Powerful Ways To Combine Email Marketing and Social Media

Powerful Ways To Combine Email Marketing and Social Media
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Individually, social media is a great way to reach new customers while email marketing is a great way to convert those new customers into either sales or even better, permanent customers. If you combine email marketing and social media, there is great scope and opportunity for your business to flourish.

Before your customer becomes loyal to you, you need to serve them 12 times to convince them that you are the best brand they can get. The way to do it is a glorious mixture of email marketing and social media.

If you know the ways to combine these two, you are very close to making those customers loyal. Not just that, there are many other benefits of linking these two digital marketing tools.

Let's discuss the powerful ways to combine email marketing and social media.

1. Strengthen your brand by combining Email marketing and social media

One brand is generally handled by various kinds of marketing departments. These departments generally don't talk to each other and thus, in their work, showcase the different brand image and brand messages for the same brand.

Combine Email Marketing and Social Media

This makes it highly untrustworthy for potential customers to sign up for the said brand. The brand consistency suffers and with that, suffers the prospects of the entire business. Potential customers are repulsed and the already existing ones become doubtful.

In this case scenario, it becomes highly important for different marketing departments to collaborate and sometimes even combine. This gives your business the power to know itself better and bring out the best possible results for your business' digital marketing campaigns.

Email marketing and social media are easy to merge marketing departments where only the teams have to collaborate and you can be secure about building a consistent voice about your brand.

2. Use an email list to make better social media ads

Social media ads are a very lucrative way of targeting potential customers and converting them. However, social media ads are not free and cost your company a certain budget.

make better social media ads

These ads are not always as successful as you don't always know what will be taken well by your customers. There is this highly productive way through which you can increase the effectiveness of your social media ads - email testing.

You can test the effectiveness of your future ads on social media by first sending them out to a prescribed list of subscribers fit for testing the content of the ad. This process will let you know beforehand, what are the chances of each ad converting potential customers into real customers.

3. Send Emails with links to your social media

Using emails for social media link building can be a great way to reach the customers who don't get enough time from work for social media. They might not open their social media accounts but an email notification is generally what working professionals always check.

With a good subject line, you can make a customer open the email notification in which you are linking the social media updates about your business. This will keep all your preexisting social media followers informed about your whereabouts as well as send information suitable for potential customers to them via email as they don't already follow you on social media.

Almost all social media platforms already do it and it has proven to be highly beneficial for them. So link your email marketing and social media platforms together if you want to get better business.

4. Recycle old content

Recycle old content

Recycling old social media content on email or vise versa is a wise way of using content to keep it going effectively in the world of marketing. It is completely logical, cheap and effective to use the content you once used in one department, be used by another.

For this, a business needs just one thing, highly collaborative teams of marketers in different departments. Nowadays, a lot of businesses and even social media influencers share recycled content on social media as well as emails in the form of informational posts, contests, event details Or simply to inform what they are missing out on.

This keeps a collaborative balance between different marketing worlds and keeps the customer informed.

5. Remind followers about your email lists by scheduling posts on social media

An easy way to remind your customers or followers on social media about your email list is simply by posting a tweet on Twitter or a post on Facebook or Instagram. By doing this, it is easier for your customers to learn when are you sending out emails and what is the importance and purpose for it.

For instance, you can use custom images in your tweets on Twitter or simply update your bio on Instagram. These things work as a great reminder for your current number of followers or customers.

You can also use Facebook's call-to-action button for benefits. It is to be remembered that you can always reschedule your posts to a time when you want it posted. This way, you can work on it once a week and there will be no hassle in processing this task of linking email marketing and social media.

6. Use social media email digest for information

Using a preexisting knowledge and experience earned by someone else in business and marketing has always proven to be a smart move as it prevents businesses from making any mistakes beforehand.

Using social media email digest is thus a very clever way to extract beneficial information. For example, you can find a way to customer's inbox without making them sign up for your newsletters.

To do this, you can pick and select suitable groups on social media like LinkedIn and start participating in activities with them after work. This makes many people subscribe to emails because of their groups.

The only key here is good content. If the content is not good enough, some subscribers of these groups might leave while good content can boom your customer base via word of mouth publicity. This way again you can link your email marketing and social media platforms with minimal, effective and cost-effective means.

7. Have contests for your business

A very interesting way to convert your social media followers into your customers is to run several contests on your page. Everyone loves gifts and prizes, especially if you have won those on merit.

Running contests is not just engaging and beneficial but also fun and exciting, both for customers and businesses. It is a really easy process that can reap you tremendous benefits and get your customer base wider.

All you need to do to come up with a call-to-action and a prize. The next step is to ask your participants to subscribe to your newsletters in order to participate.

This will automatically increase your subscriber base with almost no hassle or hurdles. It is a pretty cheap and easy way to earn a huge amount of customer base and also link your email marketing and social media platforms.

8. Upload business email list on your business social media accounts

It is not just that you can get your social media subscribers to sign up for your newsletters. It is also possible to have it the other way around. You can also get your email subscriber lists to follow you on social media.

The process is simple with remarkable benefits. You just need to upload the list of business email subscribers on your social media account. That's all. You are done. This process will let you know a lot of things including information about who really is your target customer and whether your followers already know your brand before.

This is an effortless yet effective way to get your email marketing and social media platforms together.

9. Target right customers via social media

In order to get a specific category of people to sign up for your email list, social media can be of great importance. LinkedIn, in particular, is the most helpful social media site in getting this done.

For this, you'll have to put in your ideal customer profile into the LinkedIn sales navigator. This feature on LinkedIn helps instantly generate a list of hundreds of people uniquely fit to be your customers.

Post this stage, you can target these customers by getting in touch with them through your team members and ask them to sign up.

In this process, you also need to reward your potential subscribers with something like an eBook that they'll receive after subscribing. Keep it personal with a touch of your own ideology in the message and you are sure to have a loyal customer base.

There are several ways to market your business today. Businesses are either using none or all. However, due to the lack of proper integration among those mediums, maximum benefit is not reaped. This makes the business marketing suffer.

Combining your business' email marketing and social media ultimately leads to higher brand credibility and better response from the customers. Imply these powerful methods to get better results from your business' social media marketing strategies.