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How to Get More Instagram Followers for Free to Your Business?

How to Get More Instagram Followers for Free to Your Business?
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The initial impression of Instagram was of a fun app for kids and teens. Gradually it outgrew that impression and has today become serious networking, content marketing, selling, and audience building tool.

This is not just for brands but also applied to individuals. With approximately 200 million active users it is amongst the most popular social networking sites on the planet.

Users are estimated to be sharing at least 50 million images and approximately 1.5 billion likes in a day. Isn’t this figure fascinating enough?

Influence of Instagram

Instagram blows the engagement rates for other social networking sites which is less than 0.1%. According to a study the average engagement rate of Instagram is at least 50 times higher compared to that of Facebook.

It will be a difficult task to differ with the numbers but these are just the average. And when it comes to winning the online marketing race, average is never enough. It is not a duty that has to be fulfilled; rather it is a passion that has to be lived.

Instagram always enables you to do better compared to other platforms provided its features and user range. And hence irrespective of your present standings it is never advisable to settle for anything that is average.

Why settle for it when you can achieve the best. You can think of it as a digital unicorn that outperforms all the others by order of magnitude. One of the efficient ways to achieve it is to get Instagram followers for your activities.

We have listed the best social strategy and hacks for this platform so that you can accomplish your goals.

Closely follow the attention-getting ideas for the profile, captions, hashtags, and more. You will end up getting enhanced engagement and more visibility.

1. Cross-promoting hashtags

Creating a hashtag for your brand is an appreciable move. But who knows how to use it for sharing content that relates to you? Having it on your profile is an obvious move.

But, the real game occurs offline, when you print and spread it everywhere possible. Get it printed on your invoice, receipts, store, and relevant events.

If you are running commercials on radio, television, or print media ask people to use your hashtags.

Integrate the offline and online model and ensure that it is listed on every social media handle, website, and email blasts. Don’t wait for people to find it, make your move and enlighten them.

2. Creative hashtags

To get Instagram followers, creating hashtags that are beyond obvious but yet unique are essential. Attractive caption ideas are worth the shot and should be used but mix it with your hashtag.

Convey your story with this unique club. The only guideline here is to stay away from being boring.

3. Engage in conversations

It is important that for every post you use a tag that is relevant to the brand and to the post. It is also a great idea to add other popular and trending hashtags along with it whenever you can.

The actual and specific tags are those that show more intent and help to find the right people to get Instagram followers. They are usually like long-tail keywords. But compared to them the universally trending hashtags are plain, odd, and fun.

They attract more people in general. You will need both these kinds of tags on your social handles to create an impact.

4. Make a prominent Bio

Bio can be considered as your prime real estate on this platform. Do you want it just to link your sites and other URLs? Use it to your advantage for generating more traffic for your newest content by modifying it at least biweekly.

5. Let the captions be descriptive

A picture always tells the tale but that does not mean that you ignore the words. Storytelling is a fantastic and proven method to generate engagement and sharing on the Instagram platform.

With the right content, this will help you thrive in the digital space and get Instagram followers.

This is more of a strategized task and you might fail in your initial attempts. But with gradual and dedicated attempts you will succeed over time.

6. Influencer Marketing

Influencer Marketing
The first task here will be to identify influencers in your space. The next thing will be to visit their profile and turn on the post notifications for all posts.

This means that every time they publish a post, you will be notified about it. Your task now is to interact and engage with their posts regularly and become a part of their liked brands.

7. Remove unwanted photo tags

Profile optimization includes keeping the best user-generated content about the product or brand on the profile. It is not possible to remove the photo entirely from the platform.

But to make things work, you can go to the ’Edit Tags’ option. After going there select the ones that you want to remove and choose ‘Hide from profile’ option. This trick will do the job for you and remove the unwanted photo tags.

8. Review Photo Tags in advance

Be proactive and take control of the tagged pictures that appear on your profile. Modify the settings of your account so that unless you review the tagged photos they will not appear on your profile.

Navigate to the ‘Photos of You’ option from the Options menu to make this change. After reaching select the option ‘Add Manually’.

9. Develop a unique style

To get Instagram followers it is important to stand apart from the crowd and create a unique style. Using automation software for IG is also a good idea to make your tasks easier, effective and grow your Instagram profile faster.

A unique content visual style by brands across the world has provided them with an opportunity to attract more traffic. Make a style that users recognize instantly.

10. Focus on being Local

Learn and absorb the trend of a particular area. It can be a city, state, or a neighborhood that you intend to target for running your ads.

Go the places tab from the search page and it will help you out. Enter the location name to see all the geotagged posts of that particular area.

11. Call-to-Action

call to action
When you work on Insta-posts you are working on a conversational platform and not on a broadcasting one.

Figure out what actions do you want the audience to take after reading your posts. After identifying it create a call-to-action to engage and push the audience to take the next step.