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How to Find the Right WordPress Plugin for Your Website

How to Find the Right WordPress Plugin for Your Website
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Plugins make WordPress a dream come true for beginners, as there are hundreds and thousands of free WordPress plugins available to download in the official plugin directory.

Many users find it difficult to select the right WordPress plugin for the job. Keep in mind that picking the best plugin is important.

In this article we will help you how to choose the best WordPress plugin by following the same checklist the given checklist below.

Before Starting

It is important to determine what you want from a plugin before you are looking for one. Sit down and make a list of exactly what you want this plugin to do.

This simple act will save your time and helps you create a checklist with features that you are looking for.

The order of importance matter because sometimes you won’t find a plugin that has everything you want.Keep in mind that it doesn't need to be one plugin that does everything.

In the event that you discover two plugins that function great together to give you what you need, at that point install those 2 plugins. The total count of the plugins does not make a difference, the quality does.

How to Start your Plugin Search

How to Start your Plugin Search-min

The WordPress plugin directory is the beginning point for most people for finding the right WordPress plugin.

It has hundreds and thousands of plugins available which is incredible except from that this abundance also makes it hard to locate the right WordPress plugin.

The search feature in the WordPress plugin directory is not very sophisticated. This is why we always recommend using Google search.

However, one can also start by browsing the most popular WordPress plugin in the directory. Check if there is a plugin that fits your needs.

If cannot find the plugin that you want in the first two pages then run a search. WordPress plugin directory search shows results based on relevance by default.

For each search result, you will probably see the Plugin name, rating, depiction, number of active installs that is sites utilizing the plugins, creator name, and tested with WordPress version.

If possible, you need to pick a plugin that is relevant to you according to your needs, has a good number of active installs, a great rating, and tried with a recent version of WordPress.

Comparing Plugins – Which One to Download?

When you have found a few relevant plugins, you can now open these plugins pages in new tabs to compare them with other plugins.

The WordPress plugin page contains data about the plugin, how to utilize it, what it does, and so on. You should utilize this data to choose whether or not this plugin is the right WordPress plugin for you.

The sidebar on the plugin page contains valuable data about the plugin. The first area in the sidebar shows the plugin form, last updated, active installations, least WordPress versions required to run the plugin.

A plugin last updated date and active installs show the popularity and utilization of the plugin.

This area will likewise indicate tested up on WordPress versions. On the off chance that it doesn't show the latest version, at that point there is no reason to freak out.

In spite of the fact that plugin creators check their plugin with each new WordPress version release, they may only update the plugin if necessary.

Plugin Ratings

Plugin Ratings

In the sidebar of the plugin page, you will likewise be able to see plugin ratings. The quantity of stars demonstrates rating score, where five is the highest and one being the lowest.

You ought to keep in mind that a ton of WordPress clients utilizes the plugin without rating it. It is conceivable that a plugin downloaded by a huge number of individuals may in any case not have enough people rating it.

Plugin Reviews

At the point when a client rates a plugin, they are asked to write a review for their rating. You can see these reviews by tapping on the rating bars.

For instance, in the event that somebody has given a plugin one star, at that point you can tap on the 1-star link to read the review.

Something else to see here is the total number of ratings. For instance, in the event that a plugin just has a couple of people rating it, at that point it is truly not a huge number.

However, if those one or two of individuals left a valid justification for their rating in the review, at that point this would make their rating significant for other people.

Support Overview

In the plugin sidebar page, the support section will give you a fast review of the quantity of supports threads opened for a plugin in the most recent two months. It will likewise demonstrate to you what number of these strings are resolved.

In any case, if a plugin has numerous unresolved threads and the creator of the plugin has not reacted to any of them in most recent two months, at that point this could be an indicator that the creator has lost interest.

The module may in any case work for you, however, it may not be supported in the long run.

Checks FAQs and Other Notes

Do not forget to check the FAQs and other note section below the description of the plugin. These sections mostly contain useful information about the plugin.

When you are trying the plugin, ensure that you read these sections so that you can configure and use the plugin properly on your website. it is also possible that you might find some other cool tips there.

What to do When a Plugin Does not Work

On the off chance that a plugin gives an error or does not work, at that point the primary thing you would need to do is find out whether it is having a conflict with another plugin or theme.

Deactivate all different plugins and activate the default WordPress theme. Try testing the plugin once more. On the off chance that despite everything it is not working, at that point you should need to open a support thread.

Visit the plugin page on the WordPress plugin directory and click on the support tab. Look down till you discover the support form and fill it out.

Remember that WordPress plugins are open source that is they have no warranty at all and authors are not required to answer your questions. But most plugin authors try best to answer the question whenever they can.


Hope this article helped you in choosing the right WordPress plugin. Selecting the plugin requires some research and consideration.

Depending on the scope of your WordPress website and what number of site guests you have, plugin choices is extremely important.