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How to Delete or Deactivate Instagram Account: Simple Steps

How to Delete or Deactivate Instagram Account: Simple Steps
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Instagram has popularly emerged as one of the best platforms for sharing photos and videos. If you are looking for a quality service to grow your Instagram profile, check out Nitreo pleasant and effective features here. It was launched back in 2010 and the entire platform had a major influence by celebrities. In recent years it has been a place to highlight and feature the public as well as social issues.

Every small and big political, cultural, industrial, and every other issue across the globe is raised and discussed on this platform. But, just like other social handles there many posts and videos that spread fake information as well. This is one of the core reasons why people deactivate Instagram account. The other reasons include too much time spent on social handles which causes time mismanagement and distraction.

Therefore, deactivation is one of the best practices in such scenarios. Instagram offers two options for its users for the deactivation. In the first option, the user can temporarily deactivate the profile. Deactivation will not leave any traces of your presence on the platform but you will have an option to reactivate it later.

The other option is to permanently delete the account with all the data. Your display pictures, messages, archives, saved posts, videos, comments, likes, and everything else will be removed permanently. Depending upon your preference and reason you can select any one from it. Both of them are discussed here in this quick read.

Method 1 – Temporarily Deactivate Instagram Account

The procedure is quick, simple, and easy to understand. Understand the following steps and accurately implement it.

• The first step will be to log in to your handle through the mobile browser or computer. The official website is
• On the top-right corner, you will see your profile picture. Click/tap on it. Select the Edit Profile option.
• Scroll down and find the temporarily disable my account option in the bottom right corner. Click on it
• After clicking you will come across a page from the platform asking why are you disabling it? It will have a drop-down menu and you have to select a relevant answer. The answers include options like just need a break, concerned about my data, too busy, too many ads, want to remove something, etc. Users can also select an option that says something else and write the reason for deactivation.
• Immediately after that, it will prompt you to reenter your password. This is asked to ensure that it is not done by someone else and by the owner only.
• Finally, you will come across a Temporarily Disable Account button in this last stage. Click on that and the process of deactivation will be accomplished.

disable instagram

If you intend to return back to the platform then it is highly recommended that you deactivate Instagram account with this method. To reactivate the handle there is no specific procedure. You only have to login again and the same will be reactivated. Using the mobile application is one of the widely used methods for the reactivation process.

Until it is reactivated your profile name, display picture, photos, likes, and comments will be hidden. The deactivation can be done only once in seven days so take note of that.

In case you do not want to take this long route then you can check options to set posts private and block users. Managing the privacy and making necessary changes in the preferences does the job for most users.

Despite this, if you want to permanently deactivate your account then implement method 2.

Method 2 – Delete or Deactivate Instagram Account Permanently

For permanently making your way out from the Instagram platform follow the steps given below. You must take note that you will never be able to sign up again using the same username. Not only that but that username can also not be assigned to any other account in the future. Reactivation of deleted handles is also not possible.

• Log in to the Instagram from mobile browser or through the web and navigate to the Delete your Account page from options.
• Just like in method 1, here also you will come across a drop-down menu for the question Why are you deleting it? Options in the drop-down menu include trouble getting started, created a second account, can’t find people to follow, want to remove something, etc. Relating to your reason the platform will automatically provide some links to the articles from the help center. There is also an option for something else where you can type and mention the reason.
• In the pre-final step, you have to reenter your password to ensure that the owner is executing the operation.
• Now, you will find the Permanently delete my account button, and clicking on it will complete the procedure.

disable instagram new

Once you click on the final button everything related to your account i.e. comments, like, photos, followers, will be gone forever. There is not a method to recover any of it. And as informed to you above the same username cannot be used for signing up in the future.

In case you have a separate account and you intend to delete that then you have to be cautious. First, click on the username of your existing handle from the top-right corner of Delete Your Account page. Then, next to the username click on the settings gear option there will be an option of Log Out. Click on that, log in with the actual handle that you want to delete, and then follow the above steps.

From the Delete Account page, it is possible to directly switch to a temporarily deactivation page. Remember it is necessary to login to Instagram through the web or the mobile browser because you cannot do it from the mobile application.

By the reviews provided by users leaving the platform, the developers have made critical changes to the platform. It has recently been owned by Facebook and has come up with strict policies against bullying ad abusive posts. In certain regions, it has also added caption warnings.

It is your choice to deactivate Instagram account but you must be aware of the risks associated with it. It is an august platform and developers are working hard to make it safe and enjoyable for all the audience. Know all the in and outs and then decide your way out.

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