What You Need To Know About Google Ads Search Certification?

What You Need To Know About Google Ads Search Certification?
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Digital Marketing comes along with the booming industries, which created an accumulation of more than $66 million in 2024. Since digital marketing concepts were born, it has gathered enormous amounts of admirers worldwide.

Digital marketing has significant edges over traditional marketing - it's scalable and trackable, provides cost-benefit and cuts off intermediates for smooth and efficient marketing activities.

In digital marketing, Google is one of the pioneers and enjoys an unbeatable monopoly. Other search engines like Yahoo, DuckDuckGo, and Microsoft Edge have their benefits.

Still, no one has ever touched the market shareholding percentage of Google. There's ample reason for Google's persistent monopoly. Google thinks of long-term revenue and only works to increase its network.

Most of the google services are available for free. Still, those free services can generate income in the long term. Also, Google provides valuable courses to expand its network at no cost.

Google Ads Certification, Google Video Certification and Digital Marketing For Beginners: these courses set digital marketers as future pioneers to handle more successful business campaigns, forming lucrative business models and google campaign revenue.

Also, certification provided by Google holds a firm place in the recruiter's mind. Most digital marketers started their careers with the course of Google's Ads Search Certification and Analytics Certification. This blog post will discuss the essential need to know about Google Ads Search Certification.

But, is it necessary to take Google Ads Search Certification Course? Let's see three benefits of Google Ads Search Certification for a brand and a digital marketer.

Benefits Of Google Ads Search Certification

1. The digital marketing industry is a fast-moving industry. Therefore, it requires robust knowledge of multiple industries like Marketing and Sales, Programming (basic knowledge), and technological basics, which are necessary to execute successful digital marketing campaigns.

A digital marketing certification from Google indicates your prowess and excellence in the essential digital marketing requirements. Also, Google's course teaches you how to chase knowledge so that you can stay competent all over your career.

2. Currently, the requirement for digital marketing professionals is sky high because of the lack of talents and the expansion of the global business genre. So, Google Ads Search Certification can help build your perfect resume, filling the knowledge required to skyrocket in the digital marketing industry.

Getting an Internship in the Digital Marketing industry, a fresher's job, or starting a new business, Google Ads Search Certification will get you covered. This certification will cover everything from scaling business ad campaigns to optimising search engine results and generating a conversion.

3. Digital marketing divides into multiple sectors like SEO, Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing and many more. Establishing a promising career in digital marketing requires all of the knowledge with niche specialisation. Google Ads Search Certification will help you understand your target niche.

Know Your Business With Google Ads

Millions of people daily insert queries for gaining knowledge, getting necessary information and shopping for their things.

It also emphasises the connection between a good brand and google ads. Your basic concepts of how google ads aid brands to prospect their target audience and the expected goals one can achieve through google ads. Google ads aim for fulfilling these targets -

1. Driving Sales
2. Building Awareness
3. Influencing Consideration
4. Increasing Website Views
5. Application Promoting
6. Getting Leads

Google introduces the novices with the variety of ad services they provide. This ad service includes -

1. Expanded Text Ads
2. Responsive Search Ads
3. Dynamic Search Ads
4. Image Ads
5. App Promotion Ads
6. Video Ads
7. Product Shopping Ads
8. Showcase Shopping Ads
9. Call-Only Ads

Explore The Value Of Google Search

To manage an enormous amount of queries every second, Google trisects their search categories - Transactional, Navigational, and Informational. Therefore, the search campaign formation should be different and unique for each search category.

Now, we will introduce you to the foundation of a google search campaign. Four questions for brands to start any search campaign.

Selecting where they want their ads seen

Businesses can select their ideal location, country or state and county, devices like mobile or computer, with google networks like Youtube, Play Store, Google Maps, Google Shopping etc.

The amount of money a brand wants to invest

The business should explain their budget and bidding strategy, meaning how much they're willing to pay according to their ideal ad location.

The message they want to send through their ads

The ideal message of a brand is subjective to their business case, like getting sales or leads and more. Google allows selecting brands in their perfect language to seem appealing to their target audience.

Setting the keywords to match the customer's search term

Keywords are essential to ensure their ads project whenever someone searches for a keyword.

All these questions depend on a brand's goal of projecting their search ad campaign, which we've discussed before. Whether they want increased website visitors or leads, these questions are synonymous with the brand's market view.

Understand The Google Ads Auction

This chapter explains the budget and bidding factors in detail. Like an auction, google follows an auction approach to deal with millions of ads regularly trying to get enlisted.

Google Ads Auction explains the exchange rate between your ad and the variable bidding price. To deal with constant competition, Google's bidding rate changes based on keyword relevancy. The higher the keyword volume, the higher competition will be higher. The opposite is viable.

This chapter also indicates the factors affecting the ad position and quality.

Factor affecting the ad position -

Bid - The maximum amount of money will get paid in exchange for a click.

Quality Thresholds - Minimum quality standards of the ad

Context of Query - Baked on the Demographics and Psychographics of the audience, the ad will get judged at the time of display.

Ad Extensions Impact - How ad extensions will affect your ads' performance.

Auction Time Ad-Quality - The quality score of your ads.

Factor affecting the ad quality -

Expected Clickthrough Rate - An ad's CTR (Click Through Rate).

Ad Landing Page Experience - The landing page experience, website loading time, website theme, and everything related to user experience.

Ad Relevance - The ad is relevant or not, according to the user's search query.

Deliver The Right Message With Text Ads

Text ads are the easiest and simplest form of ad google provides. Text ads contain three elements: The Headline, the Description, and The URL. The headline is the offer a brand provides; a description is a short, intelligent explanation of that offer or product, and the URL is the landing page of that search ad.

This chapter also teaches the effective way to write text ads and a few best practices related to effective text ads.

Make Ads Relevant With Search Ad Extension

Search Ads Extensions are a brand's essential details that go relevant with an offer or product. The universal Ad Extension examples are - Sitelinks, Featured Snippet, and Callout Extensions. In addition, ad extensions include call extensions, location extensions etc.

Ad extensions are essential to increase engagement, matching the user's moment by showing location, device, interest, etc. It also generates more leads by reflecting the user-relevant ads, consequently more trusting authorities.

How to choose the perfect extension, how each extension affects the ad, usage of automated extensions and the best ad extension practices can be taught in this chapter.

Increase Efficiency With Smart Bidding

We've talked about bidding. Here, this chapter explains about automated bidding strategy, the definition, the usage and the benefits of automating the bidding strategy. In addition, the best practices for automatic bidding strategy selection according to brand goals like Awareness, Consideration and the Conversion stage.

Discover Google's Audience Solutions

Google's Audience Solutions are a set of information and practices made by google to make insightful decisions on ad projection, bidding and ad extension optimisation. To meet up with high-value customers of an ad campaign, google audience solutions world-class strategies. Clarifying this chapter will help a brand fulfil its goals without much effort.

Boost Performance With Optimization Score

Optimising google's ad campaigns sometimes feels hustle and provides no return. To solve these dissatisfaction problems, Google provides a detailed explanation of their account optimisation score. This score analyses ad accounts, their search and campaigns, and insight value optimisation recommendations to churn up the score.

ncrease Conversions With the Performance Planner

Performance Planner is an ad and optimisation tracker that analyses search ad campaigns' meantime analysis. This chapter explains how to use a performance paneer and how this performance planner helps increase conversions.

This guide to Google Ads Search Certification is helpful as it explains some primary topics and essential knowledge to scale in the digital marketing industry. A Google Ads Search Certification course will help you in achieving new heights!