Top 20 Digital Marketing Trends to Follow in 2023

Top 20 Digital Marketing Trends to Follow in 2023
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Marketing is very important for companies and businesses as it is the key to doing a successful business. Every business has one motive that is to do profit maximization which is only possible through successful marketing.

Marketing gives companies and businesses the scope to sell their products and services to people.

It is a process through which customers are made aware of the new products to be launched in the market. Marketing also helps the company to understand whether the launched product will do well according to reviews from the customers.

It helps to judge the market trend of the product to be launched. Based on this report from the marketing professionals some alterations may take place to make the product or service a hit among people. Marketing helps to promote product or services based on proper research.

Digital marketing is the marketing which is done by taking the help of digital platforms or channels. It takes the help of electronic media or the internet to do marketing. In this type of marketing, marketing is done through social media, search engines, email, and websites.

Digital marketing has gained widespread popularity due to the use of the internet which has become so common nowadays. Digital marketing trends 2024 have paved the way for digital marketing trends 2024.

If you want to be known in the modern world for your product, then you have to stay trendy. Just like fashion trends, digital marketing trends are always changing according to people and their tastes. If you remain with the old patterns of last year, you'll only be sabotaging your product and website.

If you want to attract the most traffic to your website, you have to stay in touch with what the people want. In the end, you want people to pick you instead of your rivals. So you must do something that helps you stand out of the crowd. You'll need to do something that stuns your competitors as well as your customers.

You should be creative in designing something that pleases anyone who looks at it. You may even choose to pick out the best 2021 trends and make a fusion with those of 2020 to make a statement.

The following are some of the most effective digital marketing trends for 2024

1. Chatbots
2. Mobile Responsive Website
3. Video Marketing
4. Social Media Sharing
5. Taking Surveys
6. Artificial Intelligence
7. Programmatic Advertising
8. Influencer Marketing
9. Next Generation SEO
10. Voice search and smart speakers
11. Personalization
12. Social messaging apps
13. Content marketing
14. Progressive Web Apps (PWAs)
15. Predictive analytics
16. Omni-channel marketing
17. Augmented reality (AR) and immersive technologies
18. Social commerce
19. User-generated content
20. Geo-fencing


This is a software which communicates with the users on behalf of the company. In this, communication is mainly done using chat windows but verbal communication is also feasible.

Many customers prefer interacting with chatbots because they give prompt answers. It is also preferred because they do not lose patience and can recall the entire buying history.

This technology uses instant messaging to chat with the site visitors or customers irrespective of time. These virtual assistants are providing state of the art customer services and are meeting with customers’ expectation.

It uses the technology of Natural Language Processing or NLP used in voice recognition systems like Google.

Based on the input given by the customers or users these chatbots determine a series of appropriate answers to be given to the customers or users. Today chatbots have taken the place of customer service in many big companies.

Chatbot is one of the most effective digital marketing trends to gain more following. Customer service is vital and should be paid close attention. Letting your customers know you care about their opinion and their problems. You need a way to communicate with them and reach out to them.

Chatbots are becoming handy for industries like food companies, post services, studios that handle web designing and mostly online shops that offer e-commerce services. A quick and convenient response to clear the queries of your customers is as critical as any other element.

Chatbots prove handy in answering simple questions of your users. WordPress, for example, has plugins available for making chatboxes like CollectChat.

Mobile Responsive Website

If you’re looking for the most top-notch digital marketing trends, then you need to have a mobile responsive website. The reason for that is, nowadays people spend 80% of their time on their phones.

If they have to search for something, they will not resort to their desktops or laptops. Instead, they will opt for the closest and most convenient option.

It saves time, and it can also get the job done. Your website needs to be mobile responsive for people to be able to search you up. People mostly use their smartphones for any search or to purchase products.

Making sure your website is mobile-friendly will allow people to look you up from their phones and later sharing their experience with your business on social media.

This will help reel in more people to your products. To bring in more traffic, you need your website to look as appealing as possible through phones.

Video Marketing

video marketing guide

Marketing here is done by sharing videos online. Many companies have adopted this trend of digital marketing and got successful results.

Video marketing can be used to promote the brands, service or products. Video advertising has made an impact on the customer decision-making process.

This is playing an important role in today’s time as this format acts perfectly on all platforms. This is a type of b2b digital marketing trends that are used for building customer bonding through video posts.

As the world develops further people get more demanding. They want to see things that would attract them and appeal to them. They want to know more about your product and want to understand why it's different from the others. Uploading interactive content on your website is one of the most important digital marketing trends.

You must let your viewers know there's more to your product than what meets the eye. You need to meet their demands and expectations. To do that, you need to promote yourself. You need to show them everything you have to offer and set it all on the table.

