Efficiently Using RSS Feeds in Social Media Marketing

Efficiently Using RSS Feeds in Social Media Marketing
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Online web development is evolving with tools that are enhancing the functionality of a website. Hundreds of new websites go live every single day and a hundred others become stationary or expire.

In this scenario of day-to-day happenings, RSS feeds play a crucial role in websites and for their owners as well.

Really Simple Syndication is the abbreviation of RSS and it also knows as Rich Site Summary popularly. This is a completely technical niche. Therefore even if you master this skill it will be tough to brag about it to your parents, neighbor, friends, or clients.

Although using RSS for requirements like latest updates, quality content, lead generation, blogging, emails, and strategies can improvise your life.

Go back to the day when you first used a smartphone. Today it is unimaginable to live without it; RSS will provide similar vibes for you.

It will come at zero cost and also will not take long once you get started. In this read, we will discuss the basics and regarding the RSS Feeds in Social Media Marketing.


RSS feed
RSS feeds are used by most of the users for content distribution. Let’s learn this with an elaborated example.

Assume that you or one of your clients visits several blogging websites regularly every day. You are interested in looking for an updated blog or for fresh content to read and explore.

Apart from this regarding your quest for knowledge once in a while, you also visit several other websites differing from the regular ones.

Now, imagine having an assistant that will do the task for you with accuracy. The assistant will look for updates at a certain time interval. It will scan the entire site content thoroughly and email you the particular content that is important for you.

This is just a simple task but it saves considerable time for you in an entire week. It also ensures that the font and alignment of the content are compatible with you.

Plus there is no repetition of the content. Even if it published on different websites, you will never end up reading the same content again.

This is what RSS does and believe me it’s even better.


There will always be a question of why one should use such a tool. And this can only be answered with the advantages that it has to offer. The three main reasons to use it are

  • You save considerable time that you were actually investing in scanning information.
  • When it comes to tracking updates and information with accuracy, it is the best.
  • It comes straight to your into your box, which is entirely formatted with zero repetitive content.

There are many users online who question the usage of this feed in the present day. Yes and No both are an answer to this confusion.

Yes because they still exist and No because they are not as dominant as they were during a particular phase. It will not be wrong to frame that the usage is entirely dependent on how an individual uses it.

When you turn to experts they will argue on all most all information available on Social Media Handles.

Bloggers, marketers, and all news are on social media today so why use anything else? But how about integrating the RSS Feeds in Social Media Marketing?

Why integrate RSS Feeds in Social Media Marketing?

Social Media Presence
It is necessary to ensure that you do not miss out on anything for the website that you have dedicated all your efforts. An RSS feed will be an ideal approach that you can bring on the table as a solution for this.

Regardless of the fact whether you are on the internet or nor, these feeds will recreate and refresh on their own. They are simple and also accurate. Hence you can make the most out of it when on a tour or a vacation.

This will help you be in touch with all the information that you missed out and also saves a lot of time. Today, the mobile-apps go as feed reader to the users and have developed into one of the substantial advantages.

If you feel that it is only about getting in touch with the most appropriate content then it is wrong. In fact, it enables you to even push the content on social media as and when required.

In case you do intend to have a social account with all the news feeds this can be the best alternative option. By this, you can easily distinguish between your social time and time dedicated specifically for knowledge or information.

Efficient methods to use RSS Feeds in Social Media Marketing

Focus on Distribution

Distribution or sharing is a crucial factor when it comes to a blog, news page, or an informative article. If it can be spread globally through a dynamic medium the chances of attaining organic traffic increases.

When one decides to add an RSS feed then the content is naturally shared around the globe. It is judged by the quality it has to offer with respect to what a user is looking for.


The newsletter has been an effective and proven marketing medium which can help you in integrating RSS Feeds in Social Media Marketing. Although this applies for email marketing and social media using it for the RSS feed is possible and also impactful.

The first thing to do is to make a pre-categorized template. Now aggregate all the blog posts in the template and send it out to users in the format of an e-newsletter. With the right set of audience, this will prove to enhance the feed’s reach.

Opt for subscriptions related to your sector, industry, blog, and news

It is necessary to stay updated over industry points and patterns to integrate RSS Feeds in Social Media Marketing. Hence, subscribe to websites which accurately feature news and blogs related to your target audience’s sector.

During inception key news points and information on the most trending topics can be circulated so that the users look forward to it.

Gradually you can choose to subscribe over other niches as well and spread the same to your audience in order to enhance their spectrum.

You will always end-up finding decent competition in this sector. But, it is the quality that individuals choose. Hence, inevitably subscribe to the blogs and newsletter of your direct competitors.

This will help you in monitoring each of their moves. Every new introduction, activity, or post by a competitor can be closely monitored by this practice.

When you have feeds with multiple categories make sure that the users can sort them at any time. You will not want to lose subscriptions because a user finds a lot much information out of their subject through your feed.

Work on conceptualization

The best time to start blogging was before a decade. Since then it has gained popularity and evolved at each stage. If you feel that a certain blogger’s block is gaining an instance then you can block it by conceptualizing your stuff accordingly.

It is necessary to do a flash content thought of what other bloggers in the industry are doing to avoid saturation.

In case you discover some out-of-the-box pattern which is relatable to your sector or audience then talk about it. Sometimes there is no wrong on being controversial. But it should be well within the facts.

Connect your content with suitable questions on LinkedIn

Generating leads is extremely essential. So why not use LinkedIn which happens to be one of the best platforms for the same. By answering queries related to your industry you will gain attraction in one or the other manner.

It will help you in gaining visibility for your firm and also generate potential leads as required. In order to reach the right audience make sure you are industry-specific on the platform.

For the RSS feed subscribe to only those questions which are based on your niche. For example, you can choose from Sales & Marketing, Operations, Content Analyst, Web Developer, and others.

Reach out to the audience through Quora

For responding to industry-related questions and participation in discussions Quora is one of the impactful mediums just like LinkedIn.

In Quora, the categories are termed as Topics when compared to LinkedIn. The rest of the other process remains almost the same.

Intellectuals and readers prefer to spend more time on Quora as it constantly strives to be a source of knowledge for individuals around the globe.

Once you have scanned the subject you click on the Feed option on the right-hand side. This will enable you to collect the feed for a particular topic according to your interests.

Use the Search Engines and Track the Search

Search engines are an incredible medium for browsing new informative articles and blogs. For gathering articles relevant to business certain search engines like Google even have search functions like Google Blog and Google News.

Search your topic and just above the results, you can easily filter your search to images, news, blogs, and others.

In order to subscribe to the feed, there is an RSS connect/symbol at the bottom. It is orange colored and can be easily noticed.

Make your way through Blog Comments

The last method to integrate RSS Feeds in Social Media Marketing is through influential blogs. If you comment on a particular blog then most of the significant blogs enable RSS feeds of the individuals who have commented.

This helps in establishing an indirect connection and also reaching out to the influencers. If you find to have a similar interest with them then their reach can help you in achieving your goals.