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How to Get More Likes on Your Facebook Business Page

How to Get More Likes on Your Facebook Business Page
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Facebook has evolved as a virtual planet in itself. A place where one can socialize, remain updated, and also do business. Today if your business is not listed on Facebook then you are missing out on thousands of potential leads.

But, having a page is just not enough. The page should have a considerable following and engagement.

In this short read we have included apt and to the point tips that will enable you to get more likes on your Facebook Business Page. Read about Steps to Setting Up a Killer Facebook Business Page.

Use the existing and proven content

To establish more likes on the page it is essential that your posts reach out to millions of people. And to make it happen the first tactic that you undertake matters. In the first stage make sure that you re-design, reframe, and modify the existing viral content of the platform and repost it.

When you repost it, it will not be exactly the same but the overall take away remains the same. Because the content has already boosted there is a high probability that it will reach maximum users again through likes, shares, and comments.

Focus on Consistency and Timing

Many times owners create a page, post some content and then it remains idle for months. You are gradually retarding the brand value of your business in such cases.

Make sure that you post at least five times a week from Facebook Business Page. If you can manage to upload at least one post every day, that will be best.

This will make sure that your presence is felt by the audience on a regular basis. Facebook insights will help you in monitoring the engagement and you can improvise according to the results.

The timing of the post is also essential. This directly depends upon the business you are involved in and also on your target audience. You cannot achieve the magic time overnight. You will have to experiment and decide the best time.

Use Images, Videos, and Graphics

Content with twenty lines will be ignored by a majority of the audience. Hence, it is extremely necessary to use images whenever you can for a post.

If the original content is of twenty lines then make 3-5 images with attractive graphics and upload the same in one go. Eye-catching images and graphics will attract users and improve audience engagement.

Keep it short and apt

When it comes to business uploads the target audience either needs entertainment from you or wants to learn from you. Hence, posting with the content that is large will not be helpful for your page to gain likes.

Make sure that in the process of posting, the content is kept apt and short. They tend to perform better and will gain you more likes and shares.

If the sole purpose is entertainment then make sure you have funny memes and videos to which the audience can respond well. But posting memes with no value or humor factor is overdoing it.

If your page uploads are related to learning and education then frame accordingly. Sharing tips and how-to-guides works most times.

Relevant and Authentic Content

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Your content should speak volumes on behalf of your firm. You cannot engage your audience with food recopies if you are into the automobile business. Everything that you make public should connect with your brand.

People connect with you on your Facebook Business Page because they like your brand and the things that you do. Hence, every matter should be true to your brand and authentic.

If your interaction is boring and stale then there is no gaining for you on this platform. Being authentic and genuine to your followers is the key to conquer marketing on Facebook.

Call to Action

Marketing and gaining likes on this platform are not just technical but also psychological. You will have to push your followers in every post to join your seminars, grab the discounts, and share your posts.

It will only take ten seconds for fans to share the post, but you will have to mandatorily include a call to action punch line always.

If you are into e-commerce then include a particular promo code with discounts for a limited time. Such engagements will spread the word quickly and give you the desired results.

You can also encourage offline participation for stores that will be limited to the first hundred customers. Such calls will trigger actions and improve the following.

Improvise on Engagement

Promotions, Contests, giveaways, and hectic discounts are the most used and proven methods to attract potential customers on social media. Forms and surveys also play a big role in creatively engaging with the audience and turning things around for your brand.

Even feedback after an event or product launch can do wonders for you. The only thing to take care of here is to not overdo it. If that happens, it will ruin the show.

Offer Value

If word-of-mouth marketing works for you then you gain more likes on your Facebook Business Page. You will have to offer value in terms of content to your existing followers and fans to make that possible.

If there is no value in what you feature then the engagement will be temporary and for a short period. You will not reap any benefits of the same in the long run.

Focus on Analysis

It is important to post regularly. But despite doing everything there are people who still fail. This is because they do not focus on the analysis of the posts. It is essential to check the insights and engagement level of each post after a certain interval of time.

If the existing matter that you are using to engage with is not working then you will have to make the switch immediately. If you continue repeating the same mistakes constantly it will not help. Hence, analysis plays a crucial role and must not be taken lightly in any case.

Every Facebook Business Page requires a predefined strategy and execution plan. Despite having the best matter to feature without a plan and analysis you will not achieve more likes. Hence, do not delay your tasks. Plan and monitor meticulously.