The content guaranteed to cause the most uproar are videos, writing blogs about your product, sharing it on social media, etc. Videos are known to attract the most attention of viewers. Video marketing is known to be the most vital aspect in increasing traffic on your website.

Nothing too professional is needed. Anything entertaining enough to keep the viewers hooked can work in your favor.

Social Media Sharing

social media sharing
Using RSS feed in social media to promote your content is the kind of digital marketing trends that never gets old as time progresses. Instead, it becomes more beneficial as time passes.

As social media platforms increase, you find more means to share your product on them. That way, more people will be aware of what you're representing.

Different social media platforms come with different ways to advertise. For example, Snapchat has "stories." More people are using Snapchat as a means to promote themselves.

They post stories explaining their product. They try to make the most of the 10-second video and upload it for people to see and spread awareness.

It has to be short and appealing for people not to skip onto the next story and know what your product represents. Now in 2020, even Facebook has the story feature. You can use all social media platforms to benefit from them.

People will share your product if they find it promising enough and a chain forms making others share it too. You can share your product online using Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Google+, etc.

Taking Surveys

Taking Surveys
It is recommended that you take surveys about the product you're representing. People need to know you're serious about providing them with the best experience.

It also helps increase your ranking on the search engine. You want your website or product to be on top of the list when people search for it.

No one bothers to go on the second page; they only pick out the best results from the first page on their screen.

Your reviews need to be over 3-stars for Google to put you on the top list of searches. If you're posting it on Facebook, you need to pay close attention to the reviews you get there.

People will know you want to give them what they're demanding. It will automatically boost your reviews and up your star ranking. Be sure to ask feedback on the services or product provided from your customers.

If you blend or fuse all these aspects into one website, you are sure to please your customers. It will automatically give you the publicity you're striving to get. The more options you take, the more your chances of success.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence
This is a type of marketing where the marketing is done through word of mouth. It is a type of social media marketing that involves endorsements and placements of product from influential people and organization that possess expert knowledge and social influence in their field.

The focus here is to use key leaders to give your brand’s message to the larger market. This is usually done with the help of celebrities who feature in ads but more often it is youtube or Instagram personalities who have a huge following.

They spread the word about your business or product through social media. Influencer marketing can be influenced by artificial intelligence in the following ways:
• Determining the performance of the influencer
• Determining the influence of the influencer
• Recognition of images
• Elimination of spambots and fake activities
• Prediction of incentives
• Flagging posts which do not follow the rules of the disclosure

Artificial Intelligence is the capacity of a computer program or machine to learn and think. It is the intelligence shown by machines that work like a human brain. It helps companies to understand how consumers or users search for products and services.

This is evident from consumer behavior and search patterns from social media platforms. This process includes reasoning, learning, and self-correction.

Artificial Intelligence uses a combination of features like voice assistants and chatbots to find responses quickly. This is one of the popular digital marketing trends of 2020.

Artificial Intelligence is a computer system, handling a task that requires human intelligence. It is, without a doubt, one of the best digital marketing trends. Artificial Intelligence comes with the ability to analyze data of your consumers, what they prefer, and what they don't.

They predict the behaviors of your customers and help you improve your brand's performance. It would help you get what your customers need.

You can then come up with an effective strategy to get back your lost customers. It helps you save time and money by completing automated tasks usually done by you and helps in increasing productivity.

Programmatic Marketing

Programmatic marketing involves AI (Artificial Intelligence) and using it to automate ad buying. The purpose of this is to target a specified audience. Artificial Intelligence can do your job for you; it can buy advertisements and place them on your web page according to what people want.

Programmatic marketing is a suitable trend for brands having mass-market appeal. A bid takes place on the ad marketplace whenever you load a page; the advertiser with the highest bid gets to place their ad on the page. That’s how programmatic marketing works. Many advertisers compete for every person clicking on the page.

The short millisecond it takes to load the page can show the highest bidders brand advertisement. Programmatic advertising occurs in real-time. This process gives more power to the advertiser. The whole process is automated; the maximum price for each advertiser is already programmed in thus, making it a quick auction.

Social Media Influencers

social media influencers
Using social media to promote your content is the kind of digital marketing trends that never gets old as time progresses. Instead, it becomes more beneficial as time passes. With that being said, people who rule the world of social media can be used to benefit your marketing strategies too.

People who influence the society and are well-known on social media can be used to advertise your product. It is believed that people are convinced more about a product when they hear about it from reliable sources who have tried it themselves.

You can team up with the YouTube community for promoting your brand, or you can choose Instagram celebrities to advertise it. You may pick out well-known and loved YouTube or Instagram personalities to boost your sales. People tend to believe them more than the corporate advertising.

Since it seems more authentic to them by hearing its reviews from their trusted and loved celebrities. In the future, it is predicted that AI can assist in finding the perfect influencers for your product.

