How do you Develop a WordPress Mobile App?

How do you Develop a WordPress Mobile App?
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Are you looking for a way to turn your WordPress website into an intuitive and interactive mobile application? Well, WordPress mobile app is a good starting point for you. It comes with a significant number of advantages for most businesses.

Users mostly prefer a mobile app more than browsing a website. Rather than web pages, mobile apps have better power to boost engagements. The push notifications of mobile apps are more capable of giving your users the reason to stay connected with you.

Hence, it is always a great idea to use the content from your WordPress site while making up an app. This makes the app update seamless from time to time whenever you update your website.

In other words, if you want to publish new blogs, online magazines, or articles to your website, it will automatically get included in your application.

<h2>What are the benefits of shifting to a WordPress Mobile App?</h2>
Before you develop a WordPress mobile app, you must know about all the potential benefits it has in its store to offer you. There are plenty of benefits that you can get with the conversion of your WordPress website into a rich mobile app. Have a look.
<li><strong>Better content reach:</strong> The reach of your content to your audience in a seamless manner is highly crucial to ensure better visibility and engagement. Transforming to a mobile app helps you to pass your content much faster to a wider audience base. </li>
<li><strong>Push notifications:</strong> One of the most noteworthy benefits of mobile apps is their push notification. The push notifications help to notify people about new content or a product launch in case your audience has missed any of your emails.</ul>
<li>Offline accessibility: It is tough for your audience to reach out to your website when there is no data connectivity. However, switching to WordPress mobile app helps you better in offering user accessibility to your content even when users are offline.</li>
<li><strong>Access to eCommerce features:</strong> eCommerce features become quite easier to implement when you create your own mobile app. You can sell your products with much ease and security when you have a dedicated app for them.</li>
<li><strong>The device features:</strong> Mobile apps allow you for the seamless utilization of device features. Through it, you can allow your users to take various benefits from device functionalities, including maps, geolocation, etc.</li>

<h2>Simple steps to follow for your WordPress Mobile App building:</h2>
There are several aspects to consider when it comes to developing a WordPress mobile app for better exposure. Here are three common methods, which are mostly used to create a mobile app for WordPress.
- App builders
- Custom hybrid app
- Themes and plugins

<h2>How to use App builders?</h2>
App builders are simply one of the best ways to facilitate seamless mobile app creation. It requires less coding and a minimal level of expertise. They offer a very good role when you do not want a customized choice. Here are some of the good examples for it-
- Telerik AppBuilder
- Good Barber
- Reactor

With a varied level of WordPress support, each of the above options is good to integrate posts and comments. If you pick Reactor to develop a mobile app, the entire work will happen through an app-building interface.

It makes connection easier for the WordPress website that lets you showcase your content quite seamlessly.

To work with it, first of all, you have to install the <a href="https://wordpress.org/plugins/reactor-core/" target="_blank">Reactor core plugin</a> on your WordPress website. After that, you can simply log in to the WordPress admin panel and move to the ‘plugins’ section to activate it.


As you log in to the app-building dashboard, you will get access to a similar interface like WordPress. Working on this panel is quite similar to developing a website where you create some of your pages. Then, put the theme from the menu and go on gathering everything under one app.

<h2>How to use a custom hybrid app?</h2>
When it comes to developing a WordPress mobile app, custom hybrid apps are quite seamless in service.


They are quite easy to create with an Iconic Framework and a WP- API. They come in the form of a single-page web application where you can extract your WordPress content with a JSON REST API.

It makes things easier to use for any of the external applications. It offers seamless flexibility for two-way communication to create posts and get comment approvals in the mobile applications.

They make use of a good mix of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript technologies. Then, they are wrapped into a PhoneGap that lets you get good accessibility to your native device features. Also, it leads to a better compilation of the app stores.

JSON is quite easy to use to view your posts from where you can even pull them into a mobile app.

<h2>How to use plugins and themes?</h2>
Plugins and themes in WordPress can help you embed extreme customization into your design. It works quite seamlessly for the website. However, it can be a bit arduous for mobile apps.

Here the need for mimicking arises for your WordPress websites. A variety of plugins can help you to shift your WordPress into a mobile app.

You can use a plugin like <a href="https://wordpress.org/plugins/apppresser/" target="_blank">AppPresser</a> that automatically loads the entire website into your application. It lets you use each of the plugins in your app quite easily.

It is easy to work with this plugin as there is no need for prior development skills. It also offers flexibility while building the app.

So, have you set up your mind to make a shift to WordPress mobile app from your website? Then, this is the right time to delve into it with the most suitable method that aligns well with your requirement.

It is surely affordable and one of the most effective ways to give your website content a new opportunity to grow its audience exposure and leverage your business growth.