How to Fix the 502 Bad Gateway Error in WordPress

How to Fix the 502 Bad Gateway Error in WordPress
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WordPress encounters a lot of errors, that are extremely annoying, irritating, and frustrating. Talking about the errors, some of the common errors that you mostly see on the WordPress websites is the 502 bad gateway error.

This is a common type of error, which occurs most of the time, and the reason behind its popularity is only because this keeps on happening most of the time not just on the various WordPress sites but on various other online platforms.

Have you ever thought that what causes the 502 bad gateway error? As you open any website from any browser, it sends a request to the web server, that takes the request and processes and finally sends it to the requested resource with an HTTP status code.

In most cases, the HTTP status only shows up, if things go wrong. It is mainly a method of notifying you regarding any issues with the code so that it can be diagnosed.

Ways to fix 502 bad gateway error

You can easily fix the 502 Bad Gateway Error in WordPress by following certain steps that are listed below.

Website reloading

At times the server takes more than usual time to respond, which occurs due to high traffic and lower server resources. If this happens, then, the problem might not continue and automatically solve it within some time. You must reload the web page that you are trying to open if this problem happens.

If reloading of the page solves the problem of 502 bad gateway then, you don't have to work any further but in case you see this problem quite often then, you have to work further to find other ways out to solve the problem.

Clear the browser cache

Clear the browser cache

Chances are there that the browser is continuously showing the error message from the cache. Even if the problem solves, you can still see the 502 error bad gateway error, as the browser mostly loads the website from the cache.

You can easily fix this issue both on Windows or the Linux OS by just pressing Ctrl+F5 and for the Mac operating system press CMD+Shift+R button, which will help in reloading or refresh the website page. If you want you can also clear the cache manually from the browser settings. This can also help you to fix the 502 Bad Gateway Error in WordPress. After clearing the cache, try to refresh or reloading the website once again.

Deactivate the option of firewall

If you use CDN service or the firewall option for your website, then, chances are there that the 502 bad gateway error is occurring due to this reason.

You can check this by simply deactivating the CDN option temporarily. After disabling the option, it will help to clear any extra layer, which was created between the hosting server and the browser.

The website will fully load from the server, and you can find if the problem was occurring due to firewall or CDN then, it will be solved after the step.

Finally, you can make contact with any CDN service provider for any further support. If the problem gets solved, you can again enable the option of a CDN or firewall.

Look for the hosting server

If all the other solutions fail to solve the problem then, chances are there that the problem is occurring from the hosting server. For this, you have to connect to the hosting provider support team and inform them regarding the issue. Additionally, you can even talk about all the troubleshooting methods, that you tried to solve the problem.

Most of the WordPress companies will try their best to quickly solve the issue if the problem was occurring due to the server misconfiguration.

Update the plugins and themes of WordPress

You can also try this method to solve the problem and look for plugins or themes. At first, you need to disable the WordPress plugins through FTP and then, visit the website to check whether the problem has been resolved or not.

If yes, then, the problem was occurring because of the plugins. After that, you can activate the plugins gradually till you reproduce the problem, and this helps you in finding out the plugin that was causing the problem.

Hence, if you are looking forward to solving the problem of 502 bad gateway error then, following these steps will help you in fixing the problem.

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