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18+ Best Spots to Find Free Illustrations for Your Next Design Project

18+ Best Spots to Find Free Illustrations for Your Next Design Project
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Elements and visual graphics are taking over which is evident from the landscape of web design that we are witnessing. The brand image is strengthened with simple icons, dynamic shapes, and full-blown illustrations.

For everyone who is looking for free illustrations for your web design project then this read is exclusively for you.

We can find a distinctness and versatility with visual design elements which has made it a trend today. Illustrations can be used to convey the purpose of your product with minimum words and in an effective manner.

Due to efficient color contrast, important information can be easily emphasized. Designers across the globe have ensured that getting the desired illustrations without any cost is possible for everyone. Here we have compiled some widely used and most impactful sites for obtaining free illustrations.

Best Free Illustrations 2021


This is one of the widely looked at sites for visual elements and has been in operation since 2017. The owner herself manages it and has designed at least 500 illustrations in various categories. One of the key reasons that make it appealing is that the users get copyright-free SVG files.

Additionally, your choices and their colors can be straight away managed from the website. Having the access to the SVG file helps you in modifying, customizing, and even collaborating multiple designs to create a custom one. It is amazing and simplified, give it a shot.

IRA Design

IRA Design
Using the pre-built components here you can create a custom illustrator. Five unique gradient styles can be found for each of the components. In addition to that, you can download it in AI, SVG, and PNG format.

The one thing that needs to be taken care of is that the file is editable only after they are downloaded on your system. The download button can be easily found on the top navigation bar. You are all set after you select the desired format or you can also select ALL files.


To ensure that entrepreneurs and designers can quickly design their projects DrawKit was built by James Daly. One can conveniently gain access to at least 50 free illustrations in two unique separate styles. If you feel the need to then you can also explore and try premium ones.

All the files are under MIT license and there are a lot of categories and tools to choose from. Just like other sources downloading fully editable PNG and SVG files is also possible.

Absurd Illustrations

Absurd Design
The center of attraction here is witnessing imperfections being applied as perfect designing features. Your visitors will be with a sense of wonder and awe with the lucrative, seemingly outlandish, and highly creative illustrations.

As a means to inspire imagination, the project focuses on playfulness. You can rely on it as it has multiple niches that can contribute to designing a website.

Moreover, it also has a decent reputation for unusual designs that makes a real difference. The unpaid versions come with certain limitations but overall meets the needs.


This is another prominent option that you can use and resembles closely to unDraw. The resources belong to different creators and hence the designs will have peculiar qualities making them exclusive.

Before downloading any of the visual elements of your choice what you can do is choose a default color. After doing that, storing the SVG format files will be convenient. It has also been licensed to ensure that all the images here are free to use in all imaginable manners.

The only limitation here is that you will be restricted to recompile all these files and then sell them at some other platform.

Freebie Supply

Freebie Supply
In your daily workflow if you have been using Figma or Sketch then tons of resources for the same can be discovered. Freebie Supply is one of the many go-to places which is efficient and compiles all such resources in one directory.

Literally, the collection of content for different purposes is unmatchable. The only concern is that it includes compiled resources and hence you will have to manually check for licensing. But the definite point is that the availability of free options is phenomenal.


Ouch is an extended expansion of Icons8 which is popularly known across the globe for its icon designs. With Ouch, they have successfully made their mark in the industry for fascinating illustrations.

Unorthodox and creative vector graphics can be discovered here. They enable you to create a stunning web design for your projects. Please note that in form of a link you have to attribute the license. But, this is just an overview as you can explore it further according to your distinct requirements.


For all the Javascript developers in the house, this is exclusively for you. If you are looking for free illustrations and facing a difficult time in finding them then here is the resolution. It offers an SVG icons library that is dynamic and completely reforms your designs.

There are almost 100 icons to choose from which are fully customizable as per your needs. Say goodbye to conventional methods and tell your story in an artistic way.


This is an interesting option as it is completely focused on the human aspects of the design. It is basically an illustration library that attempts to connect the designs with the human connection.

Definite attempts have been made to ensure those wonderful creative artworks can fit in any project. The best part is that it helps you in adding liveliness and emotions. It works fantastically for various sections like icon sections.

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Interfacer illustrations
This is another widely used go-to place for free illustrations where the hand-picked library of designs is available. Various elements like UI kits, fonts, illustrations, and icons. Whenever you approach free source leads it will lead you to a separate website or the download page.

The only advice here is that for other issues related to links a quick search will help you find an alternative easily. The best practice will be to test the visual elements that you intend to use before completely relying on them. This will help you in addressing specific needs to the point.

Open Doodles

open doodle
If you are looking for free illustrations that are hand-drawn vectors then this is exactly that. It enables you to add a unique flavor to your content so that it can stand out and meet your expectations.

It can be used for commercial as well as personal use without any restrictions. One can conveniently edit, copy, remix, or redraw the images to obtain the desired output.


This is a special and one of its kind illustration collection. The collection is versatile and completely responsive. Depending upon your content it can be used for product screens, pitch desk, business presentation, marketing campaigns, and even motivational speeches.

It is widely believed to have a deep understanding of human anatomy and art. The overall goal of the developers is to pump in creativity and collaborate with all dimensions of the project.

LukaszAdam Illustrations

This is another widely used and popular collection of icons and illustrations that are powered with vector art. It has been developed by an independent web designer.

The developer has ensured all necessary integration regarding multiple niches. Using it can enable you to open doors to a new kind of narration for your product/service. The core requirement here is that it must suit your project and its requirements.


You might come across different sources where you will find your desired vectors. But what to do when you try hard and yet fail to find what you are looking for. Freepik comes to your rescue in such moments.

It is a kind of search engine that helps you in locating high-quality photos, free illustrations, vectors, and icons among others. Give your creative projects a boost with Freepik.


The name itself indicated what this is about. For all the users who have a particular requirement for PNG illustrations, this is for you. This is the largest and the most exclusive free PNG resource platform.

Millions of graphic resources in multiple styles like backgrounds, images, and effects among others are available for direct use. Here is your go-to place for all your PNG needs.


This is an emerging and one of its kind source which enables you to access an interesting collection of illustrations. They have a huge collection and most of them are stunning and ready for use.

Even if you are looking for images, graphics, vectors, and something similar then use this. Explore it and you will definitely find something or the other that adds value to your project.

Open source illustrations kit

Vijay Verma an enthusiast in this field was designing cool illustrations in 2016. This project was developed by him as 100 days challenge and has turned out to be big than expected. Thanks to Vijay he decided to share it with the designing community due to which it is accessible by all.

Absurd Design

absurd design
Here the illustrations are a club of naivety, a deep sense of childishness, and absurdity. The overall idea is to enable it to be used for artistic vision and creative imagination. For mediocre projects, it might not be useful but for anything that is out-of-the-box, this is perfect.