4 Methods of getting Grammarly Premium Account Free 2023

4 Methods of getting Grammarly Premium Account Free 2023
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Do you want to start Grammarly Premium Account Free? Whether you are a freelance writer, blogger, or professional in English writing. Having issues in grammar are quite common. Grammarly is one of the best and most-trusted applications and web services that correct every single mistake in writing. With a high grammar score, you will secure to pass the document to your clients to get more work.

Therefore, you need to access Grammarly Premium Account, but the issue is you need to pay hundreds of dollars and you have no budget.

So, how can you get Grammarly Premium Account Free? It is possible.

On the internet, you may find several tricks to unlock the premium account of Grammarly, but here on this page, we are going to discuss 4 methods that can help you truly to get a premium account without paying a penny.

Let us clear you one thing, on the internet there are some legal and illegal ways to unlock the premium membership, but we are going to suggest you only legal ways that don’t trouble you anyway.

Why Grammarly?

Instead of Grammarly, you have other tools to correct writing mistakes such as Prowriting Aid, Ginger and more. When it comes to trust and sending writing work to clients or doing business you can feel confident. It is the world’s No.1 Grammar checker tool, which is not limited to tenses only. It also checks the modules, verbs, compound sentences, punctuation, sentences, and more errors.

Moreover, it takes a few seconds to detect your error and solve them in minutes. Perhaps you are unaware of this news, Grammarly also helps the user to convert their writing page into US and UK English in minutes. There is no end yet, it also offers you suggestions to choose a word and add in your content.

If you are a writer, you may know the power of Grammarly. So, when you get Grammarly Premium Account Free, the writing style and your impression will improve more. The bad news is, Grammarly only runs on computers, not on smartphones. I hope this will solve soon.

What is the difference between Grammarly Free and Grammarly premium?

If you are using Grammarly, then you may the difference. In a free Grammarly account, you can correct 100 grammar issues in one click. If you are good at grammar and need proofread only, the free version is quite beneficial.

Whereas Grammarly premium has great features and corrects the errors up to 250 in one click. It is costly for students and writers. If you are a writer and take work from other writers then the premium tool is for you. Even this comes with a plagiarism checker.

So, if you are an active writer and on Grammarly Premium Account Free then just follow our given tricks and enjoy the best and confident writing. Let us take a look!

Method 1 to unlock premium account free for bloggers

If you are a professional blogger or have a repudiated website with huge traffic then you can get free access to Grammarly premium. How? Follow the given steps:

1. Sign up by clicking on the Grammarly premium free account button.
2. Then choose its trial version for a couple of days.
3. When the trial days finished, you will need to send an e-mail to the Grammarly team. Write about your experience with this tool and share you want to share sponsored posts on Grammarly and for testing the errors premium Grammarly version is required.
4. After a few days, they will give you free access to a premium account that would be last for one month. Now, you have to write a review post.
5. Once you have done with review article send the mail again to Grammarly affiliate and they will activate your Grammarly Premium Account Free.

Method 2- create your free Grammarly account on Flikover

If you have failed in the first method or need to try another way, then this might help you. Flikover is one of the leading SEO tools providing companies that sell tools at a very cheap price. Well, all of their services are paid, but they are giving Grammarly Premium Account Free for a lifetime.

To get this, follow the given steps:
1. Initially, you need to create your account on Flikover.
2. Then log in to your account and see the products list.
3. Find the Grammarly tab.
4. When you click on the Grammarly tab, it will ask you to download extensions.
5. After installing the extensions, refresh your page and you will get the free access of premium account.
6. Don’t go hurry. Wait for a few minutes and they will give you a login ID and password to access your account with ease.
7. Must add Grammarly extension in the browser and you will able to access it’s all features.

Note- to enjoy the access lifetime, you will need to check the Grammarly extensions are ON in Browser. If they are disabled, then enable them from settings.

A Flikover update 2019- Nowadays, Flikover is not selling free access to a premium Grammarly account. If you need to buy, you will need to pay 150s month charge. If you feel upset by knowing this. So, don’t worry you have yet another chance to get free access.

Method 3 - Refer and get Free Premium Grammarly account

If you are a student then you have a chance to get a premium version of it. With our given steps, you will get Grammarly Premium Account Free for a week. All you need to do is create your new account and invite your friends to join this tool. In simple words you can say the more you refer this tool and get sign-ups you will unlock your free version.
If you got 20 sign-ups, you will get 20 weeks free to use the premium features. Isn’t it good and easy?
Well, it is. So, follow the given steps and get your Grammarly Premium Account Free.
1. Create a new account on Grammarly
2. Add extension of Grammarly in browser
3. Now, login to your account by using a browser extension.
4. Open the browser and navigate the Grammarly extension.
5. There you will see Invite friend’s options. Click on that button and invite your friends and earn options.
6. Then, you have to share the affiliate link of Grammarly with your friends and ask them to create their account on it.
7. If you will get 50 referrals then you will get free access to Grammarly for the lifetime.
Update: Grammarly has stopped the referral programs.

Method 4- Rules & codes to get Grammarly Premium Account Free

As you can see, in every listed step the updates are making you upset. But don’t worry this time. You can get free access by following some given rules. So let us find out.
1. Do not make regular changes in your Grammarly ID and password
2. Do not share your ID and password with anyone.
3. Do not delete someone else update and posts.
To get Grammarly Premium Account Free, all you need to follow the given steps:
• Download the details of premium login details from your friend or from whom have access to premium. Another way to unlock the premium version is to use [email protected] code- 20132013
[email protected] code- 20132013
[email protected] code-20132013
2. Now install the extension of Grammarly and go to your account.
3. Make sure you are opening your account with given emails and passwords (codes).
4. Now, you can enjoy the free version.

Grammarly is one of the best tools to detect errors and solve it in seconds. There are few more tools which are going well on the internet such as:
• ProWritingAid- it is yet another professional tool to correct grammatical errors.
• Ginger- it is the same as Grammarly with new and advanced features.
• 1checker- it is the best alternative to Grammarly.

Wrapping up
As a writer, you do not want to spend thousands of dollars, but in the same, you need a premium version too. So, these are some ways that can help to get free access to the premium version. I know, it's a little daunting for you to get a premium free account. But you have yet another option to try its alternative for stronger checking.

I hope with the article you will let to know some basic points that may help you in getting outcomes. Good luck!