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Do Not Miss These Latest Instagram Trends for Marketing

Do Not Miss These Latest Instagram Trends for Marketing
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Instagram is the most influential social media platforms and it is taking its users by a wave. Recent statistics suggest that more than a billion people actively use Instagram while 50% of them follow one brand page.

To keep things rife, Instagram Marketing Trends are changing by the day. If you fail to keep up with this continuous change-game then you will not be able to succeed with your marketing goals through Instagram.

Instagram, being such an influential platform you need to create more opportunities by invoking it as the chief marketing strategy. The best thing about following these trends is that it will help you to add more followers and get more likes on the Instagram post.

However, if you are still worried, how to do about it, then adopt these trends to top the charts:

Clampdown Bots

Instagram bots are certain Instagram Marketing Trends that help you in following, liking or commenting on Instagram account through an automated service. If you are looking for an automated Instagram service, Trusy Social is a great application to consider. You may see all the features and reviews here.

However, there are such bots that actually disrupt the otherwise smooth user experience. These involve people to converse with spammed pages that lead to fake engagements.

Nevertheless, Instagram Bots and other authentic bots allow improving your user experience to add more followers.

Feature the influencers

social media influencers
The recent features of the Instagram app are such that a user cannot leave the app midway. The algorithm is set right and structure considers human instincts and behavior. Therefore, Instagram Marketing Trends include strategies to engage you more within the app and allow using its various functionalities.

Instagram is the right place for influencer marketing where the celebrated identities associated with brands to endorse their products or services.

The shoppable influencer feature allows you to view your favorite celebrity wear the products or talk about it. This sort of a feature influences the users to buy the products. The shopping tab allows you to reach out to their link without leaving Instagram.

If you click the button, “shop”, then the gateway to online site and payments channels will open up to you. Thus, this speaks of the flexibility that Instagram features that you can provide to your customers.

Authentic influencers

For a very long time, the influencers posed as perfectly engineered beings and highlighted that using the products helped them in making their lives heavenly.

However, Instagram Marketing Trends have changed for the better. Vulnerability is what people expect. Therefore, more than painted faces and polished words, influencers make live videos. They highlight their dull and pale skin and stretch marks and honest review is the new rave.

Make the best of IGTV

IGTV is a very recent trend and it has been beyond amazing. You can use this feature to post stories in an extended manner.
You can shoot insights of your products and put them on IGTV to allow the user to view them. IGTV videos are a good way to let people know about your products.

Viral tweets

You need to create engaging content on Instagram to attract more followers. These can be popular images or videos on any other social media platform. This is the most effective tip you can surely follow to add the viral content on your Instagram profile.

If you have your Instagram account linked to a twitter account, then there is a good way to engage your Twitter community with the Instagram family as well.

You can add the popular or viral tweets to your Instagram feeds. However, be sure to keep any form of political stands out of it. So do not make any issue and pass comments that affect your business.

AR Filters

To stand out, any successful brand will create their AR or augmented reality filters. This has turned out as an effective feature of Instagram Marketing Trends for recognizing your brand uniquely.

The filter comes with tags and when you click, you will be able to know the brand that created it. This is a useful technique of adding more followers to your account. As a result, an AR filter is unique for a brand and any user can identify the brand name with the filter itself.

Post add on stories

To endorse a product, you might have shot advertisements. You can add them to your Instagram stories. You can also put a snippet of it is along with the direct links so that viewers visit the site to view it.

Use relevant hashtags

Hashtags have always been popular and the reason is they increase the visibility of the posts. There is a different way to include hashtags as you can incorporate then in your Instagram stories. You can add more hashtags with the location of shooting the story to add more visibility options.

Add Instagram stories

Instagram stories are a great way to interact with the users and since its inception in 2016; its use has only seen an elevated graph. There are different functionalities that you can add like asking a question to your views about things that matter to you.
Your question may relate to the type of page you run on Instagram. Nevertheless, the stories expire within 24 hours since uploading them. However, you can always put them on highlights. This will allow people to view it after the expired time even.

Do not limit yourself when you have the Explore Tab

You can improve your business opportunities with the Explore Tab. It shows all the ads based on the products or post you like and comment on. Therefore, concentrate on the Explore Tab to add more viewers to your ads.

For a marketer to be successful, the best strategy is to evolve with time. You need to adapt to the changing environment and be flexible enough to apply them to your practices.

Similarly, Instagram Marketing Trends is ever changing and you need to be pro with your tactics. In that case, choose to follow these trends to stay relevant with your business goals. So, streamline your business and add the best trends to influence your buyers the right way.

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