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10 Amazing Keyword Research Tools for Search Marketing

10 Amazing Keyword Research Tools for Search Marketing
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Nowadays any online business having an effective content marketing strategy and proper keyword research required to bit of current market.

If you are having a business, having your own online presence is a must, no matter if you have a small or large business. Having an online website will increase your brands popularity and so increasing your clients.

But for that you should have a solid marketing plan. On the off chance if your customers never hear about your brand or business exclusive product and services, they will never visit your business.

If you do not have customers, that is then there will be no profit for your business. The main focus of all the online business is to utilize the specific keyword and phrases that are constantly used for a search result.

The goal of your keyword search is that the factor involved while considering which keyword one should create content around.

That is why we have selected the 10 amazing best free keyword research tool for your website to increase your online presence.

There are a variety of programs called keyword suggestion tool that are very helpful for the users in performing research on potential keywords.

Some of the tools a are free and some require a paid account or subscription. While selecting the keyword user should know the type of system, their level of skill and the marketing budget.

Given below are some of the paid and best free keyword research tool You can use for your website.

Keyword Research Tools



As there are many tools available online for numerous aspects of online advertising, containing keyword search. This keyword tool is a google keyword planner tool free for the users that uses Google Autocomplete for generating hundreds of relevant keywords for any topic.

This Google planner is built for use with Google AdWords, this tool can discover new keywords, and can also show how often they appear in searches.

It is not restricted to immediate keyword data; this tool can also track the frequency of the keyword over time.

These way users can also check the trends in keyword, and they can have a better idea of which search terms are mostly utilized. The user can create a plan for their keywords.

As the users can create ad groups and pre-set bid amounts before really starting a campaign. With this one can also share their plans with the co-workers as it makes very simple to track a plan, as this planner has the ability to save and share plans.


SPYFU keyword tool

It is a wonderful resource for understanding the competitive landscape and the difficulty of a keyword, but also offers recommendations based on your specific domain.

With this tool whenever users are having an extreme competition, it helps to have an inside track on what business competitors are doing in terms of their strategy.

With this the users can also get to know about all the keyword their competitors are using to see if there is any keyword that they are not aware of.

This Spyfu can also download their competitors entire AdWords keywords group and PPC keyword. With this one can generate their marketing strategy from their competitors.

This tool and also helps you to learn from the mistakes of your opponents as this tool can show you their negative keyword matches, test histories and AdWords campaigns.

This is a paid tool and not a free keyword tool. It gives one the ability to sneak through their rival’s keyword search, and can improve their strategy.


kwfinder tool

In is one of the most precise keyword suggestion tool, which makes it simple to find the beneficial keywords you can really rank for. This tool has the capability to show user’s keyword suggestions, trends, CPC and search difficulty.

It provides data on the top-ranked sites for each keyword. The users can how a keyword stacks up, as it gives details like page authorities, Facebook, Google shares, the number of external links and estimated visits per month.

It can give the user the most narrowed data about the keyword from the specific location of the narrowest targeted data possible.


Moz’s keyword Explorer

With this tool find the keywords that generate more traffic, it does an awesome job of finding lateral keyword ideas.

It is also the most known programs for search engine optimization, it offers toolkit anything searches related, including keyword search.

This tool has an extensive online database and also for keeping it up-to-date it refreshes the search results data every two weeks.

It generates a new keyword suggestion and then compare it to the top-ranked websites. Moz is not a free keyword tool, but a 30-day trail is available if any user wants to test it out.


Keyword Tool

It is another one of the best google keyword traffic tool that is a great addition to any user’s toolbox. It helps you employ Google Suggest for keyword research, it extracts Google keyword suggestions and present it to the user in an easy-to-understand interface. This keyword research tool free can generate up to 750+ keywords tools in seconds.

It offers extraordinary adaptability; this tool can discover keyword tool YouTube and for others like Bing, Amazon, eBay and the Apple store.

Also, the users can also see the average monthly searches for these keywords, this will give knowledge to the users how frequently a keyword is being used.


semrush keyword tools

This SEMrush is a very useful keyword tool, whether clients settle on organic or paid search marketing. As it can generate both short-tailed and long-tailed keywords, it is able to access keywords in over 131 countries.

While looking for keywords, clients can use advanced filters, including broad versus exact matches, CPC range, rivalry level, and volume range.

Once the search is completed, this program kicks back details like the number of results, trends, ad copies, and more for every keyword.

SEMrush can likewise point out to the greatest clients of every keywords, alongside the most mainstream sites that get clicked.

This kind of detailed searches can help one to evaluate their competitors. As this tool analyse data from both the mobile and desktop devices.


WordStream’s Free keyword Tool

This is another keyword research tool free of charge and it is utilized for both paid search marketing and the SEO. This keyword tool makes it very fast and simple to find the keywords for your business or brand needs to drive traffic through organic and paid search. It can sort any keyword the user wants as it searches daily through hundreds and thousands searches.

It can also generate keyword for one specific location or business. All the recovered keyword are broken down by competition score, estimated cost per click, and an opportunity score. This helps users to evaluate in how to best spend their advertising dollars.


soovle keyword tool

It suggests keyword for multiple sources like Google, keyword tool YouTube, Amazon, Bing, Wikipedia, Yahoo and many others. With just a few buttons pressed, this tool can rapidly generate keywords for any platform the user wants.

This google keyword planner free has features like you can save selections, enabling the user to quickly generate the result for later analysis.

This Soovle freestyle search can help one to develop and refine their keyword ideas. The soovle has its own site, which users can easily access and make their own home page.

Whenever one wants any quick content ideas, then this google keyword planner tool free is the one.


SERPSTAT keyword tool

This tool analyses the first page competition. This Serptats main unique advantage is that it offers keyword statistics for each individual page.

The users of Serptats can easily discover their competitors and can also define any missing keyword from the URL or the entire domain.

It also has a unique tree-view that helps users to see a page’s position in the search results, so that they can improve the pages that are lagging back and can improve their traffic.

The library of this tool includes more than 1,000,000 keywords, and its program updates daily 15,000 words.

This is one of the best google keyword planner free for any user who want a good keyword tool and a valuable asset for building SEO campaign.

Google AdWords: Search term/Query Reports:

This is a must have google keyword traffic tool for AdWords users. This works as a type of quality control for the user selected keywords.

It does not give user new keywords, but this tool recognizes negative keywords like the ones that does not show in the search engines or the ones that are wrongly utilized in other searches.

Thus, by removing irrelevant keywords, one can increase their click-through, can lower their cost per click, this helps them to lower their costs and increase their profits.


Given above are the top 10 amazing keyword research tools for search marketing. We hope that you understand all these keyword suggestion tool and you select the tool that helps you increase your keyword search and also increase your profit.