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How to Hide Like Counts On Instagram — For Your Own Posts And Others?

How to Hide Like Counts On Instagram — For Your Own Posts And Others?
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As social media spreads its roots in half of the earth's population, mental health problems related to social media are getting more intense. It's affirmative that social media expansion is destroying the mental health of the majority by increasing fake social identification and a sense of authority.

As depicted before, the rudimentary and natural meaning of success has got scrambled. Most think of success as high social media impressions, positive comments, and a constantly rising number of social media admirers. Everyone feels like an influencer and tends to add value to people's life.

  • Now, let's come to the topic that made you click, how to hide like counts on Instagram.
  • How to Hide Like Counts On Instagram?
  • Follow these steps to conceal your like count, as well as others.

1. Starting creating your Instagram post as you regularly do;

2. Click advanced settings and Toggle on the Hide like and view count at the caption adding page.

If you're ready to be a digital minimalist and don't want to bother yourself with whatever your likes and view count are, there is a solution for you too.

1. Go to your Instagram profile, and click the hamburger option at the top right of your screen;

2. Go to setting options;

3. Then, find out the privacy option after the creator option and the security option;

4. You'll find the hide like and view Counts. Toggle it on.

That's it. You're now done hiding likes, and view counts. So stay away from the virtual success chasing.

After experimentation with this feature, Meta reported its benefits for most users' mental health, and few users didn't take it seriously. But, overall, hiding like and view count is valuable for users to depressurise their mental stress about social media growth.