How Reputation Management Influence Your Local SEO Rankings?

How Reputation Management Influence Your Local SEO Rankings?
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Reputation management also referred to as online reputation management or ORM is the practice of influencing the public opinion of a brand or an organization through their online image.

This type of image is formed through social media and press releases. Researches proved that majority of the consumers depend largely on online reviews to form an opinion about that particular brand before availing their products and services.

For instance, a negative review of a brand or a business when appears on the search result pages, it can harm their reputation.

Therefore, when one aims to make their brand visible in the top list of any search page result based on SEO, they also put a lot of importance in forming a positive image for them. Reputation management influences SEO rankings in various ways.


customer review

As mentioned earlier reviews play an important role in forming the reputation of a brand. As consumers rely on online reviews, positive reviews will help any business to gain the trust of their consumers. Besides, these reviews will also impact the organic traffic.

As more visitors will come across good reviews, the more they will visit other pages of that particular website and share the content of the site.

All these activities will improve the rankings of the website and they will appear at the top of search engine page results. On the other hand bad or no reviews can affect the rankings poorly.

Reputation Management influence on SEO rankings could be understood from the importance of responding to all kind of reviews. Showing gratitude and appreciating positive reviews will help in building goodwill for the brand.

In the event of any negative review, if the users are providing any wrong information, one should politely clarify their doubts, without avoiding them.

Additionally, no matter whether consumers are right or wrong, it is a best practice for the brand to apologize for the negative reviews. The reason why all these responses are important is that visitors go through every kind of reviews.

While positive reviews build their trust, responses with apology against negative reviews help in forming a fair image of the brand in the minds of other users and visitors.

This will not only help in building a positive reputation of the said brand but also will prompt the other users and visitors to give them a second chance. This can be reflected from the organic traffic and organic conversion rate.

Aim to improve customer satisfaction

customer satisfaction

Another way in which Reputation management influences SEO ranking is when the brands aim for customer satisfaction. Various search engines have ways to measure user satisfaction.

For instance, while searching for various topics, if a particular webpage manages to provide everything the user is searching, visitors will likely spend more time on a particular website, visiting other pages as well.

This will further help in improving the ranking of that website in the search engine results.

In other words, it means, that website owners should emphasize the type of contents that holds a great value to the visitors. Based on the insights received from various analytics tools, they can identify the topics of interest of the users, the page they are visiting and the terms they are searching.

This information will help them in determining ways to develop the quality of their content that will help in forming a better reputation among consumers and, in turn, higher rankings in search results.

Brand advertising

Brand Advertising can be another useful way by which Reputation Management can influence SEO rankings. Though organic SEO techniques provides a great return on investments, paid advertising helps in improving the awareness regarding a brand among the consumers.

Irrespective of the size of the brand, it is important to increase its visibility. When a brand makes its appearance felt everywhere on the web through brand advertising, it will gain more attention of the potential consumers in comparison to organic awareness.

This type of awareness will result in attracting more traffic and therefore, higher rankings.

Online Public Relations

Online Public Relations

Carrying out online public relations through sharing press releases and others are cost-efficient ways to develop the reputation of brands. Besides, they also provide websites with trusted backlinks that contribute largely to the site ranking in SERPs.

Various tools are also available that helps in identifying opportunities for press releases. However, it is advised to prepare the contents of the press release ideal for SEO before sharing them.

Monitoring activities of the brand

Monitoring brand activities are also a great way for Reputation Management which can influence SEO rankings. It is important to respond appropriately, whenever there is a mention of a brand.

While responding to every positive mention can help in building new relationships and opening of various opportunities, prompt response to negative mentions can resolve the issues faster before it turns into something huge.

Since it is quite difficult to track all the discussion regarding a particular brand unless it takes place on the platform owned by the brand, certain tools can be helpful in this regard.

These tools help the brand to become aware of any discussion involving their brands on specific keywords taking place on various social media or web channels. The brands can further use this information in developing their future strategy.

For instance, if the brands can track down influencers who are sharing positive reviews on their channel regarding their brands, they can go for collaboration with them to improve their reputation and earn more traffic in future, resulting in higher rankings.

Effectively deal with Negative SEO attacks

Many times, competitors intentionally point low-quality links to the website of a brand. This can not only result in search engines penalizing their sites but also will impact their overall rankings in search results.

When any site starts receiving a large number of backlinks from low-quality sites, it becomes apparent that something is wrong.

During such events, the site owners can use tools such as Google Webmaster to deny their responsibility for such links.

All these factors help in understanding the ways reputation management influences SEO rankings. Therefore, every brand or business should follow a careful approach to build a positive reputation so that it can help in improving their rankings.