What Is Marketing Automation and How Does It Help Marketers?

What Is Marketing Automation and How Does It Help Marketers?
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With customers being inundated with marketing messages from all sides, standing out from the crowd has become more challenging.

As a result, the pressure that is being put on marketing teams to come up with more new concepts that are larger and more impressive than anything their rivals are doing will only increase. However, doing this, in addition to the standard duties involved in marketing, may be challenging.

Many companies worldwide struggle to overcome one of the most significant issues because their marketing departments need more time to concentrate on the broader picture. However, marketing automation software might be the solution to this problem.

What is meant by the term "marketing automation"?

Every company has the same objective: maximise profits while simultaneously accelerating expansion at the lowest possible expense. However, aligning a company's people, procedures, and technology to accomplish these objectives is a concern for many businesses.

The solution to this dilemma is marketing automation. To put it in the simplest terms possible, marketing automation uses technologies to automate tedious marketing processes.

This is done for two key reasons: to improve the effectiveness and production of marketing and sales teams and to elevate customers' experience via a more efficient interaction with those customers.

It allows businesses to simplify marketing processes, automate those processes, and assess their effectiveness, improving their operational efficiency and accelerating revenue growth.

This category of software and technology is intended to make it possible for businesses to automate tedious processes and sell themselves more effectively across different channels.

These days, our technologies can sort through billions or even trillions of pieces of data in a matter of seconds. Platforms and technology for marketing automation have an almost endless capacity to interpret information and target clients with automated communications sent through email, the web, and social media.

In What Ways Does It Help Marketers?

Every kind and size of the company may benefit from marketing automation. It helps generate leads, assists in client acquisition, facilitates cross- and upselling, and is involved in various facets of digital marketing and sales.

Automation in marketing results in more efficient marketing and enables marketing teams to accomplish more with fewer resources.

Let's look at just a handful of the many processes marketers are now automating.

A more rapid rise in revenue

Different marketing teams strive to accomplish various goals, such as acquiring new qualified leads, enhancing brand engagement, and raising retention rates.

But it all works towards a single, overriding objective, which is to assist the company in generating more profit. It is simple to boost income and expand your bottom line using the top marketing automation software's features.

  • There will be no more data silos between the sales and marketing departments.
  • The amount of money put into various marketing projects has had its budget reduced and improved.
  • A more significant number of marketing-qualified leads are created in a shorter time.
  • Important accounts can be recognised very quickly.
  • It is not difficult to enhance first-party consumer data, which makes it simple to score leads and organise them in priority order.
  • Using accurate and comprehensive consumer data across all regions and instances contributes to an improvement in the campaign's overall outcomes.
  • Increased capability of directing prospects through the purchase experience by communicating the appropriate messages at the proper time through the right channel.
  • A more comprehensive capacity to track each step of the purchasing process.
  • Identifying and implementing the most successful marketing campaigns and tactics.
  • Analytics that provide you with the ability to forecast how much income will be generated by your marketing and sales initiatives.

Fewer resources spent on unsuccessful initiatives

It's easy to see what's working and what isn't when CRM data is plugged into a sales pipeline. Because of this, market planners no longer need to rely on their gut instincts.

Instead, they can utilise the data to make informed judgments, particularly over whether or not to continue investing in campaigns that may not give the requisite financial returns.

Organise everything

The automation of marketing helps things function more efficiently. It processes transactions, organises activity, generates feasible timetables, and simultaneously aligns internal teams to fulfil targets.

Increase customer satisfaction

It's time to get on the wave and start customising your marketing materials. A recent study found that over 70% of marketing automation users mentioned more customised messaging as their top advantage.

You may customise your content in two different ways with the aid of marketing automation:

  • Using consumer insights from these platforms will allow you to personalise your content based on what your clients and prospects are searching for and how they act online.
  • From emails to landing pages to contact forms, you can utilise adaptive tools and strategies built into the platform to talk to your customers in a personalised way.

The website customization tool allows advertisers to deliver smart content suggestions based on your website visitors' browsing patterns and interests. Adding content tailored to your target audience's specific demands can increase traffic, a longer time spent on a page, and more sales.

