20 Most Successful Home Based Business Ideas That You Can Start Today

20 Most Successful Home Based Business Ideas That You Can Start Today
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It is not always that with the advancement of times, each one can go out of their houses and work. Choices are now available to different genders, communities and age groups to go out and build their career however they want.

But it's not always possible either because of the complexities of life or simply by choice. People like housewives, mothers of toddlers or aged people find it convenient to stay at home and work.

However, there is generally a confusion about what to do to build a career working from home. To clear this confusion, we bring to you 20 most successful home based business ideas that you can start today.

Before we explore our options, let's first discuss who can opt for home-based work and what are its advantages.

The internet culture has made it possible for millions of people to tap into its power and resources and accomplish what they want without stepping out of the house. There is no eligibility criteria for who can start a business from home whether it's online or offline.

Anyone can run a successful home business. It can be a primary or secondary source of income based on your preference or life situations. In fact, work from home businesses has more scope for creativity.

People can sell their skills or develop something new. The scope is endless and enormous. However, we will discuss 20 of the most successful home based business ideas in this blog.

There are several advantages when you are looking for home business ideas with low startup costs. The list of business ideas that don’t require big capital or an office, doesn't necessarily have any fewer advantages.

In fact, the advantages of these home-based business ideas are unique and distinct which you can't find in other kinds of businesses. Some of them are discussed below :

● Working hours - The working hours are very flexible in home-based businesses. You can juggle multiple work schedules without worrying about commuting a set number of hours to your business.
This doesn't mean that you don't need to invest much energy in your business, but that you have more flexibility in your work and home life and whatever you want to do, the decision is in your hands.

● Personal Freedom - There is more personal life freedom in home-based businesses. You can not just plan your work schedules but also your life goals without the stress of losing out on a job or opportunity. This also motivates you to love your work. Ultimately it's a win-win situation for both work and personal life.
● More Earnings - Based on your talent and capabilities, your work from home business can earn you way more money than the traditional jobs or business ideas. You have to be passionate about the home business you start and you are sure to have more financial gain and better financial standing.
● More Opportunities - there are way more opportunities in home-based business ideas. Whether you are working for other companies or on something created by yourself, the number of options is a lot hence a lot of exposure and opportunity in the field that you desire. If taken full advantage of, there is no chance of failure in home-based business opportunities.

You can spend more time with your family while you try to climb the ladder of career success and work from home business ideas to make it happen for you.

Let's explore the options you can choose from for starting a business from the comforts of your home.

Here is a list of 20 home-based business ideas for 2020

1. Bulk sale

bulk product selling
The idea of importing products in bulk from different places and selling them in retail, either online or individually is the idea of bulk sale business that you can start from home.

If you travel abroad and like something with high chances of a sale in your local market or is high in demand and is also easy to ship, then it is a good idea to order them in bulk and sell online or in-person in your local market.

It can be a highly profitable business. This kind of business, if successful, takes off to the next level and if that happens, you might need an office. However, initially, you can use the comforts of your home as an office or showroom.

2. Small scale manufacturing

Small scale manufacturing
You can start a small scale factory at your home. This might sound bizarre but it's possible. Many businesses, for example, printing, don’t need a large factory to function.

You just need to find a business that doesn't require large machinery to function and get your home-based business started.

Starting manufacturing products at home and selling them online or in the local market can be an exciting process. If this is something sounding your type then you must go ahead with it.

3. Dropshipping Store

Dropshipping store
If you don't want to get involved in keeping an inventory at home or deal with the delivery of the products then the dropshipping store is an option for you. It is a highly profitable business in comparison to the amount of effort that goes into it.

All you have to do is take care of marketing, sales and customer relationship while the other aspects are taken care of by your supplier directly. This business is a simple option that doesn't require much effort.

You just have to keep one thing in mind - to find the right supplier who keeps a check on the quality of products being sent to your customers as this might affect your brand image and trust within your customers.

4. Home or online tutoring

Home or online tutoring
Home or online tutoring is a great option for home based business for school teachers, college lecturers or professors to earn some extra income.

There are several online tutoring platforms like Preply, Chegg, or Wyzant, where you can start your business or even teach local kids at home or your tuition center.

The demand of tutors is ever increasing on today's date which means there is scope for substantial income here.

5. Freelance writing

Freelance writing
Freelance writing is the kind of service, generally home based, where an individual with great professional writing skills offer different organizations and consultancies his skill of writing in lieu of a remuneration.

This job involves blog writing, article writing, content writing for social media, translations etc. There is a huge demand of freelance writing in the market and thus it can be a good source of some extra income.