Next Generation SEO

Next Generation SEO
As of July 2018, Google presented its PageSpeed update, which means pages with lesser loading times are considered during search engine ranking. Page Speed Optimization is must important in 2021.

It also narrowed its search engine down and made it more precise than before. For example, if you look for Italian restaurants in New Jersey it won't show you Italian restaurants in all of the US, but only the ones in New Jersey. Google also updated image searches.

Where you can reverse search an image from Google by uploading it. Google then shows you results over your image, be it a product or a service. If you're a local business, you should pay attention to your local SEO strategy.

To optimize your business accordingly to the needs of 2020, you should make your website user-friendly. Optimize every page on your site for loading speed. Try and make it look more appealing by adding different types of media on each page. You should optimize it according to your local search.

If you blend and fuse all these digital marketing trends into one website, you are sure to please your customers. It would automatically give you the publicity you're striving to get. The more options you take, the more your chances of success.

Voice search and smart speakers

voice search
The use of voice search and smart speakers has changed the way digital marketing has been done earlier.

It plays an important role in providing necessary information through audio content. In the voice search, the power of speech recognition is used for searching the web.

Smart speakers like Siri, Alexa do the work which is told to them using the technology of voice recognition. These bots act according to the given command of the users.


You need to personalize your marketing to stand out in the crowd. Consumers are bored to see general ads that have nothing to do with them. So, personalizing content, emails, products, etc. can be helpful.

Big companies have built a huge online business by promoting products based on assumptions and past purchase history of the users and also by analyzing customers' behaviors.

The benefit of personalized marketing is that it can reach a specific group of customers and have direct control.

Social messaging apps

Social messaging apps

Social messaging apps are no longer used to send hi, hellos to friends. They are used by the businesses to connect with the users. These apps are very useful as you can send messages directly to the customers.

The apps are popular because customers find it easier to connect directly with the company. It also allows making the marketing personalized.

Few ways of using social messaging apps:
• Boosting of sales
• Providing customer assistance
• Recapturing potential customers
• Enlightening the customers about the product or service
• Building a relationship by establishing contact
• Providing invitation to people to come to company events

Content marketing

content marketing
Content marketing is a marketing approach where content is delivered to attract and retain the audience. The content should be relevant, valuable and consistent.

It helps to draw new customers to your site by reading the content. You can build relationships with the customers for real.

Progressive Web Apps (PWAs)

Progressive Web Apps are a kind of application software which is delivered through the web. It is built using common web technologies like CSS, JavaScript, and HTML.

These work as mobile apps and present functionality like working offline, push notifications, fast loading time, etc. without being restricted to one platform. It allows developers to develop web apps for any device to work as a mobile app. These trends in digital marketing are very common.

Predictive analytics

Predictive analytics is a division of advanced analytics that makes predictions about unknown events of the future.

It is the practice of using predictive modeling, data mining and machine learning to identify patterns for predicting the future. It is used to improve customer loyalty thereby reducing churn.

Omni-channel marketing

It is a process where multiple channels like blog, social media are used. It is a multi-channel sales approach that gives customers integrated shopping experience.

The customer can shop online from mobile or laptop and the experience will be seamless. It helps to give the audience a multi-channel experience. Here all channels are linked in a single strategy for providing the best results.

Augmented reality (AR) and immersive technologies

It is an interactive experience which enhances the objects of the real world by computer-generated perceptual information mostly across multiple sensory modalities that include haptic, olfactory, visual, somatosensory and auditory.

Immersive technology is a technology that attempts to imitate a physical world through the means of the digital world. Big brands are using this technology to improve the experience of the consumer and increase sales.

Social commerce

Social commerce is a type of electronic commerce which supports social interaction and contributions of the users for assisting online buying and selling of products and services.

It is the use of the social network in the context of e-commerce transactions. Here the customer does not have to switch apps or sign in to unknown stores in time of purchasing. This, in turn, will reduce the risk of customers abandoning their purchase.

User-generated content

User-generated content is a term used to describe a content formed by end-users or consumers of an online system for viewing it by others end-users or consumers.

These are like blog comments and testimonials written by users that are posted on social media and can be viewed by others also. These can be in the form of videos, audios, images, and text. This increases customer engagement and smashes conversion rates.


It is presenting a real-world geographical area virtually that has been generated dynamically. These are a predefined set of boundaries created to reach a large customer base.

Based on the user's location, geo-fencing allows real-time targeting. In this, a target area is defined in which the activity of the user like entering or leaving of the area can send text messages or push notification to the company.

There can be other forms of marketing communication.

Thus, the new trends in digital marketing have brought phenomenal change in the way digital marketing has been taking place in 2021.