Lastly, personalisation with your most important asset, the clients you already have, is likely to be the most successful method. Cross-sell and upsell campaigns are a terrific way to get to know your customers better since you already have a lot of information about them.

To maintain client loyalty, it is essential to keep them apprised of any new offerings, goods and services that may interest them. In addition, do not forget to keep in touch with your current consumers and give them a reason to stay loyal to your company – mainly because rivals are probably already inundating their inboxes with offers.

Increased productivity among employees

Your staff will no longer need to waste their time doing manual chores since you have implemented a marketing automation technology. They are free to concentrate on matters of a more strategic nature. Marketing automation makes their work more straightforward, productive, and enjoyable, making their jobs easier.

Increased rates of conversion

It is much easier to identify and reach the right audience when marketing efforts are managed by marketing automation software. In addition, the likelihood of achieving a transaction is significantly increased when reasonable offers are presented in real-time to the relevant contacts.

Discounts and deals for certain events

As a marketer, you must remain relevant in your clients' lives. One of the best ways to achieve this is to take advantage of special events, such as birthdays, anniversaries, and local festivals, to provide discounts and promotions. Additionally, you can develop stronger ties with your consumer base with such initiatives.

Setting reminders for later may be a helpful strategy for achieving this goal and ensuring you never miss out on a possible chance. The text will be sent to your client on the day and time that you choose in advance.

Not only will you see a rise in consumer engagement with your company as a result of doing this, but you will also see an improvement in brand recognition and recall.


You can automate new article updates to subscribers, guaranteeing that your subscribers are constantly up-to-date with your blog and eager to discover what's new. There are two ways that this may be put into action:

1. RSS-to-Push

As soon as a new post is found, Push notifies all your blog subscribers through push notifications. The headline of the information is derived from the blog's title, and the notification message is derived from the first 48 characters of the body.

Changing the specifics and delaying the message to a later time is possible. The push message will display on the screens of your consumer devices as clickable messages, entice them to click on it. You'll discover more engaged readers if you do it this way.

2. Automate emails

A function similar to RSS-to-Push enables you to automate the delivery of new blog updates to subscribers through email. The outcomes will not be consistent since emails are not adaptable. They may sit for a considerable amount of time without being opened, or they might be moved to the spam folders of subscribers' inboxes. Push notifications show up on display screens.

Alerts about upcoming events

In the case that your company participates in, organises, or hosts events or even just notifies consumers about them, it would be helpful to automate reminder messages rather than doing it manually.

Whether it's an invitation, a statement before, or a message after the event, sending reminders at the appropriate time is a fantastic method to communicate with those individuals. You might again have a strategy for how you wish to handle these communications and plan it out in advance.

Reminders and requests for confirmation might follow even a simple email invitation with a short event description. You may plan a post-event message or sales call based on who attended.

Greetings messages

Let's say one of your site's visitors has decided to buy your goods or use your service. What will you do next? What steps may be taken to ensure that communication is maintained?

It is a terrific approach to quickly interact with a recently converted visitor into a client or subscriber by sending a message or email that says "Hello on board" and is automated yet customised.

In the welcome message, you may simply offer to assist the customer in getting started, ask them about their interests so that you can provide them with relevant updates, or speak about what your company offers.

Customer support

Waiting may be one of the most frustrating experiences for a client in this day and age, and it is one of the most effective ways to lose a customer. Whether it's customer support, shopping, or navigation, it doesn't matter: chatbots have entirely transformed how companies connect with customers while reducing the time users wait.

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Chatbots are more efficient and save time at the same time. Robots can carefully examine what is being asked of them and react in a manner that is appropriate since they do not get weary or bothered by never-ending questions.

Marketers and customer support representatives may get relief from the burden of having to examine their cluttered email inboxes and from having to carry out complex duties. In addition, this is a beautiful method that facilitates communication very quickly.

The existence of technology within the realm of marketing has made it feasible to automate the majority of the actions that are involved in marketing.

For this, the number of labour-intensive and time-consuming activities that marketing teams must do has been significantly reduced, and their total productivity has increased.

Automation in marketing is here to improve our performance with minimum additional effort. It will also accomplish the tedious and challenging job for us, freeing us up to concentrate on marketing as an art.

We must acknowledge that this automation does not sell for you; it assists you in making the most of your efforts.