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How to Choose the Best Blogging Platform in 2023

How to Choose the Best Blogging Platform in 2023
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When it comes to making your own blog, then you have two choices. Building a website for blogging or utilizing one of the best blogging platforms as your site.

Building your very ownsite and blogging on it, this is the traditional way to build a blog.

But confused cannot figure out how to choose the best blogging platform. It is not easy as there are numerous different platforms out there.

In this post, we will help you to select the blogging platform going over the pros and cons of the most popular blogging sites.

Give below are some of the popular blogging platforms, that we will be comparing here for the best free blogging platform 2020.

Selecting the best blogging platform – What to look for?

Before going through the list below, it is really helpful to know what you are looking in a blogging platform.

As a newbie you want an easy to set up blogging platform, does not require any coding skills and has a low learning curve.

One needs to also think about what kind of blog they want to make now and in the future. As your blog grows and expands, you may also want to change the look and style of your website and want to add more features for your increasing users and clients.

That means it is important to select a blogger blogging platforms that is flexible and can grow. Starting on with the wrong platform can make it difficult to later switch on.

Lastly, even if right now you do not have plans to create the best blogging platform to make money, it is best to ensure that you will have the option to do so in the future.

Now let’s start comparing the top best blogging platform for beginners.



WordPress.org is one of the best and the most popular blogging platform. It was started in 2003 and now WordPress powers more than 30% of all the websites over the web.

It is an open source free blog hosting platform that allows one to create WordPress blog or website in just within minutes. It provides additional customization features for blog along with other highlights.

It is a self-hosted solution that is you will have to sign up with a WordPress hosting provider. This is the best choice if you want to have full control over your future blogs.

WordPress.org lets you install your own custom plugin and themes for creating your blog and look exactly how you want.

To use this WordPress blogging platform, you will have to find your own web host, perform routine backups and maintain the blog on your own.


• WordPress.org gives you full control over every part of your site.
• You can expand your blog and can add extra features like an online store, forums and also paid internships. This makes WordPress one of the best blogging platform for making money.
• There are hundreds and thousands of free themes available for your WordPress. This allows you to make an attractive WordPress site that stands apart from the crowd.
• With WordPress you will also get access to more than 54,000 free plugins. These plugins are similar apps for your WordPress blog that allows you to add features like contact forms, galleries, etc.
• It is search engine friendly. One can easily create SEO friendly URLs, tags and categories for your post. Also, there are many numbers of SEO plugins for additional features.


• Dealing with your very own site accompanies somewhat with a bit of a learning curve.
• You will have to deal with your very own backups and security.
• Customization options can be limited.



Wix is a hosted platform for creating sites. It is a good website option with blogging capabilities that is ideal for creating blogs.

It offers a simple way for small business to construct a site utilizing drag and drop tools. You can likewise add a blog to your site by including the Wix Blog application.

Wix.com was established in 2006 as a stage where anybody could make their very own fabulous site with no coding skills required.

It has as of now more than 110 million clients over the globe. Wix makes creating your entire business site simple, having full control over your online shop is limited.


• One can customize their website utilizing dozens of themes and third-party apps.
• You can create your website with easy drag and drop tools, with no coding skills needed.
• The setup is quick and easy.


• The free account is limited and shows Wix branding and ads on your site.
• There are limited free third-party apps.
• Once you have selected a theme you cannot change.
• Online business highlights are limited to paid plans, and even those highlights are restricted.
• Limited customization options.



It is a blog hosting service offered via Automattic, an organization made by WordPress.org co-founder Matt Mullenweg.

WordPress.com offers an essential blog hosting service for free to create WordPress blog.

You can buy extra options like a custom domain name, additional storage, integrating your blog with social media and popular features like comments and polls are available without installing plugins, and other premium services.

Begun in 2005 with an objective to bring the WordPress experience to a bigger audience, WordPress.com is a decent blogging website for clients who don’t need the advance highlights of self-hostedWordPress blogging platforms.


• No setup cost.
• Easy to use; no coding or design knowledge required.
• Hundreds of themes to choose from.
• As it’s a completely free blog hosting if you are happy with a WordPress.com subdomain. Your free website name will look like this: https://example.wordpress.com.


• Limited choices to expand your site. You can’t utilize custom themes and plugins for modifying your blog.
• You can’t run promotions on your blog. Rather, WordPress.com will demonstrate their promotions on your free site.
• You do not own your blog, and WordPress.com can suspend your record on the off chance that they discover you are damaging their terms of administration.



Blogger is a best free blogging platform service by Google. It offers a fast and simple approach to make a blog for non-tech-savvy clients. Blogger is one of the earliest blogging platforms in the presence.

It was first propelled in 1999 by Pyra Labs. Later in 2003, Google gained Blogger and redesigned it as the product we know today.

