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Google Cloud vs AWS: Which Cloud Service Provider to Choose?

Google Cloud vs AWS: Which Cloud Service Provider to Choose?
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Cloud computing has become the new trend nowadays. Since everyone finds it the most secure and easy way to store data, both Google Cloud and AWS are the leading cloud service providers that may better your business needs.

But which one is best? Which is the best service provider for business? This article will help you know Google Cloud vs. AWS since we gathered all the information and facts that help you choose the right one for your business.

Let’s dive into the article and know every detail in brief.

What do Google Cloud and AWS mean?

Google Cloud Platform was launched in 2011 to assist businesses in growing easily. Further, it helps the company take advantage of Google’s smart infrastructure, i.e., intelligent, flexible, and secure.

On the other side, Amazon Web Services (AWS) is an easy platform that offers scalable, flexible, reliable, and easy-to-use services. This cloud computing provides a full-fledge platform that not only becomes the powerhouse of storage but is also good in development, analytics, databases, and delivery.

Google Cloud vs AWS Key Differences

Here’s how you can find the biggest difference along with the compatibility of both.

  • Google Cloud computing is the service provided by Google cloud resources and services, while AWS is provided and secured by Amazon.
  • Google Cloud provides Google Cloud storage, while AWS offers simple storage services from Amazon.
  • Google Cloud storage provides data transmission fully encrypted data, while AWS offers a general form.
  • Google Cloud offers a volume size of 1 GB, while AWS provides 500 GB to 16 TB.
  • With Google Cloud, you can find backup services, while AWS provides cloud-based recovery services.

Why Google Cloud vs. AWS services?

Cloud services have become extremely popular for every business. Thus, it is essential to check each service thoroughly so one can take advantage of it. Both cloud giants are popular and give outstanding service in the tech space.

It is true both organizations have their commendable services. They have an outstanding approach to giveaway innovation and excellence.

Moreover, with strong technical foundations, anyone can take advantage of services. In the year 2020, Gartner discovered Google cloud and AWS are the leaders in this industry. Moreover, since its development, they have been leading the cloud computing space that brings IaaS solutions for everyone.

From 2020, both have contributed 80% to the IaaS market. In addition, the trend goes on, and the revenue discovered by 2020 is 6.3% due to the explosion of remote work. Also, the explosion was recorded on the desktop that doubled the revenue shares.

Google Cloud vs AWS Revenue/Market share

The outbreak of coronavirus has increased the market share of cloud computing services. While checking the market stats, the AWS revenue had increased by $10.8 billion, and the IaaS market share is 31% compared to the Microsoft Azure by 20%. However, Google cloud computing secures 6% of the market share.

Therefore, AWS has a higher share in the market than Google Cloud. There is no doubt to say AWS has outstanding features that make this 2006 founded platform on the top over Google Cloud and Microsoft.

Despite this, Google launched PaaS Google app in 2008 but didn’t take place in the IaaS market. This indicates AWS has higher compatibility with features than Google Computing. Moreover, the AWS revenue has grown up by 49%, which is more as compared to 43% of Google Computing.

Google Cloud vs. AWS Services Comparison

For the comparison of the services, it is must to check the various services provided by Google Cloud and AWS. Thus, you can identify the right service for you.

  • Compute services- google compute engine, app engine Kubernetes engines, and google cloud functions while AWS offers elastic compute cloud, elastic beanstalk, container service, and AWS Lambda.
  • Network services- Google load balancing, cloud interconnect, and cloud DNS while AWS provides elastic load balancer direct connect and amazon route 53.
  • Storage services- google cloud storage, persistent engine disks, nearline, and ZF5 while elastic load balancer, elastic block store, amazon glacier, and elastic file system.
  • Database services- cloud SQL, datastore, Bigtable, while AWS offers relational database services, DynamicDB, and SimpleDB.
  • Big data & Analytics services- data proc, dataflow, pub/sub, big query while AWS allows MapReduce, kinesis, and redshift.
  • Management Services- stack driver monitoring, development manager while amazon cloudwatch, and cloud formation.

Google Cloud vs. AWS Pricing Comparison

If we check its price, indeed Google Cloud is the winner since it comes in relatively low at a price as compared to AWS. While reading the price policy, you will indeed find GCP cost you an average of $50 per month while AWS cost $69.

With that said, you can save 25% on GCP. Moreover, you can save on AWS as it cost you per hours basis while GPC costs you per-second basis. Also, on the GPC, you will have the opportunity to get additional discounts on a long-term basis.

Google Cloud vs. AWS Machine Comparison

To come upon a final decision, it is essential to check the machine type. So, let us see the major comparison.

  • If you want customization, then GCP offers high flexibility with customization as it has a wide array of customization features. However, the amount of customization on AWS is limited.
  • Another fact is size, which matters a lot when you choose the best Cloud computing services. The AWS has instance size, i.e., 128 CPUs with 2TB RAM, while GPC has 96CPU with 1.4TB RAM.
  • AWS covers 18 regions, not more than three zones per region, while GPC covers 15 regions, not more than two zones per region.

Google Cloud vs AWS Cons

For a better comparison, check the cons of both CPs.

  • AWS is a very lengthy process, as it takes 15-20 minutes.
  • GPC is also difficult to start and is based on small components.
  • GPC has a lack of features.
  • AWS is not the ideal option to start.
  • AWS apps might be difficult to start
  • GPC is out of free tier, and everything costs you

How to choose the right cloud computing platform?

Both AWS and GPC are the best platforms having their pros and cons. However, the selection mainly depends on your choice, work, and budget.

If you want to achieve good results at a budget-friendly price, GPC wins the race. Instead, for improving the business functionality, you should check with AWS, as it is loaded with the best features and supports business.

The Bottom Line

With the above information, you can find that both AWS and Google Cloud are amazing and come with outstanding features that support business functionality. However, AWS is leading than GPC due to certain features, but it doesn’t mean GPC is lacking.

Despite all, Google Cloud vs AWS depends on your business demands. We hope this blog was helpful to your knowledge.