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The Non-Designer’s Guide to Hiring Freelance Web Designers

The Non-Designer’s Guide to Hiring Freelance Web Designers
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In the current scenario, the real reason behind the success of any business is when you serve the customers with something very new, innovative and unique. No doubt, price is still a major factor contributing but there are another factors such as your presentation, marketing strategies which can even make a pen sell like gold.

If you are planning for hiring freelance web Desingers, then this article is all here to help you. I will share certain guidelines which will enable even a non-designer to hire a well experienced and perfect freelancer for your website.


The designer or the freelancer should be available at your preferred timings. Taking a freelancer with another time zone will definitely delay the project. This is not about credibility of any freelancer but about the fixed duration of the project. There should be a seamless communication channel between the designer and the client.

There are many ways to be in touch and get feedback with every module developed. You can be in touch with hangouts, Skype, email and phone call. The best to achieve this zero communication gap is settling on favorable timings of availability for both designer as well as the client.

Another thing is that the designer should be able to clear your doubts in a very simple language as definitely you won’t be understanding tech jargon and all.


Here I am not talking about the languages you and the designer speak. It’s all about the coding languages. Each language has its own pros and cons. It’s better if you have a basic understanding of every language and discuss with the designer which one goes well.

Definitely a well experienced freelancer will guide you with the latest and advanced technologies. It’s better to get on a consensus rather than been stubborn on using a particular language as the developer knows better than you. Listen to him patiently. But still ball s in your court and your hands too!!!
Hiring a Great Freelance Web Designers

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Don’t go for any replica of the other’s website. This will seriously cast a very bad impression. Make a note of the features you liked n a particular website or any design, then give them to your designer and then let him decide how much effort is required to build these and above all are these feasible with your website. Ask the designer about the latest designs trending in the market. In fact do a little research before approaching the designer so that he is glad to know that you have done some homework before.


Well, before hiring freelance web designers asks him his portfolio or any sample websites he has created or developed. While planning a web design always think from a user perspective. Such as is the website easy to navigate between the pages and isn’t getting to messy. What happens if the site is overcrowded? Is it easy to explore the website or the contact information? Is the website perfectly integrated with social media platforms etc? These are certain things which you should work before actually starting the web development process.


Establishing a standard price for any website is not possible. It hugely depends on the modules you want to integrate in the website. Don’t go for quantity, strive for quality existence.  For each individual as the requirements differ so as the price. Another factor which may affect the price is the experience of the designer, time frame required for completion of the project, location of the developer and the unique and specific modules you want.

Finding and then hiring a good freelance web designers may take some time if you are inexperienced and unfamiliar with the technological conventions. A lot people do hire web developers and there are many helpful tools available on the internet to help you.