All you need is a Google account to begin a free blog on Blogger.This platform is great for most popular blog sites like hobby bloggers and brand builders who do not want to invest any money but may want to make some money through ads. As it is easy to use, it is also great platform for beginner bloggers.


• Blogger is completely free and easy to use.
• Easy to use and handle without any technical knowledge.
• Has an increased benefit of Google’s robust, secure platform and reliability.
• Access to the HTML code, so there are more customization options.


• You’re restricted to basic blogging tools, and cannot include new highlights as your blog develops in popularity.
• Design choices are restricted, with less templates accessible. Third-partytemplates for Blogger are frequently low quality.
• Blogger does not get frequent updates or new features.
• Google can suspend your blog whenever, or even drop the Blogger service inside and out.
Some of the users start with blogger only because it’s free, but as their blog grows, most of them end up switching Blogger to WordPress blogging to get more control and features over the website.



This is a very popular blogger blogging platforms among younger audiences. This platform is simple to use.

The best feature of Tumblr is that it is focused on the community of bloggers, so it provides numerous options for reblogging and sharing the content. It also focuses on photos and GIFs.

Thus, it’s a micro blogging platform with social network features also like flowing other blogs, built-in sharing tool and more.


• It is a best free blogging platform with a Tumblr subdomain like https://example.tumblr.com, or you can also connect a premium custom domain name.
• It is very simple to set up and use.
• It has 1000 themes to choose from.
• It has an integrated social media element.
• As it is a micro tool, Tumblr makes it simple to quickly blog, videos, images, GIFs and audio formats.


• It has a limited set of features, that one cannot extend as the blog grows.
• Backing up your blog and improving your content from another platform is difficult.
• It is tough to monetize.



It is one of the best blogging platforms, it was launched in 2012 and has grown into a community of bloggers, experts, journalist and writers. It is easy to use platform with minimum social networking features.

It is mostly like a social networking website where one has to just create an account and can start publishing their articles. Here you cannot see your own domain.


• Easy to use, no coding knowledge and no set up required.
• Allows you to reach an existing online community with people of same interest.
• One can completely focus on writing instead of designing a site.


Limited features in terms of building or designing a brand.
Medium owns all your audience, thus losing your blog means losing all your followers.
One cannot use their own domain, you will get a profile page like in Facebook.
Cannot run your own ads for making money.



In best blog sites 2019, Squarespace is a platform that offers a wide variety of options. It is a website, creating a service that allows you create a stunning site with drag and drop tools.

It mainly focuses on small business owners, which are looking for creating a see. It also lets you expand your services which is a great option for your business.

  • Simple and easy for beginners who are not text savvy.
  • It has professional designed templates.
  • It also separately offers domain name with SSL/HTTPs and eCommerce business stores.
  • Squarespace is constrained to the features incorporated with their proprietary platform.
  • Incorporations are limited to a chosen few services and tools.



Joomla is an open source software content management system, much the same as WordPress.org. It’s additionally a self-hosted solution, which implies you will require a domain name and web hosting to utilize it.

Joomla is another most popular blog sites. While the process of making a blog in Joomla is same as in WordPress.org, the Joomla dashboard isn’t as clear and basic as WordPress.

First released in 2005, Joomla now controls more than 2 million sites on the web.


• It is extremely powerful and can be used to create any site.
• Thousands of templates to customize your website design.
• Extensions are available for adding more feature.


• Joomla has a smaller community than WordPress, so there are less templates and add-ons than for WordPress.
• For your site, you will responsible for managing backups, security and updates.



Ghost is an open source blogging platform for creating best blog sites 2019. It is a minimalist blogging platform with highlights mostly focused on writing blog posts. It is available as a hosted platform and also as a software that one can install / host yourself.


• It is focused on blogging and writing.
• Clean, confusion free, and inbuilt user interface.
• Written in JavaScript, so it’s super-fast.
• No setup required for the hosted version.


• It is not easy to customize with apps.
• There are not enough templates to change appearance of your website.
• The setup is complicated if you install it yourself.



Another best blogging platform and is great for business that is who wants to maintain a blog and a business. It is a fully hosted platform, that allows one to build their site using drag and drop tools.

It has numerous ready-to-use themes, that one can customize using their web-based interface. It is also the best blogging platform to make money.


• Easy to use as no technical knowledge is required.
• Weebly will host your site so has quick and easy setup.
• It allows to try the services before buying.


• In build features are limited also one cannot add features.
• Exporting your website from Weebly to another platform is not easy.

We trust that WordPress.org beat all other blogging destinations. As WordPress blogging is powerful, simple to utilize, affordable, and the most adaptable of all accessible blogging platforms.

Given above are the best free blogging platform 2019, we trust that this article helped you pick the best blogging stage for your next blog.