How to Use Customer Testimonials to Generate More Revenue?

How to Use Customer Testimonials to Generate More Revenue?
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Optimizing their testimonials is important and necessary for today's brands, who want to increase their brand value and lead generation factors.

Social media, YouTube, Instagram, and Websites, these mediums have been so popular among customers that they lean on reviews and testimonials before considering any brand or product.

Marketing efforts like ad campaigns, social media management, and Search Engine Optimization are great and essential in their place. Still, reviews and testimonials are tricky places to generate leads.

Understand the value of testimonials in consumer management and how to use customer testimonials to generate more revenue.

First Hand Consumer Management

Asking your customer to provide their valuable review requires a relationship with them. Consumer relationship is the basic difference between great brands and not-so-good ones.

So, it's important to build a robust relationship with consumers, long-term consumers are an easy place, and new customers need to be caressed. Because long-term consumers are satisfied with your brand, new customers need their demands fulfilled.

Whether you're dealing with long-term and short-term consumers, the best way to get their reviews is using the power of reciprocity. Getting reviews requires a strong sense of satisfaction in return.

Or, instant gratification systems like offering chocolate with products or services or free materials with email and review submission can be used to build great relationships and get good reviews.

Customer Experience Enhancement

Building rapport with consumers becomes more fluent while you improve your customer experience factors.

Analyze, introspect and finally, improve your consumer experience and get more customer reviews and testimonials.

Firstly, analyze your brand concerning consumer experience factors, which part of your business engages with your consumers like shopping websites, ads, offline outlets, emails, and service-related services.

Next, check out the leakage in your consumer management system, are your Website proves the right meaning, how workers are involved with consumers in offline outlets, and vice versa.

After, improve your consumer experience by implementing the solutions based on your analysis.

Consumer Journey Analysis

Consumer or buyer's journey analysis is essential to improve a brand. Marketers implement or focus on reviews to get insights. As negative reviews attract the marketer's attention, positive reviews also help the brand to stay on track without fluctuating the brand meaning.

Analyzing consumer testimonials helps devise new consumer engagement and attraction strategies by explaining what to implement or not.

Creating Brand Awareness

Brand awareness is a marketing goal, but consumer management employees must analyze their stake in building brand reputation. Through analysis, the marketing team should educate consumer handlers that reviews are important for businesses.

Customer collaboration is the key, so encourage your consumer management team to bring out customers to have a good relationship with the brand.

Usually, long-term consumers engage greatly with brands, so flagging out those golden customers to get their testimonials will be a great way to create brand awareness.

Now that we've covered the testimonials goal let's review how you can put them to action for lead generation.

Ways To Use Customer Testimonial For Lead Generation

Social Proof

Testimonials and reviews primarily work as social proof, irrespective of their form. Social proofs are brief evidence of experiences by your customers that you're enough veteran to work with. And this loop creates a constant lead attraction cycle.

To get social proof, figure out some valuable customers, engage with them, build a strong rapport and engage them to share their opinions on your brand and branding activities. Knowing what's good about your brand, their product or service rating, etc., will help greatly.

Lately, shape testimonials out of those consumer opinions and create strategies to share those testimonials. Social media, Events, and websites are a few places to list your testimonials.

Repeat this cycle to build a crowd of social proof which will help lead to attraction and generation.

Visual Content

The story goes like Words act like Sword. Seriously, words act powerfully to bring marginal leads to a brand, but videos work more than common words.

Video content seems more natural and effective than written testimonials; marketing psychologists suggest the same. So, forming video testimonials content and sharing them across social media channels can work efficiently to bring leads.

Ask your valuable consumers about their experience in front of a camera and make some interesting testimonial videos. Also, you can ask your customers to shoot their experiences on their own and share them with you. Doing both will help your branding game with those video testimonial contents.

Make Your Testimonials Trustworthy

Testimonials greatly affect your brand's success, but today's consumers are aware of various persuasive branding activities and don't easily give them converting as a lead.

Surely, you'll not over-manipulate your consumer testimonials to align with your social media channels, but people still can't easily give up. So, please don't take risks; personify your brand testimonial with the proper consumer name, their social media address, and surely their photos.

Most will not get personal with your testimonials and ask for their genuineness. But, personifying your testimonial will increase the trust factor and generate more leads.

Case Studies

Case study content shows consumers about the brand's previous experience, their efficiency, and how people appreciate their work. Share your case studies with ad placement and blog placement—link case studies with blogs, video content, and other marketing efforts to make trust factor.

Few brands include testimonials in their case studies; few don't; that's an individual choice. But, by not putting testimonials into case studies, brands lose a few percentages of the chance to engage with a lead.

Public Speaking

Testimonials are good, but live testimonials are great.

Compelling consumers can excel your brand value and lead generation rate by providing live examples of their relationship with a brand.

Public speaking can influence people's minds easily through persuasion techniques, and presenting your testimonials through public speaking requires a few general speaking sessions with testimonials. You can use your testimonials during brand summits, events, live shows, and webinars. Through this, you'll use your customer testimonials to generate more revenue.

Consumer X Influencer

Influencer marketing is a great way to increase brand value and sales. And, if your valuable consumers influence people, the success rate automatically increases.

Provide your products and services to your consumers and ask them to share their experiences through their social media handles.

Thai strategy will also enhance word-of-mouth marketing and consequently skyrocket your lead generation results. This step is a must-do to put efforts towards lead generation and managing customer testimonials to generate more revenue.


Whether managing customer testimonials to generate more revenue and enhancing marketing efforts, consumer experience is something that should be nurtured to get any good results.

Moreover, editing consumer testimonials in a good way is appreciated, but overdoing any editing or manipulation will negatively harm your brand.

The consumers who provided their testimonials will surely check how brands have used them; any misplacement or suspicious changes will not get neglected. So, putting someone veteran to manage these tasks is necessary.

Lastly, testimonials will surely bring new leads but nurturing, persuading, and converting them requires much hard work and improvement in consumer management and marketing efforts.

Educating the down-level workers to work on their customer management skills and behaviors is also effective in gaining likelihood about the whole brand.

So, the end is that everything towards branding effort is interconnected. But, surely this blog will help you establish your testimonials in a good way. That's 5 minutes, see you next time!