Manage Commission & Sales By These Best Affiliate Marketing Software

Manage Commission & Sales By These Best Affiliate Marketing Software
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The present trend that brings out concrete results is online marketing and it revolves around various versions like affiliate marketing, email marketing, share marketing, and others.

When an individual promotes the business through the help of creating affiliate website then it is termed as affiliate marketing and you will learn all the necessary things related to the same in this read.

The platform to enrich sales of business and promote the products/services by the means of affiliates so that one can end up earning referral rewards is called affiliate marketing.

There are numerous software types available online but we have shortlisted the best affiliate marketing software for your ready reference and knowledge.

Pabbly Affiliate System

In the affiliate marketing industry, Pabbly Affiliate System is one of the best affiliate marketing software that helps you to increase product sales. This program comes with two dashboard options which are as follows.

Merchant: Various options like affiliate management, checkout page, add products, generate a report, commission rule, and others are provided to the merchants.

Details of each sale can be analyzed through this option. It enables you to offer a commission on the basis of percentage or even flat on sales.

Affiliate: With just a quick glance on the contact & account details, available credits, invoices, in the edit profile option all affiliate can conveniently manage their account.

To manage the services and products this SaaS-based product is equipped with one of the best billing & subscription management system.

This program comes with unique features like payout settings, email notification, cookie lifetime, customer portal, affiliate target URL, and discount management. The pricing of the software is divided into three categories viz. starter, rookie, and pro.



Amongst the best affiliate marketing software types, the one that is most easy to use is JVZoo which enables you to grow your business online.

It is also possible to promote service and products on different platforms through affiliate and offer rewards against promotion.

This program also offers various functionalities but the core and the most unique function is the dual dashboard option.

It offers a seller’s dashboard with multiple options like customer management, sales funnel, customer checkout banner and others to facilitate sellers.

These features promote ease of handling of client accounts and customers with transaction & report details.

It also offers an affiliate dashboard option that provides features like transactions, webimates, and others so that one can conveniently promote services of sellers and products on the desired platform and eventually earn commissions.

The prominent features of the software include Webimates, Product Transfer, Split Test, and Ad Widget Creator. It can also be used for custom filtering, Zapier, product launch list, and similar other functions.

Warrior Plus

Warrior Plus

One of the renowned platforms that provide you with the opportunity to enrich sales of your website is possible with Warrior Plus.

Various tasks can be performed on other platforms via affiliates which can be rewarded on every sale of referrals which can help in brand promotion.

Top products can be showcased on a weekly, daily, and monthly basis. Some of the crucial elements of the program include

It comes with a simple and most easy market place so that one can easily find out the top sellers of the last thirty days. It also offers options like product list and search box. Here also you can avail two different dashboards.

Vendors Dashboard: This specific dashboard offers services like sales report, customer management, daily stats, and others.

Services and products can be presented in the most appropriate way through this option which helps in booming sales.

Affiliates Dashboard: This dashboard comes with functionalities like product name, transaction date, stats, offers, sales price, get links, and others so that promoting of the product becomes easy and earning becomes smooth.

Omnistar Tell

Omnistar Tell

To grow your business easily you can be empowered by OSI affiliate program. This is one of the best affiliate marketing software where you can explore sections for customers, resources, login, contact us, commission & payout option, blog subscribe section, auto signup option, and others.

It offers multiple features which are rich in resources for a fifteen-day free trial option. It is a progressive and growing software that works on three principles i.e. growth, integration, and attraction.

You can create programs and integrate them with your site to promote services/products.

The integration process is simple and the customers can enhance your business through referrals and also earn from it. This creates a cyclic process where you can get genuine clients with trusted recommendations.

Unique features of this platform include partnership automation, contest manager, tools, integration, and automatic customers enroll.

Besides the trial version if offers three pricing plans for the customers viz. basic, professional, and premium.



ShareASale is amongst the best affiliate marketing software types which come with a complete package and exclusive strategies that enable you to expand your business.

For merchants and affiliates, it offers login/signup options. It has technologies to offer that receives accolades for efficiency, accuracy, and speed. There are three unique features of ShareASale which are as follows.

Direct Deposit: For an affiliate or a promoter this is amongst the most helpful options. Commissions which have been earned can be conveniently deposited into the bank account with this feature.

Video Creatives: One can add & create promotional videos or ‘how to’ on the desired website which can feature information related to affiliate marketing, business, brands, and others.

Deep-Linking Tool: This tool allows one to easily and quickly create an affiliate program for any e-commerce product/service.

The pricing depends on the usage and service required you can visit the website for more clarity on the same.



SamCart is a unique platform for affiliate marketing with features like payment plan capabilities, 1-click sell, and order bump which can maximize profits from each sale.

Unique features of this platform include Free SSL Certificate, Email, Order Bumps, and Subscription Saver.

The pricing of the product comes with estimated plans i.e. Pro and Premium. One can expect dedicates training support if opted for a prominent subscription plan.

These programs will always play a critical role in enhancing the market value of a brand. Basic, as well as unique features, are provided in these programs and one must select the one which can best suit the need.