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The Easy Way of Getting More Instagram Followers

The Easy Way of Getting More Instagram Followers
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Instagram has over 1 billion users and is one of the largest social media platforms in the world. Instagram is a platform that can be used to show off your brand, share your hobby, your life, or promote your business.

In order for you to achieve on Instagram, you need to make the app work for you and not the other way around.

Social media has a massive impact on our lives and people cannot go a day without scrolling down their Instagram feed or checking their friends' Instagram stories.

Social media dominates this world and it can help you in many ways. The number of followers you have forms your status on the app, and there are a few ways to gain more followers, one of them is buying them via growth services such as Growthsilo.

If you are looking to grow your social reach and increase engagement, then purchasing followers may be the right choice for you.

Purchasing followers can deliver many benefits including increased visibility, higher conversion rates, and more sales. But, that doesn’t mean you don’t have to take care of your profile.

You have to invest in good content too, so here are a few easy ways to gain more real followers on the popular app.

Choose your style

Human beings are heavily influenced by visuals and it is an important part of making yourself recognizable on Instagram. There are millions of other users on the platforms so you need to have good visuals to stand out in a distinct way.

A great way to establish a style and create a cohesive Instagram feed is to choose a specific filter that you will use with all your pictures. Filters are a great way to enhance your images and create a mood and evoke emotion from the viewer.

When using filters, stick to 1 filter and avoid using too many because you want to create cohesion, and using too many filters works against that goal. It is proven that images with filters generate far more engagement which will lead to more followers.

Create unique content

In order for you to stand out on Instagram, you need to be unique and authentic. People don’t want to log onto Instagram and be bored by redundancy so always aim to be different when creating content.

It is very important to create shareable content on Instagram. When people share your content, that counts as engagement and when your content is shared, it reaches more eyes which could potentially get you more followers.

You also want to create content that people can relate to, this will make them want to share your content more.

The aim is to make your followers feel like your friends, you will be more likable and they are more likely to want to engage which is good because engagement = followers.

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Engage, engage, engage

Generating engagement should be one of your main goals on Instagram because engagement helps you gain followers. There are many different ways to engage including:

  • Like
  • Comment
  • Replies
  • Direct messages
  • Stickers (polls and questionnaires)

You want your followers to be engaging with you and you want to be engaging with them at the same time.

Written words matter

A cool hack to beat the Instagram algorithm is to write longer and more meaningful captions. When your captions are longer, the viewer spends more time on your post which the Instagram algorithm takes note of and could lead to your post being more visible or hire Instagram growth services.

Ask questions in your caption, use emojis and be creative. According to research, since 2016, the average caption length has doubled. It is also important to have your true intentions show through in your posts, doing this will benefit you over time.

Know your updates

To optimize your Instagram experience you need to know about the various new updates that the app introduces. A few updates include:

  • Reels: This is a new feature that allows users to create a short compilation of videos mashed up into one video, accompanied by Reels increase your visibility and generate more engagement because video content does better than images on Instagram.
  • Longer IG Live videos: Instagram live allows you to interact with your followers in real-time and you have the option to save and share the Live with your followers at a later stage. With the new update, you can host longer live videos.

Following Instagram’s updates is in your best interest because you will discover new ways to use the app and appeal to your audience.

One of your goals on Instagram should be to gain more followers because this expands your reach.