Why Is Mobile-First Responsive Web Design Important?

Why Is Mobile-First Responsive Web Design Important?
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Presently, there are over 5.27 billion cellphone users around the world. What’s more astounding is that nowadays, more than 60% of online searches are conducted via mobile, and these figures are expected to only go up.

These facts show that a massive – and rising – number of people are using their smartphone devices to search for content, products, and services, emphasizing the need for mobile-friendly web designs.

In this post, we’ll answer what mobile-first responsive web design is and help you understand why it is such a critical element of a good quality website.

What Is Mobile-first Responsive Web Design?

In a nutshell, mobile-first responsive website design is the creation of a web design, starting from the smallest screen (mobile device) as it involves more restrictions and then expands website features or elements for bigger screen devices like desktop, laptop, or tablet. Some of the core elements of mobile-first responsive web design are:

  • Putting users at the centre of a website design
  • Simple navigation
  • Fast website load speed
  • Content, visual hierarchy for relevancy and clarity

We advise you to read more about mobile-first responsive website design as it is such a critical element of a good quality website.

Why Is Mobile-first Responsive Web Design Important?

You’d be shocked to know that more than 60% of online searchers are more likely to deal with a business that has a mobile-friendly site interface. This is one of the reasons why a good quality mobile responsive website design is so important.

In addition to this, having a mobile-first website design ensures that your site's most important elements or information are highlighted to users.

According to the facts shared earlier, it is clear that the majority of online surfers prefer exploring the web through their smartphone devices. If you are still not sold to the idea, here is one more statistic:

According to recent research, more than 90% of the global internet population uses their smartphone to go online. More than 90 PER CENT! The figure is astounding, to say the least.

And that’s not it – search engines like Google also favour mobile-friendly websites. Therefore, by providing a good user experience via smartphones, businesses can increase their chances of higher visibility and engagement.

Furthermore, website pages that are optimized for smartphones produce more leads and boost conversion rates.

It is vital to understand that mobile-first responsive web design is all about delivering a wholesome experience to users with the help of tailored app interfaces, less content, larger fonts, faster download speeds, faster page loads, single “call to actions” on every page etc.

Below are some other leading benefits of having a mobile-first website design:

  • Deliver wholesome experience to users on mobile devices
  • Provide easy navigation to searchers
  • Help prospects and existing customers to focus on main details
  • Improves visibility and reach of businesses.

Remember, mobile-first responsive web design is all about providing clear and relevant information to users. Many marketers believe it may even be revolutionary for online businesses as it ends the requirement of expensive mobile app versions and maintenance.

Therefore, if you are eager to have a website that looks amazing and works effortlessly across all screen sizes, mobile-first responsive web design is for you.