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Steps to Setting Up a Killer Facebook Business Page

Steps to Setting Up a Killer Facebook Business Page
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If you are taking a step forward by creating a Facebook business page then it is the best idea for getting into online presence in much better way.

You can see some results below. This shows that more than 1 billion people and more than 2 billion users getting login presence on a regular basis. Hence social media is only a medium to spread news and information instantly.

But as the features grow the chances of getting complicated things increases. So dont lose your precious time only by finding out the steps to create a online presence. Here some points and steps are listed out that will save your precious time.

1. Let us see first what is Facebook business page?

The Facebook business page is the biggest social network all over the world that manage a awesome brand presence. So it could be a good idea to buy cheap likes for Facebook from authentic sources to grow a Facebook profile faster.

You can easily connect to your users and customers by performing some actions such as

  • You can share content
  • You can replaying to the user service queries
  • You will be able to work together with various customer and companies
  • You can communicate with all followers.
  • And many more...

The image below shows Creative Design Blog Facebook Business Page:
creative design blog

2. Is it possible to use a personal Facebook account for business purposes?

No, you should never use your personal account to create a page for your business.

In such a case you will never experience the benefits of different business tools, content creation tool, paid promotional chances and analytics that is only provided by Facebook business page.

In personal profile, the user will require to a sent a request to you so that they can view your complete business profile and post. Hence this will make a process more complicated.

3. Steps to convert the Facebook personal profile to a business page

On the base of your profile you can create a Facebook page for business very easily.

Facebook will duplicate your information including profile picture and cover image too. Plus you will be notified with the option that you want to transfer your friends and follower to a business page or not.

But, the video or images you posted on a personal profile will never get transferred to the business page.

Some steps to convert the Facebook profile to a business page are

  • Visit the link ""
  • Press "get started" option to track instructions
  • Now your business page will be published.

4. Budget required to create a Facebook business page

As you can create a Facebook profile free of cost. In the same way you can create a Facebook business page at free cost.

To get organic links you will not require to spend money unless you spend money on Facebook Ads.

Some steps to create a business Facebook page in easy steps.

Step 1: Create Your Page

Visit the link

Select one option and start creating a page i.e.

  • Business or brand
  • Community or public figure

create a page

Add proper page name, category, and address and click on continue. Hence your page will be created successfully.

Step 2: Insert a Profile Picture

Add a logo to the profile picture to identify your business.

Step 3: Insert a Cover Photo

upload cover photo

Create one image related to your business by considering the size mentioned and upload it. Hence your cover photo will be uploaded.

Step 4: Recognize the essential elements of Facebook Page for business

You will now have access to all menus such as Page, Inbox, Notifications, Insights, Publishing Tools, and Promotions.

Step 5: Find out the steps to Login into your Business Page

If you want to go to the previous page just click on a name that is viewable on the top bar. Hence, you will be able to access the admin page.

Step 6: Visit Page Settings

Page setting will provide you with lots of options to manage the whole business page.

Step 7: Add or remove member preference

You can easily add any member to your business page. Hence the new added member will be able to manage your business page.

Step 8: Covert Your Facebook Business Page Template

Now you can convert your Facebook page template to business, standard page, Venues, Movies, Charity, Politicians, services, etc.

Step 9: Add and Reorganization Your Tabs

While scrolling down you will be able to see many tabs. However, you can reorganize your tab preference according to your choice.

Step 10: Create a Facebook Business Page Username

create username

To create a unique username you can go to “page” option then click on “about” and then create your own unique name.

Step 11: Insert your details into the “About” Section

Insert complete details related to your business in “About” section. Including email id, phone number, etc.

Step 12: Steps to Add Story

create story

Always create a story for your business regularly. To change the story go to “about” and click on “Tell people about your business” and upload the data.
The story will be updated by inserting 3 elements i.e. Header image, Title and Body text, at last, save the story and publish it.

Step 13: Include Your Team Members

To enhance the user trust you can add your team members to your business page for Facebook. This will enable you to promote your service and product to your team member's connection.

Step 14: Add a Call-to-Action Button

A call to action button is very very important that will enable your user to make a call instantly with a one-click action.

Step 15: Create Post and Fix It to Your Business Page

You should create a post to promote your services in the online market. By doing this you can get users like and comments plus it will improve your conversion rate.

Step 16: Add Photos and Videos

Go to “photo” option click on “create album” and start uploading images and videos.

Step 17: Like Other Pages

Now, this is the biggest step you should take while starting your network. i.e. liking the other posts so that their posts and content will be added to your news feed.

Step 18: Examine Your Page as a User

Till now you have executed all the steps to setting your business online but before launching page just check all the pages are set correctly or not. Preview page as a user, not an owner.

Step 19: Request Your Friends to Start Promoting Your Business Page!

The last step is to start promoting yourself by requesting your friends and workers to like your page. And start interacting with your targeted customers.

Bonus Step: Introduce Yourself with Insights option in the Facebook
Insights tab will give you an analytics report that includes the total users taken action on the dates.

Facebook is the biggest platform to introduce yourself. Only remember before promoting your service just be prepared with your content.

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