6. Photography or Videography

Photography or Videography
Photography and Videography are skills in high demand. Be it a wedding, baby shower or any other event, this business has never dulled since late 20th century. This is a high income job if you are skilled and updated with current trends. Photography also offers sale of photos to magazines or websites or add to stock photos.

7. Website design and development

Website design and development
No online business is successful without a good website. Thus it is essential for every businessman to hire a good website designer and developer.

Website Design is a high quality skill sets which ensures good income on which you can completely rely provided that you are really good at it. So wait no more if you are an excellent coder. This opportunity is everywhere for a grab.

8. Graphic designing

Graphic designing
Graphic designing is a home based business skill which is currently in constant demand. Graphic designers are now a must in every company as websites and social media platforms are a necessity for any business to flourish online. You can earn a decent amount from it either by working in an office or freelancing from home.

9. Social Media Specialist

Social Media Specialist
Social media management is an inevitable need in the decades to come. No business marketing model can survive without putting themselves out there on social media platforms where their target customers are openly expressing their needs and desires to be catered by products and services.

Courses on social media management are available online for free as well as on specialized paid sites. One can easily harness the skills of a social media specialist and grab the opportunity to cater services for several businesses based out from the comforts of their homes.

10. Freelance Event Management and Party Planning

Event Management
Event management is a business which can easily be started from home. However if you are good at thriving in the market, you can expand your business to higher levels where you will have to rent an office.

It is a high income work from home opportunity which doesn't take away all of your time as the projects you take up are small ventures and not an ongoing job.

The skills in this business can only be acquired via practical experience. So don't wait and start your work from home event management company if this is what you are passionate about.

11. Catering Services

Catering Services
Catering services are the services which doesn't go out of demand ever since the dawn of human civilization. Food is not just a necessity but now a standard of lifestyle.

Different income group of population hire different kinds of catering services almost throughout the year in various business and personal events. If you are a connoisseur or an expert chef, this is a home based business idea you should opt for without thinking.

12. Airbnb Hosting

Airbnb Hosting
If you have some real estate just existing empty in some city and you don't want to rent it for the entire year, Airbnb hosting is a great option for getting that extra source of income set up. If you have multiple properties, you can see it as a home based business.

It is highly profitable to get your property temporarily rented on popular platforms like Airbnb. So go get yourself listed on the guest hosting website.

13. Art Consultant

Art Consultant
Art is something very few people have a great eye for. If you think you are almost an expert in spotting the detailings of a single or different forms of art then your talent shouldn't get wasted.

You should immediately plan a business model based on your skills of understanding and reviewing art. This can land you a career as an art consultant, which is a high paying job for those passionate art lovers.

14. Bookkeeping

Bookkeeping is the keeping of the books of accounts of different businesses and maintaining it. If accounts is your forte then bookkeeping is one home based business option you can opt for in order to get some extra income. It is a job highly suitable for college students who are studying accountancy as their major.

15. Productise Expertise

Productise Expertise
There are various types of expertise which can be sold as a product in the market, from the comforts of your home, preferably online. For example, selling courses online; selling licensable assets like stock footage, music, etc ; selling digital templates online; merchandise sales; ebook sales are some of them. If you put efforts and grow this business, it can become a good source of income.

16. Monitise Social Media

Monitise Social Media
Social media has not just become a source of entertainment and social interaction for the general population but also a source of income for several influencers on different social media platforms.

Be it YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, podcasts or blogs, influencer marketing has taken the marketing world by storm even after being the newest entrant. You can promote products and services in your content to your subscribers and followers and get paid for it.

However, this path is not so easy as it takes a long time acquiring number of followers significant enough to even start your income. This is thus, a path only for people who have enough time and passion for it.

17. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing
Affiliate marketing is the selling of someone else's product on commission. This is one of those home based business ideas which anyone can do without any capital.

18. Handmade Craft Business

Handmade Craft
Handmade craft businesses, whether it's handmade jewelry, soap making or cake baking, can be a good source of income based on your hobbies and interests. Many of the products in this category of business, like cakes, are always in demand which makes this business idea a great work from home opportunity.

19. Consulting Services

Consulting Services
Consulting services can also be started from the comforts of your home. There are several options like recruitment or marketing agency that you can opt from for starting your home based business.

20. Sell your Skills

Sell your Skills
Makeup artists, beauty salon experts, tailors, carpenters or music teacher, all are an example of professions that turned their skills into a profitable business opportunity. If you think you fit the criteria, you can opt for this option and create your own brand based on your skills.

There is a huge scope of earning a substantial income with home-based businesses. In fact, in this kind of business, the profit is generally more than the investment.