MilesWeb Review: Are They Any Good for VPS Hosting?

MilesWeb Review: Are They Any Good for VPS Hosting?
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Every house on the planet requires a piece of land to stand and similarly, every single website on the internet requires a space where it needs to be hosted. Imagine this space as equivalent to real estate of internet on which all your website’s data will be securely stored.

VPS (Virtual Private Server) is basically a ‘private space’ where your website can be hosted along with all its content. It is virtual which means it is online and it is private which means it is only for your website and not shared by anyone else.
Think about a private room for your website on the internet which is available to host all the content and data of your website. This is actually VPS. Additionally, a VPS helps to showcase your website when visitors search for it on the internet. Similar to you open a door when anyone knocks, VPS also displays the websites to your visitors.

Working of VPS Hosting

The working of VPS is based on the ‘virtualization technology’. In simple words, virtualization technology means division of one server into multiple individual private servers.

Each VPS acts as an independent room located inside a massive house. Each room can be used independently by individual websites/users without sharing any rooms.

This means, each website gets its own storage, RAM, bandwidth, etc. without being affected by the situation in other rooms or VPSs.

Whereas on Linux shared hosting your website needs to share the server with other websites/users and use the common resources and capabilities across multiple websites.

Selecting VPS? Understand When and Why?

Imagine VPS as an independent room in the hotel and shared server as a large dorm room with bunk beds. This will help you to understand when you should select one from them for your website.

If you want to save costs and share common resources, select a bed in a dorm room. If you need independence, privacy, scalability and quality living, select the private room.

In case your website requires a dedicated private server which won’t be affected by surrounding websites, you should opt for VPS. This is because you get resources dedicated to your website which give you the ability to scale when required.
In case you are a startup that wants to save the cost of hosting your website and don’t mind sharing space, RAM, speed, bandwidth and other capabilities, you should opt for shared hosting.

Features to Checkout for in a Cheap VPS Hosting

Selecting a VPS hosting provider is an important decision as you will determine, where your website will essentially be ‘living’ on the internet. You should take important factors into consideration and understand what’s important to you to making the best decision.

Below are some key factors you should consider:


Prior to selecting a VPS hosting provider, consider the cost they are offering for their VPS plans. Hosting charges are usually ongoingly, so you should know where your money is going. Basically, the web host charges you for the amount of space, speed, bandwidth, backup & security and other benefits offered.

MilesWeb VPS plans are affordable and offer you significant features. Check their plans below:



One of the best ways to find if a web host is really worthy is by checking the existing feedback VPS providers are getting from customers. Check the online reviews and even call the hosting provider and ask questions you might have about them. This will help you to find if they are responsive, transparent and patient with their customers.

MilesWeb’s customers always praise them for their customer service. Check their reviews:


VPS servers too can face downtime. So, check for the VPS provider that offers maximum reliability through minimal downtime. Online reviews will give you a clear idea about this or the other ways is to test the VPS by signing up for a dummy website. With this, you can ‘test-drive’ your VPS hosting service and find whether it would be a good fit for your ‘real website’.

MilesWeb offers VPS hosting based on cloud platform and so, the question of downtime doesn’t even arises with them.

Services, Resources & Capabilities

Don’t forget to ask your VPS provider about all of the benefits, features, resources and capabilities they can offer you. Check for their ‘add-on’ features too, to find what additional services you could buy through them for a complete hosting experience.
You should feel that your VPS provider is your ‘partner’, and not just a vendor, as you’ll be highly dependent on them for your site’s reliability. Ensure they offer you some tips on growth for long term.

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Key Features of MilesWeb’s VPS Hosting

• Cloud-Powered VPS
• Enterprise-Grade Hardware
• Solid-State Drives
• Free VPs Migration
• Free VPS Management
• SSH and Root Access
• Resource Monitoring Dashboard
• Host Unlimited Sites
• Instant Provisioning
• No Setup Fee
• Robust Infrastructure

Customer Service

Customer service is basically your ‘lifeline’ when selecting a VPS hosting provider. When things go wrong with your website, you need the assurance that your queries will be resolved and you can reach out for help immediately. Your VPS hosting provider should be available 24/7 via online chat when you need help. It’s similar to having an access to a 24/7 doctor in case you fall sick, which is a must!

MilesWeb offers 24/7 customer support via live chat and email in case you face any difficulty with their VPS.

Managed Vs Unmanaged VPS Hosting

The next important factor to consider is, if your VPS provider offers managed or unmanaged services.
If they offer unmanaged hosting, they are only responsible for making sure your VPS works and is connected to the network, while if they offer managed hosting, they need to look after many more things, such as the server’s security, reliability etc.

So if any problems arise, the hosting provider will fix them for you under a managed hosting service, but you won’t get this service under unmanaged hosting service.

MilesWeb offers managed VPS hosting and take the complete responsibility of server management and installing updates on your server. This helps you to focus on your business growth.

A good VPS hosting provider will offer you all the features mentioned above and help you in your business growth. MilesWeb is one such web host that offers all the significant features to grow your website with smooth functioning.