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How Can a Data-Driven Website Increase the Effectiveness of Your Marketing efforts?

How Can a Data-Driven Website Increase the Effectiveness of Your Marketing efforts?
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When in a website a database is used for storing and collecting information then it is known as a database driven website. Tables on a web server are utilized for storing information in a structured manner.

With the use of programming language like PHP web pages are created on the fly that can store and retrieve data.

This ensures that a website owner does not have to learn a programming language. All it takes is an effective content management system to interact with the site.

When it comes to maintenance database-driven websites are easier but the designing part is the most complex one.

WordPress is an ideal example of such websites as it is a CMS. Such websites that dynamically uses CMS has admin panels with a fantastic and user-friendly interface.

This helps in managing the entire content with simple and efficient elements. Everything like adding, editing, deleting, and managing can be done by you. Even web pages and posts can also be added or removed conveniently.

Elements of a Database Driven Website

Now when you have a basic understanding of the concept it is time to explore the core elements. These core elements play a significant role in the existing as well as new site development.

Always have a Hypothesis

When the things that you have planned out are not working you will consider redesigning your website.

It can be anything like your brand message not being communicated or the need for a modern look for your users. It can also be adapting mobile-compatible interface for visitors.

Irrespective of anything it is, you will still have logic or theory of how the new elements are going to make a difference.

Start your data-driven website with that logic, theory, or hypothesis. Redesigning is a recreating and it must not be done because one of your relatives felt so.

Focus equally on Qualitative and Quantitative Data

This is a stage where you know there is some issue with your present setup. You also have a theory about how you can make it better. Now to come up with the right solutions it is time to test both qualitative and quantitative data.

For the qualitative approach, a simple user testing site or full customer research will do. In addition to that, for accurate results that help in analysis you can rely on A/B test landing pages.

AB Testing

Testing never stops when you are looking forward to a true database driven website. In fact, it should an inevitable part of the overall digital marketing strategy, to get the best outcomes.

Rely on grabbing quantitative data as well so that with the accurate analysis you can convert the traffic into leads.

The website development and design should be target-audience based

We replicate the things we like in the digital space and this is one of the most common issues faced today. Sometimes it is replicating a design from a completely different niche to another industry.

By doing this you can easily create an aesthetically appealing site. But, the true purpose of creating a digital home for your brand is left out. Just like your brand, organization, and values are unique your website should also be unique.

Based on the qualitative data like conversation, feedback, and research from the customers you must build a unique digital space.

Your digital presence is for your potential and existing clients and not because you need one. It must include information that they are looking for.

Start with these facts in mind and include them in your strategy. This will help you in developing a database driven website that enables you to connect with your customers and their needs.

Keep evolving and updating


The problem with most data-driven sites is that they remain static and stationary. There is no change once it is published.

All the information about the products, services, and the industry remains the same. You aren’t adding any new content and then still wondering where the traffic is.

Well, evolving is the key to acquire new customers. Add new headlines, updated specifications, and product pages, and the most common technique is adding a new blog.

The database that you add will dictate the flow of traffic, revenue, and conversion.

Incorporate Closed-Loop Analytics

A website driven by database starts and ends with analytics. Google Analytics is the first step to start when you want to monitor or track information from your site.

This simple application will help you in collecting information about your users that you have never imagined.

With closed-loop analytics, you take it one step further and make it more advanced. It is believed that such analytics helps in lending insights into the entire customer lifecycle.

It helps you in observing activities that are most likely to yield customers. By evaluating such analytics you can develop an efficient marketing and sales alignment.

It also helps you in knowing the factors that are driving or taking away revenue from your site. Hence, all the results that you are expecting, closed-loop analytics will help in securing them.

Do not miss out on including a Call-To-Action

Your expectation from the website visitors is reflected in a call-to-action button. Irrespective of whatever the motion about them, it is an integral part of the conversion process from a visitor to a client.

It is an essential point of consideration of how, where, and when to use them. It must not be overdone and also should not be ignored.

Benefits of a Database Driven Website


Now when you are clear with the integral elements it is time to explore the benefits.

  • Minimal training is required for the management of such websites. The user-interface and navigation are usually convenient when using a CMS like WordPress, SquareSpace, Drupal, etc.
  • No coding knowledge or expertise is required for changing, adding, updating, or removing content on a website. Even basic HTML knowledge is also not required which means any novice user can make necessary changes as required.
  • Searching information becomes extremely convenient for visitors. This is because all most all data-driven sites enable visitors to search for the information or product they are looking for.
  • There is no limit on size for such a site. It can be as large as required for customers to interact and generate revenue. There will be no difficulties in creating new pages when you add more content.