A Comprehensive Guide for Creating a Facebook Marketing Strategy

A Comprehensive Guide for Creating a Facebook Marketing Strategy
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In the present day, Internet Marketing always remains incomplete without running a campaign on Facebook. No business would want to miss out marketing on a platform which has nearly 1.5 billion users active every day.

Facebook is a part of the daily lives of millions of people. So you must not miss out on this amazing business marketing opportunity. Different aspects of Facebook Marketing are discussed in this article for your reference and use.

Facebook Pages

A Facebook Page is similar to a profile page which contains sufficient information about your company, brand, or product. When users like and follow a page they receive updates from the page in their newsfeed. If you have an impactful and impressive page then there are high chances that users will opt for the option of ‘View Posts first’ which will enable them to see your page updates as a priority in their timeline. One can easily create a Facebook page without paying any charges for it. With all the necessary information in hand, it hardly takes fifteen minutes to build a professional page.

It takes enormous efforts and dedication for sharing your page with people. And, it takes considerable time and efforts to make people like your page.

Setting up a Facebook Page

Following are the tips and recommendations for making the best use of your page for Facebook Marketing.

  1. Profile Photo & Cover Image

  2. If you own a brand or company then your profile photo should be mandatorily your logo. You can work out different options on how to best use the cover image section. Use it to market new product launches, announce discounts, or simply upload the best picture of your employees and equipment facilities.

  3. About your page

  4. Just below the profile picture, there is an ‘About’ section which enables you to briefly explain the visitors the overall business idea of your company. Do not include specific details in the about section and include only the basics. Keep it in a friendly, formal, and casual tone. Include interesting facts, what your company does, and why you are different.

  5. Posting of Facebook Page’s Timeline

  6. Your posts will influence your brand value in the market. You must be extremely careful with what you post. Posting things or facts that are interesting and engaging for your audience can increase the reach of your page and also attract new users. You can post links to articles or blog posts related to your company. You can make new product announcements and provide a link to online tools which is required or is useful to your audience.  If you do not add value to your posts you are going to lose traffic.

  7. Analyze your statistics

Interesting analytics for pages is offered by Facebook insights. Study about the surge and drop of fans by associating it with the type of posts. For Facebook Marketing it is essential to understand the kind of content appreciated by your followers so that you can work on it and post the same or similar type of content.

Groups, Marketplace, and Jobs

  1. Marketing with Facebook Groups

  2. Groups have been a part of Facebook for a while but recently they have also enabled users to create brand-based groups, associated with your page. It is mandatory to have a Facebook page to create such a group. Facebook groups are like discussion forums but with additional features like that of a timeline. They are time-consuming but tend to have a very high level of user engagement. Groups are highly productive but require constant monitoring and engagement from the admin.

  3. Using Facebook Marketplace

  4. Facebook Marketing can be a game-changer for you if you have products to sell. It has a huge potential for product based business and eCommerce retailers but it is a new feature and is still being revised by Facebook. You can set up a shop and list your products in the market place. Your listed products can be searched across Facebook giving you global visibility.

  5. Facebook Jobs

  6. One of the new features launched in the last few years is that you can post a job on Facebook. It has immense power to connect your company to freelancers and potential candidates that can help your company grow.

    Targeted Advertising

    Targeted Facebook Advertising Programs are fantastic for the Facebook Marketing of a company. It enables you to create ads targeted at specific ages, geographical areas, education level, and even type of devices used for access. Based on anything present in a user-profile you can target ads. You can run a per-click basis and per-impression basis ads. If you have a confined budget you can set daily limits for ads.

    Types of Ads

    You have an option to choose from a number of Facebook Ads example subtypes. It includes canvas, carousel, offers, video, leads, and many others. Every type has a certain advantage and should be used according to the type of campaign you intend to run. Only a page administrator can run the ads.

    Customizing your Ads

    Creating a Facebook ad design for different demographic groups, you can create different ads. For better results, it is essential to focus on the target audience and their interests. If you are creating an Ad for cricket then you can make specific ads for people who have liked the cricket team of a particular nation. And then run separate ads for users who are interested in Indian Cricket Team and the ones who are interested in Australian Cricket Team.


    Facebook is flexible & powerful and hence Facebook Marketing has become an inevitable part of the digital marketing sector. You can tailor your campaigns and advertisements according to your strategies and implement them easily. Each day Facebook is becoming indispensable for millions of users and using the platform efficiently can help in establishing a significant online space for a brand.

    Despite several oppositions, criticism, and scandals Facebook has been the most preferred Social Media Platform by billions of users around the globe and there are no chances for the platform to perish in the upcoming time. Some organization run successfully Facebook Ads Courses to get the most out of your advertising budget. Hence it is worth your time, efforts, and investment to list your brand on Facebook and run a marketing campaign.