that can help every growing business. If you are ready to invest in social listening tools that are reputable and believed platforms then AgoraPulse is an excellent option to consider.

This provides both scheduling and monitoring options. Further, this tool will also allow you to manage your multiple accounts on single software.

AgoraPulse will allow you to check the insights of comments, posts, and other keywords that are trending on the social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and more.

With this tool, you will also know about the current influencers with unusual media platforms.

Further, you can make the conversation with them with just a click. This will support the networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.


  • The software can tag important mentions
  • it will make you able to assign useful conversations with the team members
  • This will help you to check the insights of the audience.
  • It also lets you identify influencers and the current brand ambassador of your competitors.
  • It has also an in-built CRM that lets you create the best prospects and influencers in the market.

What's the price? 
If you want to get Agorapulse free trial then it is available for free for a few days. But if you want to move on to the premium membership then it starts from a dollar 49 month, which is a small plan and comes with 3 social profiles and a single user.

3. TweetDeck

TweetDeck is the best social listing application designed for the tweeters that let you manage your Twitter presence as well as your business.

If you have multiple accounts on Twitter, then this will allow accessing and sharing information without any stress.
In the fields, you can check the people who you follow, who are following you, trending posts, direct messages, and other key performance on your post.

This will also give us Twitter search functionality that can narrow down your searches with the locations and language.

Further, this will allow you to check the negative keywords and date ranges. You can engage with the mentions and work on the behalf of any Twitter account by connecting with a Twitter app.


  • It has in-built Twitter search filters of location, languages, and negative keywords.
  • This gives the full schedule the capability of your multiple accounts.
  • It will give you the best column layout that lets you organize your feed accordingly.

What's the price?
This application is available for free for the users so anyone can use it and take advantage.

4. Keyhole

Keyhole provides a real-time hashtag and keyword tracking facility for multiple social accounts such as twitter, Instagram, and the news portal.

It is a best social media tools available right now because this track the keywords and come across your social media platforms.
The tool comes with various analytics and sentiment analysis keyword clouds and mention maps. Further, it displays what your customers required from you.

Keyhole is a higher tier plan that also includes premium features like influencers, unlocking historical mentions, API as and much more. The supported networks of this application are Twitter, Instagram, news, and blog post.


  • It gives social media management capabilities.
  • It provides powerful analytics on keywords and gives API access.

What's the price? 
Its basic plan is available at $49 and comes with a keyword search in 5000 monthly social media post-analysis.

5. Mention

Mention is yet another real-time social media monitoring and customizable reports. This is a web monitoring tool that focuses on real-time search and set up alert on reports for the last 24 hours.

Mention is a special listing tool that naturally discovered the reports of Twitter and Instagram.

Besides, it also work on the running keyword searches comes with rich reports and support various networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Reddit, news, blogs, and YouTube.


  • Tag that let you organize your mentions.
  • Build your own custom reports gift.
  • Slack integration and influencer discovery.

What's the price? 
It is available for a free trial and the Single plan is starting from $29 which gives two alerts and 3,000 mentions.

6. Brandwatch

Brandwatch is also the best tool for social media measurement and depth analytics of your social media channels. It is also a more expensive tool in the market.

This provides various options like image recognition, demographic data, trending topics, and audience demographics. It also has its own data visualization called Vizia.

It is a tool that also lets you visualize your brand and combine it with insights.  The supported networks of this tool are Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest, QQ, and the web.

What's the price? 
Its price is $800 per month, which allows to get 10000 monthly mentions and 30 days previous data report.