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Top 5 Ways to Grow Your Twitter Profile

Top 5 Ways to Grow Your Twitter Profile
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Do you have a brand-new Twitter account and want to know what you should be doing or posting to grow your account and become successful?

Have you had a Twitter account for a while now but don’t seem to be getting much traction or attention?

Twitter has grown so much over the years from humble beginnings. It is one of the oldest social media platforms having launched all the way back in 2006, and has since become one of the most popular with over 300 million active monthly users.

Twitter is one of the easiest and most convenient social media platforms available for you to use and is a definite must-use platform.

Twitter growth can be a vehicle for building your brand, and this is because of the massive audience that you have access to. There are many different ways to increase the number of followers on Twitter.

You can do it by being more active or by creating a lot of content that people will be interested in reading. One way that has been proven successful is using a marketing agency such as Twesocial.

These agencies save you a lot of time by finding real followers for you, so you can concentrate on other important aspects of your social media strategy.

Twitter also offers different functionalities and ways to engage and is a great way for your business to forge a brand identity. There are so many ways that you can grow your Twitter account, but without these tips, you may struggle a bit.

Hashtag relevancy

One tool that most social media platforms offer and everyone knows about, but most people don’t know how to use it efficiently and effectively, is hashtags.

For many people, using hashtags is just a way to liven up their posts a bit and make them look a little more interesting. For others, using hashtags is all about reaching the biggest number of people possible.

This means that they will just spam the most popular hashtags they can find. While this seems like it would work in theory, in practice, this just isn’t the case.

Twitter hashtags work based on relevance to their content and they are a great way to reach a much larger audience and even make your content more discoverable.

However, you need to ensure that you are only using hashtags that are relevant to your content otherwise you won’t be reaching your niche or target audience. From them, you can choose the most popular of the relevant hashtags in order to reach the most people possible.

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Quote tweets and replies

If you are looking to grow your Twitter account but don’t have many followers, you may notice that you have trouble reaching new people.

Engagement is one of the key factors to success on Twitter, but without followers, receiving engagement is nearly impossible. One of the best ways to encourage engagement is by engaging yourself.

Interacting with other users allows for them to notice you and even encourages them to engage back. Twitter offers so many ways in which one can engage with their followers and other users.

Some of the most popular include quoting tweets and responding to comments. Other than direct messaging, liking and sharing other user content, or even following back other users that have already followed you, are great ways to increase your engagement.

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Pin a tweet

One thing that Twitter lets users do, that most other social media platforms haven’t yet caught on to, is pinning your tweets.

When a user visits your profile, typically they will see the last few tweets that you have posted and this will give them an idea of what your account is all about.

However, Twitter has given users the ability to pin their best content to the top of their timeline.

This means that when people visit their profile, this is the tweet that you will see first and what will give people the first impression of your account. This is a fantastic way to grow your account because you are letting people see your very best content first.

Search within your niche

Last but not least, when it comes to posting on Twitter, you should try to find your niche as quickly as possible. Twitter is a massive platform with hundreds of millions of users and it is impossible to create content that everyone will like.

If you want your account to be successful, you need to be reaching the people that will like your content. By posting within a specific niche, you will do exactly that. Here you will be able to find your target audience and even ensure that your content is well received.